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FPOWorld t1_isciw7z wrote

Just like how webcams all only turn on when the light is on? 🤔


OmNomCakes t1_iscydbh wrote

That's.. usually a physical circuit. Ie if current is present to turn the cam on, the light is on. Please show me a major manufacturer who has a camera that isn't this way.


Biscuits4u2 t1_isdrnnw wrote

You can't really know that's true without detailed schematics, which you ain't gonna get from most webcam mfgs.


OmNomCakes t1_isdsmea wrote

Hear me out. Go to Google and type in "logitech webcam schematic" and click on Datasheet Archives or any of the other top links and tell me what you find. Or go ahead and get real fancy and put in a filetype:pdf on there.


You can find Apple schematics online with the click of a button. You think basic ass webcam schematics aren't online?



WITH THAT BEING SAID, it is also ridiculously easy to understand a webcam circuit board even without the diagrams... Just because you do not understand how the board works and think it's complex does not mean everyone shares your dilemma.


Biscuits4u2 t1_isdsy5c wrote

I don't have a dilemma. In fact I really DGAF. I use webcams daily for work. What I was saying is you can't say that for EVERY webcam mfg. You speak confidently but you just don't know.


OmNomCakes t1_isdtut9 wrote

Hence why I said "send me one that doesn't". Any major brand name one does. Maybe there's some East Asian knock off that doesn't, which would be interesting. I'd be interested to see exactly what it does try to do.


It's the same as people going "Yer lightbulb connects to Chiner!" Like yeah, it absolutely does. If you put a packet filter set up to monitor the /16 on your firewall / router you'll see that it reaches out with its firmware version and checks for updates.


Just because something 'can be spooky' does not mean that it 'is spooky' and assuming it is without doing due diligence is just silly. But hey, it's the internet, so it's more misinformation than information these days.


imforit t1_isbvjsu wrote

For now. It's trivial to change that later.


BudMcLaine t1_isc2jlx wrote

Sure, and just like all of their other experimental features, the change will be advertised and you'll likely be givin an option to opt out like many of the other features on their devices.

The thing is, the people making a big stink about all of this are people that weren't going to buy the devices in the first place. They're just complaining to complain.