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iamchairs t1_isbx5g2 wrote

Well the trick here is the original response was just the top one. It did not address most of what I said but picked out the one thing where I technically agreed with them if you squinted. But after my response they changed theirs. So I'm only now dismissive after the commenter edited theirs


Imaginary-Fun-80085 t1_isc3fx0 wrote

Funny how that works eh. Every rebuttal I have shoots down your badly constructed ideas.


iamchairs t1_isc3ohp wrote

That doesn't make sense. Touch grass


Imaginary-Fun-80085 t1_isc4los wrote

You first.


iamchairs t1_isc4sn9 wrote

You know I can tell the first thing you do is downvote my posts. Why are you so upset?


Imaginary-Fun-80085 t1_isc58sb wrote

You don't seem to understand what the downvote represents.


iamchairs t1_isc5tvn wrote

Yes it's how you bury content. But it's just you and me here and whoever is going to come after us to see where this thread leads to. At this point we are so far down and replying to each other so quickly we are essentially texting each orher. So by downvoting each of my texts as soon as you get them it seems like you are having a very emotional experience right now