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Tronguy93 t1_is5cqin wrote

Can’t wait for a private collector to buy it and they will stay unreleased


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_is6i1x8 wrote

Well, Martin shrikeli is out of prison


iampuh t1_is6vnxc wrote

Hope he stays off of social media. It's bad for him


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_is70imj wrote

I hate to tell you this, but he was already on Reddit getting fanboyed over on WallStreetBet right after getting out…


DreadBarbie t1_is74enp wrote

He’s been fanboyed on wallstreetbets for years. Fanboyed enough that he was a mod. So nothing new


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_is74keu wrote

I’m just saying that the dude got out of prison and went straight to Reddit, so the hope that he’ll stay off social media is in vain lol


ThirdeyeReddit t1_is72bfy wrote

And had a hilarious RP Twitter account as a Latin reggaeton artist Lol downvotes for facts


ratsmdj t1_is99ref wrote

He’s not a bad guy though. Imo; big pharma charges us insane prices on drugs. He copped a drug comp; resold the drugs to the insurance company for insane Markup; those with no ins or couldn’t afford it he gave it to them for free. Just because he spun around and played the At their own game; they got mad. Tbh I wasn’t even mad at him I applauded him.

In the end it doesn’t cost you anything if the drug = 800 bucks; your insurance covers it. No I s? No worries it’s totes free, if you’re from an ins company he billed you the max rate. Looks like a hero to me


boluserectus t1_is9fynp wrote

I guess you also fell for the "it will trickle down" propaganda..


Lord_Matt_Berry t1_is9l9q0 wrote

What do you think happens when insurance companies have to pay excessive amounts? Maybe they will lower the premiums to make everyone happy and save money? Or maybe, just maybe it will lead towards more outrageous insurance prices…

Having Insurance isn’t a magic bullet. It’s a shit sandwich that gets covered in more shit. Pharma/The medical industry is taking the nation through the ringer with outrageous costs, rampant greed, and disgusting bloat. Jacking up the price for insurance is an absolutely a terrible move motivated solely by greed and done knowingly of the fact it will screw everyone over more in the long run.


PeterDTown t1_is9t13m wrote

Thank you for perfectly illustrating the root cause of the problem.


ashbyashbyashby t1_is8lqub wrote

Shkreli is human garbage. But from what I understand the whole purpose of the Wu Tang album was that it not get a commercial release. He followed the groups wishes


mcnichoj t1_is9izq8 wrote

Correction, they sold the album and the rights to it. Any owner of the album can go and mass produce it. That's part of the reason why the sale was such a big deal.


ashbyashbyashby t1_is9jehg wrote

No, not a correction at all as you're incorrect. Nobody is allowed to sell versions of it for 88 years. They can sell the single copy, but otherwise they can only give it away or play it at listening parties.


mcnichoj t1_isdtkgm wrote

So which is it, "that it not get a commercial release" or "is allowed to sell version of it [after] 88 years"?


ashbyashbyashby t1_isdtxqh wrote

Both. The owner owns the single physical copy and the copyright/publishing rights. They can sell all of these, as a bundle, at anytime, obviously for millions of dollars. But the conditions for any future purchaser of the item and publishing rights are that they can't duplicate it for profit until next century. There are exemptions for private listening parties, and evidently free streaming. Its really not that hard to grasp.


JaceTheWoodSculptor t1_isenga0 wrote

You clearly have no idea who Shkreli really is lol. You are precisely the kind of person he’s trolling.

There is more to stories than what you read on the front page of reddit…


ashbyashbyashby t1_isenvwv wrote

I literally called him human garbage. Regardless of what he would've liked to do with the Wu Tang album he was legally bound. I wish I was as worldly and enlightened as you though.

If you think you know somebody I dont then say it. Don't be obtuse and pretend it was a mic drop moment.


JaceTheWoodSculptor t1_iseos2z wrote

Why would I waste my time lecturing you when you clearly have a final opinion and you are passive-agressively insulting me on the opinion you just asked about ?

You called him human garbage. I’m calling you ill informed.

If you are passionate about him to the extent of calling him human garbage and insulting people who don’t share your opinion, why don’t you scratch that itch and go read up on him ? I’m sure you can read faster than I can type on my phone.


ashbyashbyashby t1_iseov5a wrote

Wait... you're a Shkreli supporter?!!!


Raincoats_George t1_it5bphi wrote

I've actually followed him pretty closely. I've listened to all of his bullshit excuses. Watched him talk for 40 minutes about it once. He's a fast talker. He has an answer for everything. But at the end of the day he did what he did and then followed it up with just some light felonies.

He's trash. Anyone simping for him might as well just stick with their musk fetish.


qcon99 t1_is7smnc wrote

I’m uninformed, who is he? And why don’t people like him?


adv0catus t1_is7v048 wrote

He bought the rights to a drug and jacked the price up by like 5,000% or something along those lines.


qcon99 t1_is7vhr5 wrote

Interesting, I did a google search and found this:

> In September 2015, Shkreli was widely criticized when Turing obtained the manufacturing license for the antiparasitic drug Daraprim and raised its price by 5,455% (from US$13.50 to $750 per pill).

Turing is a pharmaceutical company he founded and was ceo of.

> In 2017, Shkreli was charged and convicted in federal court on two counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiring to commit securities fraud, unrelated to the Daraprim controversy.[7] He was sentenced to seven years in federal prison and up to $7.4 million in fines.


bluepsychedelia t1_is86ll9 wrote

Not sure what you’re trying to say here


qcon99 t1_is89v44 wrote

Oh I think he’s a scumbag for doing it, but I find little tidbits of random info here and there interesting to know is all


JaceTheWoodSculptor t1_ise530c wrote

u/martinshkreli cannot hear you over the sound of that Wu-Tang album.


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_iseebbr wrote

He doesn’t it have it anymore lol. He promised to release it if Trump won in 2016, didn’t, then tried to sell it. The DOJ took it before the sale went through when he got arrested and auctioned it off. It got purchased by some NFT company that says they want to release it but still haven’t like a year later.


professorDissociate t1_is70wai wrote

Yeah… I’m just thinking about how awesome it would be to open-source something like this. Create a rom for everyone to enjoy. The collector can still have the only existing non-digitized copy.

But that is unlikely, isn’t it?


TNoStone t1_is9fmwa wrote

It’s impossible. You’re suggesting he digitize it and then call it non-digitized.


professorDissociate t1_isadufe wrote

The only copy which is not digitized. It’s still a cartridge, which is distinctive from a digital rom. I think we are using the word “digitized” differently here, or we’re applying a different scope to the word.


TNoStone t1_ismnfzx wrote

Yeah I think you’re mistaken. If they uploaded the rom then the game would be digitized. Then they wouldn’t own a non digitized game. Their game would be available for download therefore digitized therefore worth much less


saltineofmydream t1_is5p9pg wrote

from the article: one is a game only released in japan and the other is an unreleased version of a game developed for the Power Glove. found in trash following the acquisition of the company who had the assets by The Learning Company in 1998.

power glove one might be a neat little find for a nintendo hardware enthusiast


pfroo40 t1_is6m4wj wrote

The power glove one, according to a comment on a YouTube video claiming to be from the wife of the man who was the developer of the cart, is basically just a tech demo and is not a playable game in any real sense.

Still, both would be neat collectables, I wouldn't pay that much for them, though...


Joker-Smurf t1_is7wi2y wrote

Nothing is playable with the power glove


khyrian t1_is7zutc wrote

Had one. The most used component was the embedded gamepad because when my parents would take away the controllers to enforce no NES punishments, they would never take away the PowerGlove collecting dust in the drawer.


Joker-Smurf t1_is802jm wrote

I had one too. It was a piece of shit. Absolutely useless.


khyrian t1_is88uyl wrote

The Wizard lied to us both.


Evilcactuar t1_is8l3iz wrote

To be fair, I believe the quote was "it's so bad"


bitcoins t1_is8mjtx wrote

Somewhere deep deep in my mind from childhood, I remember this quote…


dolces_daddy t1_is711oa wrote

Not doubting you, since your source is different, but the article specifically says it is playable by the husband:

“The listing goes on to say that the seller's husband was the game designer, adding that it was tested in a retail environment and is playable”


MxMagic t1_is7kdob wrote

I think playable in a technical sense and "not really a playable game" can both be true statements.


milehighideas t1_is6w68c wrote

Mr. wonderful is responsible for killing these off


saltineofmydream t1_is6wc91 wrote

don't get me started on that guy


alloverthefloor t1_is74pxb wrote

Who is he o.0?


saltineofmydream t1_is75vt7 wrote

kevin o'leary, a canadian tech entrepreneur who made his fortune on a good bet or two before the .com bubble burst. he is (in my opinion) not a savvy investor or good human being.


imelliam t1_is7glk1 wrote

He's obviously an ass, no idea if he's a good investor


milehighideas t1_is7mh6r wrote

He’s made a lot of real shit deals after the first two, but once you’ve got billions I guess you’re a good investor


ErikRogers t1_isfbekm wrote

It is my understanding that he is not actually a billionaire, just a milllionaire posing as one.


bitcoins t1_is8mook wrote

Chatted with him when bitcoin was over $500 in person, he didn’t understand or want to know more about fake money… today he is all about it


ChelseaFC-1 t1_is58zjc wrote

This is going to be super duper expensive ….


Bar_Har t1_is5ngob wrote

Especially since Wata is involved. Fuck those guys.


PlebbySpaff t1_is6m89w wrote

Is that the collection company that basically created the entire absurd rise in pricing of collectible games and stuff?


breakfastmeat23 t1_is5ou8t wrote

Unfortunately, they were probably never released because they weren't any good.


OcculusSniffed t1_is5xrmx wrote

They are almost certainly developent stages of otherwise existing games, and not completely new and never-before-seen games.

That said, of the nearly 800 US region NES games that exist, I've played less than 10% so this one can just go on the pile with the other 90%


dapala1 t1_is733qw wrote

There's an article. One is a finished game only released in Japan called Battlefields of Napoleon. The other is a demo, not finished, for the Power Glove.

This would be super cool for a hardcore collector but useless as any sort of an investment.


evansbott t1_is5ctpg wrote

Never digitized? Are they on vinyl records?


GallantChaos t1_is5de4f wrote

It means no one copied the bytecode of the game and uploaded it to the internet.


mrpoops t1_is5eaa4 wrote

It’s a bad term, because obviously the games have been digital from the start.


Fuzakenaideyo t1_is5jmn4 wrote

Unless they were stored on audio cassette which is a thing

(Might not apply if those are the literal roms in question in that image)


mrpoops t1_is5ljxd wrote

The system still reads 1s and 0s from those tapes.


dapala1 t1_is724ri wrote

I remember Digital Compact Cassette.


lmea14 t1_is6wbsj wrote

I feel your pain. Every time I see people describe a “VHS rip” I curl my toes.


cutelyaware t1_is5iicm wrote

Then call it "Never pirated"


Taolan13 t1_is628pm wrote

The Internet Archive and its library of antiquated games is far from priacy. It is a wondow into an earlier time, and a vessel through which many of us who grew up in the heyday of PC gaming can satisfy our Nostalgia.

While also rediscovering how brutally difficult some of these games were and how our skills have deteriorated with age.

Fuck me I forgot how hard some of these games were. Did I actually complete them myself or am I just remembering watching my dad beat them?


cutelyaware t1_is81k8y wrote

I'm not talking about the Internet Archive. I give them a monthly donation because I appreciate their work so much. I'm talking to the point of what to call these virgin games since people object to "never digitized".


CrazzluzSenpai t1_is63znd wrote

Ah yes, storing ROMs of long dead games in a vault for the purpose of history is piracy, of course.

Fucking museums pirating all the art SMH.


[deleted] t1_is6k131 wrote



imafraidofmuricans t1_is6lb1y wrote

Archivists is a real job, you know


[deleted] t1_is6ltay wrote



CrazzluzSenpai t1_is6rl1d wrote

Do you consider it theft to play a game they stopped selling 30 years ago?

Clearly the game companies themselves don't, or they would do something about it. Emulation sites pretty much instantly get shut down when they start hosting modern games, but some of them have been running for decades and are not secret in the slightest.

You'll also notice even sites that are for the purposes of "preserving the classics," as it were, don't host anything that's not at least 2 console generations old.

Preservationists also don't need to worry about emulating Xbox really at all, because Microsoft themselves are doing a great job of cross releasing everything onto PC, where they're playable forever, or just making sure every new gen is fully backwards compatible.

If companies like Nintendo preserved their own fucking games like Microsoft does, we wouldn't have to.


[deleted] t1_is6zotj wrote



CrazzluzSenpai t1_is7cqe3 wrote

But I'm not talking about people that are pirating brand new games, or even games that are older but still for sale.

I am talking about people that are downloading forgotten titles that might have been released on the SNES 30 years ago and never since.

I download old games, and I (and many) have very strict rules that are mostly the same:

  • Nothing that's not at least 2 generations old (so with Switch and PS5, that would put everything from PS2/GCN backwards)

  • Nothing that is still for sale on current platforms. If the game has a rerelease on modern platforms/PC I will buy that.

Again, if the companies themselves don't care about this supposed "theft," why do you? There are huge players in the preservation scene, the sites are very public, and they have worked with employees from these companies that hate emulation, like Nintendo/Sega?

Oh right, they don't care because downloading a SNES game doesn't hurt them in the slightest. And you care because you're a corporate shill.


Cumminswii t1_is5ezzv wrote

Maybes It’s just a note book with loads of 1s and 0s. /s


ledow t1_is5q2db wrote

The ROMs have never been dumped, is what they mean.


ocp-paradox t1_is7db55 wrote

If they haven't already they will be before they are sold heh.


Development-Feisty t1_is5r6pa wrote

I hope the non profit wins the auction, these are pieces of history and belong in a museum or historical archive


ButternutDonut t1_is87oyw wrote

Someone donate a bucket of money to The Strong Museum Of Play, their entire THING is the preservation, archive, and imagination of play and they have a phenomenal video game archive


SENSHU_dp t1_is65a9n wrote

what if someone buys them and then puts the code on the internet,. would that be a crime?


Floodhunter345 t1_is67qj6 wrote

Technically, uploading the files for distribution would be illegal, yes. But if the company that owned the rights is defunct or doesn't care, there would be probably no consequences.

Archivists have a private (not available for public download) archive of game data backed up, which is perfectly legal, as long as you purchased or was given the game. I personally have a backup library of legitimately copied files of my cartridge games; useful for playing the games via emulation and keeping their physical condition good.


Vibb360 t1_is9u1rk wrote

Man just mention to the British museum that there are foreign artefacts of historical cultural significance that needs ‘saving’


kplong02 t1_is5i1r2 wrote

I’m happy for whoever overpays for these crap games.


Key_Worth t1_is602tm wrote

Cheetahmen 3.

Also..fuck that.


TristanDuboisOLG t1_is6nh5p wrote

$6,600 at 2:06pm 10/13/22 for those that don’t want to click.


SharpClaw007 t1_is6j1gm wrote

If we got 650 people to chip in 10$ for it, we could get it to a game museum or something


stridergundam t1_is7hcjd wrote

Frank from Video Game History Foundation is gathering funds for that purpose. Legit non profit that will digitize and archive this kind of stuff for the future.


Enk1ndle t1_is7afkz wrote

That's what I was thinking, some gaming museum could throw up a crowdfunding group and probably nab it.


[deleted] t1_is7h6xu wrote



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Fredasa t1_is6xklg wrote

This reminds me that we still don't have both versions of Marble Madness 2, even though both versions not only exist but are playable in somebody's collection.


Lost_Switch65 t1_is66kwr wrote

Watch some dumbass collector is going to buy it

never going to dump it , make 2-3 videos on it and lose it to a house fire

i never understood the collector mindset when it comes to this shit since most people are going to remember you as the asshole who lost a game forever


LoR_RalphRoberts t1_is67xcv wrote

It's a pride/narcisissim thing. Having unique things (to their minds) makes you inherently better than those who do not have it. They genuinely just could not give less of a shit about anything else other than ego stroking themselves.


Caelinus t1_is6r7fu wrote

A lot of the buyers in any collectable market are just people who think scarcity and value are the same thing. They tend to buy scarce stuff to hopefully have it accrue value over time.

The problem in this case is that two unreleased games are only scarce specifically, not generally. It would be one thing if one of these was a 90% finished prototype of a Metroid sequel that never existed, but there are a lot of unreleased games out there that were never released because people do not want them.


Lost_Switch65 t1_is68m82 wrote

yup basically

it’s just funny and sad seeing the cycle repeat itself

so how long till the house fire


jcagara08 t1_is5va46 wrote

Get WATA here with that WATA games certified ish f em!


Blues-Light t1_is64p2n wrote

Anyone else here to say that The Game Grumps kinda ruined this sorta post or news for them? Cause they certainly did for me, the first teaser for Soviet Jump Game really tricked me pretty hard and I'm still kinda salty about it.


Kbdiggity t1_is6g0em wrote

I still have my Power Glove. Can I demo the Power Glove game real quick?


[deleted] t1_is6u5m0 wrote

They should boot it up on a live stream.


cali1013 t1_is79y0p wrote

This is “Greed Island” im sure of it.


stridergundam t1_is7hh5a wrote

Frank from Video Game History Foundation is gathering funds for the purpose of preservation. Legit non profit that will digitize and archive this kind of stuff for the future.


Gritts911 t1_is7nqi6 wrote

“Rescued historical assets from dumpster” during a company acquisition. Yea, I’m sure those weren’t just straight up stolen…


uppernut t1_is82lv7 wrote

Frank Cifaldi of the Video Game History Foundation is currently raising funds over on Twitter to try and nab these instead of a private collector. Go check that out if you want to help these games from being lost even longer


STND_Reality t1_is6axq0 wrote

i am praying for someone who isn’t just gonna let these sit and collect dust to grab them


souttous t1_is6rvmw wrote

I bet these are fire


Bastuhingst t1_is70nvs wrote

Pat Contri talked about these on his podcast. Whole situation is scummy.


Ring_that_talks t1_is7fn3y wrote

Can’t wait for the next Arg created because of a unreleased videogame for the Nintendo


thomaswde t1_is7pwih wrote

Watch someone buy them, turn them into an NFT, and burn them


iggyfenton t1_is7qb5i wrote

ET2 “the revenge” and the even harder levels for Battletoads.


Yld2princesa t1_is7xy38 wrote

Will still have to blow into it furiously to make it work though


Quantum018 t1_is7xyl0 wrote

Someone get Nick Robinson on this


neighbornickog t1_is7y07h wrote

Quick, inform the fuckin’ Angry video game Nerd so he can review them!!!


Frank_chevelle t1_is86rzw wrote

Some rich anonymous person will buy these and we will never see them again.


CatBugDickBug t1_is8c57v wrote

eBay is a shit website and a garbage platform

Fuck ebay


abalrogsbutthole t1_is8fkgc wrote

even with the auction, i doubt we will ever get to see gameplay content. with a lot of the older games from that era, they were made and developed on a different platform that what the consumers would play on, and these dev-kits are even more rare than these games, let alone to get one that turns on, was of the right year/region, supports the game type/file structure… these things still exist today with consoles and such, it’s just easier to remake those dev-kits or get them from auctions. when game studios go up for auction due to money issues, usually that’s the most legit way to get these kits.


ijustreadthecomments t1_is8hq4d wrote

What does "never digitized" mean in regards to a digital asset? I mean... it is already digitized.
And how is it "unreleased" yet "only released in Japan"
Do journalist bother to read what they write?


codenamepeabrain t1_is8uqvc wrote

I believe the never digitized means the ROM hasn’t been dumped. As for the Japan release I would assume that the Famicom (Nintendo in Japan) version was released, but the localized NES version was never released in the US.


ijustreadthecomments t1_is8zhha wrote

I assume they meant the ROMs weren't dumped and archived... But that is an odd way to say "never digitized"


RWDPhotos t1_is8o2vc wrote

Never digitized? Is it run by a bunch of gears and springs?


Birdsareallaroundus t1_is8q0r6 wrote

Why on Earth would you want to play anything with a power glove. Source: I was a very ecstatic, then equally disappointed 7 year old after receiving a power glove for my birthday.


toosteampunktofuck t1_is90j2v wrote

Yeah so if your previous game was Deadly Towers I’m thinking this one can safely stay undigitized.


Dagakki t1_is9ewih wrote

It sounds like the power glove one probably isn't a working game, but I hope a preservationist wins the other game at least


[deleted] t1_is9r8l2 wrote

Betcha they suck and will be underwhelming


guiltycitizen t1_is9xda0 wrote

LooK wHaT I fOUnd While cLEaNinG ouT my moM’s aTTic!!!!


Ratbello t1_isa9dlm wrote

Is it called Bonerland?


Loftoman t1_isab2f0 wrote

Never digitized? Gotta love those analog NES cartridges!


Biscuits4u2 t1_is6fac3 wrote

Pretty sure all nes games are digitized.


WhoRoger t1_is99uwm wrote

Unreleased Rare game.

That baby is gonna fetch millions.


astaristorn t1_is9bie5 wrote

This seems like something zero people would want. What am I missing?


cutelyaware t1_is5ile2 wrote

Are they your auctions?


Lazy_Vetra t1_is8lriz wrote

Guys let’s crowd source the money and turn every frame of these games into nfts. Hahaha