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Imaginary-Fun-80085 t1_isbv0li wrote

Yeah I remember when Alexa was only listening to you when you called out it's name. Turns out that's not the case but Alexa doesn't store any recordings so it should be good. Turns out that's not the case.

Facebook is absolutely going to record everything on day 1.


Biscuits4u2 t1_isdrha1 wrote

Yep. And cops use Alexa data all the time in their investigations.


OmNomCakes t1_isdsv93 wrote

That's in the same way they submit a request to Google for your search history. If you say "Alexa how do I poison a dog" it's the same as Googling "How do I poison a dog".

It's not like the Police are asking Amazon to pull up secret recordings of you at 4AM as you take a taco bell shit. Lol


Biscuits4u2 t1_isdt7zf wrote

There have been numerous cases where actual audio recordings from Alexa were used in police investigations. That's different from just getting a warrant for your search history. Do with that information what you want.


Neo_Techni t1_ise4yp6 wrote

Yes, he admits that. He already has that information

I'm reminded of how people got mad that Pizza Pizza helped the police, not realizing it was an instead where they helped get a mob off the streets that was shooting people. I WANT Pizza Pizza saving lives like that