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Imaginary-Fun-80085 t1_isbv8q1 wrote

>Their algorithms help viral content achieve higher virality.

By promoting them. So yes, Facebook does promote divisive articles to achieve higher virality. Look, just because you fancy it up, doesn't mean words have changed their meaning.

And yes, every platform has the same problem but their capability is very very small and lots of times, their capability is directly based on facebooks capability.

You could say that Facebook is the evil company that gives other companies bad ideas.


iamchairs t1_isbvpgw wrote

I expected this would be your response more or less

Edit: Ah you changed your response after mine to flesh it out a bit. Keep it classy


MorfiusX t1_isbwv7z wrote

I expected yours would be dismissive.


iamchairs t1_isbx5g2 wrote

Well the trick here is the original response was just the top one. It did not address most of what I said but picked out the one thing where I technically agreed with them if you squinted. But after my response they changed theirs. So I'm only now dismissive after the commenter edited theirs


Imaginary-Fun-80085 t1_isc3fx0 wrote

Funny how that works eh. Every rebuttal I have shoots down your badly constructed ideas.


iamchairs t1_isc3ohp wrote

That doesn't make sense. Touch grass


Imaginary-Fun-80085 t1_isc4los wrote

You first.


iamchairs t1_isc4sn9 wrote

You know I can tell the first thing you do is downvote my posts. Why are you so upset?


Imaginary-Fun-80085 t1_isc58sb wrote

You don't seem to understand what the downvote represents.


iamchairs t1_isc5tvn wrote

Yes it's how you bury content. But it's just you and me here and whoever is going to come after us to see where this thread leads to. At this point we are so far down and replying to each other so quickly we are essentially texting each orher. So by downvoting each of my texts as soon as you get them it seems like you are having a very emotional experience right now


Imaginary-Fun-80085 t1_isc37zt wrote

Well that's because unlike you, I don't make stupid arguments that are false. I know what words mean and I don't plan to sales talk my way out of bad things.


iamchairs t1_isc3v1g wrote

Sorry if the words were big


Imaginary-Fun-80085 t1_isc4qkx wrote

You shouldn't be sorry the words were big. You should be sorry you thought I was an idiot and easily fooled by sugared tongues.


iamchairs t1_isc5aeg wrote

Nah it's not misdirection. So as I explained there is a natural virality to content. The baseline for most of these algorithms is to notice when something is breaking out, and boost it further. That process is indifferent about the actual content


Imaginary-Fun-80085 t1_isc5n44 wrote

Yes and the virality is fed to people with competing ideas to rile them up and increase clicks. You're just telling me I'm wrong and then proving me right just in more words.