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funkboxing t1_itrnoq3 wrote

>Dr. Ficho was wearing his Apple Watch Series 5 while power washing bricks on the side of his house. To reach higher, he decided to use the cover on the window as a step. But once he stepped on it, the cover slipped and he “plunged five feet into the basement egress well” and lost consciousness.

He should also recommend not doing that.


TheToyScarecrow t1_itsghos wrote

But if you are gonna do it wear a device that has fall detection


hhunkk t1_itu47w4 wrote



rammo123 t1_itspaq5 wrote

There's something about professionals that they often turn their brains off when they're off the clock. I work in the oil industry and the site workers are in full fireproof overalls, steel cap boots, hard hat and safety glasses. But then they go home and mow the lawns in sandals.


tylamb19 t1_itstdb5 wrote

Had an electrician buddy of mine come over to take a look at a couple weird electrical things in my house.

Queue him trying to flip a 240V oven outlet right side up as the previous electrician put it in upside down (which was why my oven wouldn’t go back against the wall). I ask him if he wants me to turn off the oven breaker. He goes “nah, I’ll be alright” and I shit you not, 5 seconds later there’s a massive bang and his hands are covered in black soot and the wall has the same all over it.

He just goes “Well, it’s off now!!”


screwswithshrews t1_itswd24 wrote

I think OSHA's risk tolerance for me is lower than that I have for myself.

If you have a 0.1% chance of losing a toe for mowing the lawn in flip flops, eh whatever.

From OSHA's perspective, if 100,000 people individually have a 0.1% chance of losing a toe, that's a problem.


diff-int t1_itua1lp wrote

Losing a Toe 1 in 1000 times you mow the lawn would be a problem for me given how many times you might mow the lawn in your life


Teddy_Icewater t1_itsuv14 wrote

Is lawn mowing dangerous where you're from?


rammo123 t1_itt48w3 wrote


Teddy_Icewater t1_itt4umd wrote

I bet 99% of those are people trying to unclog the discharge with their finger.


tupisac t1_ituc0co wrote


I mow in flip flops and don't give a shit. But when I have to put my hands anywhere near those blades - for cleaning, sharpening or whatever - I ALWAYS disconnect the sparkplug first.


tupisac t1_ituaj9y wrote

I usually mow in sandals.

Should I look for a job in oil industry?


SomewhatIntriguing t1_itrrv8m wrote

Yeah, not sure I would trust this doctor's advice.


[deleted] t1_itssu04 wrote

Honestly most specialized people are usually shit at other “normal” stuff. I work with Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, and other specialized professionals who are all really good at what they do.

Most of them struggle with basic things that us normies must know.


upbeat_controller t1_itt0dzu wrote

Eh in my experience engineers seem to be pretty good at figuring the basic stuff out. Doctors? Not a chance lol


[deleted] t1_itt0nan wrote

Engineers often think they know how everything works because they design one product in a sea of billions.


upbeat_controller t1_ittnetg wrote

That’s why I said basic lol. Anything complicated they will attack with unwavering confidence and fuck it up in ways you didn’t even know were possible lol


SomewhatIntriguing t1_itvpo0h wrote

They also seem to be terrible with money. They're overconfident with investing and many of these professionals end up losing their shirts.


chinmaya2 t1_itrnm0p wrote

What was that old saying? Something about an apple watch a day keeping the doctor away?


millionthvisitor t1_its45mn wrote

If that isn’t used in adverts any time soon they are missing out entirely


tren_rivard t1_itu43bu wrote

Might be construed as medical advice, opening them up to liability. Never happen.


M1-k3 t1_ituwt1a wrote

Charge your apple every day to keep watch away


MightySmizmar t1_itrrbkf wrote

>He recalled a patient who stepped out of the shower, fell in her bathroom, broke her hip and could not get up. Her body was found three days later.

“All she needed was a watch,” Ficho said, wishing the technology had existed at the time.


Who wears their watch in the shower? That's about the only time I don't wear mine.


Pushmonk t1_its0sia wrote

Life Alert has been around for over 30 years...


mart1373 t1_itskqoy wrote

HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!


murius t1_itsnobp wrote

I think I was around 8 when this was constantly on TV but reading it I can suddenly hear it again.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_itsd12a wrote

Life alert doesn’t have fall detection, and is almost always false activations.

Guess how many false activations it takes to get blacklisted from a 911 response. I’ve seen it be as few as 3.

And one way or the other, EMS is getting in. Deaf person doesn’t hear the doorbell, Knocking at 2 am? Unless they let their house unlocked, shit is getting broke to get in.


AbsoluteZeroUnit t1_itsmj7p wrote

life alert doesn't call 911, though. It puts you in touch with their dispatchers who can then call 911.

If it's a false activation, they respond and you say "Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction. But, everything's perfectly alright now. We're... fine. We're all fine here now. Thank you. How are you?" Then they ask for your operating number and you shoot the control panel.


drakt12 t1_itsp1w8 wrote

Love it. Thanks for the smile right before bed. Is that what it feels like to have a good friend? Is that what everyone is searching for on social media?


Mitthrawnuruo t1_itspl5n wrote

Upvote for the humor….but I promise from 2 decades of experience….what i said is true.


A_Snips t1_itrs0m9 wrote

I feel like it'd still be cheaper to put some kind of voice activated smart device everywhere at that point. Or just the bathroom, one of the most fall prone places in a home.


Franklin_le_Tanklin t1_itrwr6w wrote

Alexa! Get help

Alexa: playing “help” by The Beatles


timodreynolds t1_its1gvh wrote

When I was younger so much you get than today, I never thought I needed apples help in any way


exscapegoat t1_itu91b1 wrote

Alexa adds the Kinks to the medley:

Help me now I'm calling you Catch me now I'm falling I'm in your hands, it's up to you Catch me now I'm falling

I’m waiting to see Ray Davies on the commercial


zatemxi t1_ittb0cr wrote

Could yoy like, leave your phone around the shower and if fell over say hey Google or hey siri, call 911? Wearing the watch on shower seams overkill


Agent_Paul_UIU t1_itti3oo wrote

I wear my watch during showers. It's an amazfit tho, with no fall detection. But it can tell me what was my heart rate and how many calories i burned while trying to crawl to the bedroom for my phone to call an ambulance with a broken hip... Which is nice i guess.


extremely_impolite t1_itwoniv wrote

> Who wears their watch in the shower?

An old person whose doctor tells them "make sure you wear this in the shower"


SirBrownHammer t1_its8t4b wrote

When I’m in a rush, I wear it in the shower so I’m aware of how much time has past. Otherwise i’ll end up daydreaming whilst the warm water surrounds my naked body, giving me the oh so distant yet familiar feeling of a close embrace.

I also make sure to turn on water mode beforehand so I can eject any water out that might have gotten inside.


usertaken_BS t1_itsfwon wrote

I do, that’s a solid 6 mins of exercise minutes when I’m power scrubbing


JoeHerer t1_itt7sod wrote

I wear mine in the shower to give it and the band a quick wash. Maybe one day, when I’m old as shit, it will save my life.


[deleted] t1_ittybbg wrote



JoeHerer t1_ittynv8 wrote

I don’t know, I treated my gen 4 Apple Watch like this for years and it was fine. I really doubt this beefy ass update is affected by my shower


turningsteel t1_ittg7hb wrote

I do, the watch needs a wash too! I’m usually showering after a run or the gym so, I just leave it on.


NHDraven t1_itu7fwm wrote

I wear my garmin in the shower all the time. I wash it and my wrist at the same time.


alien3d t1_itubtjd wrote

The problem not watch but coldness . Dont direct shower if cold . A little water to hand area , leg area and if compitable the shower.


spider-bro t1_itrl0yt wrote

Cancer? Apple Watch
Contract on your head? Apple Watch Car crash imminent? Apple Watch Teleported to the bottom of the ocean? Apple Watch


MRSN4P t1_itrl91t wrote

Like watching cooking shows? Believe it or not, Apple Watch.


mp5cartman t1_itstxfy wrote

Apple Watch apply directly to the forehead

Apple Watch apply directly to the forehead

Apple Watch apply directly to the forehead


Digiarts t1_ittbet5 wrote

Bro. Was just thinking of that commercial


UsecMyNuts t1_itsmd7o wrote

I’m begin to wonder why my Apple Watch didn’t warn me about 9/11


spider-bro t1_ittbbno wrote

“beep beep beep!”

“Holy shit what’s that thing on my wrist!?”

“Today is 9/11”

“Thanks …”

“That’s when the world trade center towers get knocked down my kamikaze passenger jets”


Segal27 t1_itruiez wrote

This is crazy because this is about my Doctor.

The past 2 times I have seen him he has told me the story, I guarantee he will the next time too. He immediately noticed I was wearing my Apple Watch too. Just really weird seeing this story here.


-Tesserex- t1_itsg95s wrote

It's not my doctor, but when I saw Glenview, I was like oh... That's a few mins from here. I'm not an Apple person, so maybe I'll avoid this Dr.


domambrose96 t1_itrykd9 wrote

Fucking bot


Segal27 t1_itrynxy wrote

I’m not a bot? Wait…am I? Has my Doctor been lying to me? Oh lord oh gosh what is going on HELP


Narberal_Delta t1_its28gj wrote

i had a relative whose apple watch warned him three times of abnormal heart rhythm. He called his doctor’s office and was told not to worry and how those things weren’t accurate. An hour later he dropped dead of a heart attack.


murius t1_itsoa6s wrote

When Apple watch was relatively new I was at the office and one of the guys was stressed, yelling and going off to himself about some project which is common for him to do ... Then he suddenly stops yelling mid sentence ... A few seconds later we hear him quietly say "my apple watch says I have an elevated heart rate and I need to relax".

We all cracked up so bad.


tourette_unicorn t1_ittal6w wrote

I had a baby in April, got my Apple Watch on my birthday in January. It determined that for two weeks after I had my baby, my average resting heart rate changed, and notified me. I was amazed because the rate of change began on my baby’s birthdate.

It’s also notified me that I’ve had a higher heart rate and asked if I was okay on two separate occasions. Once after getting my tetanus vaccine, when I was running a fever, and the other time was when I had Covid. It was my first symptom and I didn’t even know it until my watch notified me. Pretty cool technology, in my opinion!


Mitthrawnuruo t1_itsdap0 wrote

Yea….they are actuate.

As accurate as a cardiologist interpretation of the rhythm? I doubt it.

As good as a family’s docs? I’d bet better.


ram1583 t1_itsrj4w wrote

I went to several cardiologists who didn’t interpret my ekg readings correctly. Apple Watch told me I had an issue and needed to go to emergency room. I listened and they admitted me right away after discovering I had grade 3 heart block and had to get a pace maker put in. So yeah. At this point I trust gadgets better then some cardiologists.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_itsw1xh wrote

A third degree hard block is pretty obvious. Any ER doc, paramedic, or cardiologist could recognize it.

I suspect strongly, that you were not in a third degree block when they took the EKGs. Heart rhythms can be variable.


dsmklsd t1_itujqgs wrote

Doesn't that still kind of prove the point though? A device that is watching (heh) 24 hours a day can catching things that a point in time reading can't?


extremely_impolite t1_itwtcb6 wrote

My own experience with doctors tells me that the problem likely existed, and the doctors he saw didn't take him seriously and pushed him out the door with a "just get some rest".


Narberal_Delta t1_itsttaq wrote

honestly while there’s some art to looking at the EKG it’s not the most complicated bit of cardiology. this is one of those things that can be more automated than it traditionally is. It takes longer to wire you up than it does to take the reading and the patterns have never struck me as so complex as to be beyond machine learning.

while it’s not a replacement for a specialist it’s good enough to say “something is seriously wrong go to the ER right now!”

I wish my cousin had done that, his death was a tragedy. One of the more decent human beings I’ve known.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_itswsdc wrote

Although I support the tech and hope it does well….30,000 dollar heart monitors routinely misdiagnose heart rhythms, especially acute changes.

I consider cardiology (not the basic stuff, stemis, blocks, etc etc) but the stuff in the weeds one of the harder parts of being a paramedic.

And I’d trust a paramedics interpretation way before a machines, at this point.


justgetoffmylawn t1_itt8vwc wrote

Like radiology, things like ECG interpretations will really benefit from machine learning on massive datasets. In both areas, we're not far away from an AI interpretation exceeding the abilities of a technician. Proof of concept has already shown neural networks outperforming resident doctors on 12-lead ECG interpretation.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_itu970t wrote

Cool. So it is outperforming students. In telehealth network.

In a 3rd world country.

Additionally the article goes on to make several errors. I quote: “the S12L-ECG can provide a full evaluation of the cardiac electrical activity.”

This is not true. 15 lead EKGs are and have been for over decade a standard of care, especially if concern for a right sided MI, utilizing V4r, V5r, v6R. Then you have your 18 or more lead EKGs, that look at the posterior wall MIs.

Additionally, when you did farther. It becomes how simplistic the program is.

the S12L-ECG can provide a full evaluation of the cardiac electrical activity.

It only detects 6 “ abNormalities”: but when we break it down, only one even requires medical treatment based on the EKG, and the only other one that require treatment can be treated based solely on physical assessment.

First degree heart block. Sounds bad, but it just means it takes slightly longer for the electrical activity from the above AV node to travel through and below the AV node. It is an incidental finding. It isn’t treated, monitored,’or concerning.

Sinus tachycardia: drink to much Red Bull today? Go for a jog? Your in sinus tachycardia. It is just a normal sinus rhythm over >100. It isn’t concerning, and it isn’t treated (although the condition that caused it, such as pain; or dehydration, might be).

Sinus bradycardia: again, just a normal sinus rhythm, but slower then 60. It isn’t treated unless a person is symptomatic. IE; lightheaded or dizzy. Having chest pain due to hypotension. But you don’t need an EKG to tell you that. You could just take a pulse. Honesty, a pulse and blood pressure are more important. Treatment could be done entirely without an EKG, although cardiac monitoring would be preferable. You fix it with atropine, or you fix it would electrical stimulation (pacing)

Right and left BBB mean nothing, other then the normal electrical activity /pathway is abnormal. A LBBB makes it much harder to diagnose a STEMI (large heart attack) on the EKG.

There is a way to spot a mI on a patient with a LBBB, but I’ve read about it, studied it and can’t recognition it when I see it. I’m apparently not the only one; as the AHA recommendation is to treat it like. A heart attack unless is it KNOWN the patient has had a LBBB.

I don’t know anyplace that does this.

So….of those rhythms, only A-fib really la concern and gets treated. With blood thinners, and of course rate control.


Jasonrj t1_ittdr9b wrote

How old was he? Did he have other risk factors?

I get an abnormal rhythm on occasion. Sometimes just a few seconds off and on for a few minutes or an hour and then not again for weeks or a few years.

After 18 years of not really knowing what was happening I caught an abnormal rhythm alert while taking my blood pressure last month.

I told my doctor and he set me up with a portable heart monitor I'm currently wearing for a few weeks. It happens so infrequently I was worried it wouldn't happen while I had the monitor but I logged several events yesterday. Hoping it's just stress/anxiety and not more serious.


Narberal_Delta t1_ittp0hu wrote

fifty, i don’t think his diet was the best but he ran regularly. His fucking doctor wound up killing him, if he’d just done to the ER he probably would have lived.


[deleted] t1_itrr164 wrote



GrayCS t1_itrv9kb wrote

it's not new but it's kinda scary how far advertising is willing to go. i remember youtube content about people trying to do frontflips into jeans - turns out it was made by jean manufacturers.


SomewhatIntriguing t1_itrs4ld wrote

Reddit has this really neat feature where you can leave subs that annoy you


GrayCS t1_itruuhf wrote

buddy the solution to a site being swamped with ads is not to just leave the site.


SomewhatIntriguing t1_itrwnnd wrote

I didn't say to leave the site, just one subreddit


GrayCS t1_itrx979 wrote

And this advertising method is literally everywhere my guy.


Sir_Squirly t1_itsg054 wrote

Dr’s are notoriously narrow sighted… cardiologists will recommend all sorts of shit that the psychiatrist will 100% say not to do. Like… “Apple Watch helps monitor my heart! Must be good!” Psychiatrist “yeah… checking your watch every 8 seconds to see who liked your post, or checking your pulse is going to give you massive anxiety, we suggest you keep technology off your body, so your mind can rest”


tren_rivard t1_itu4i5h wrote

It's entirely possible to have a watch that monitors your heart rate, and to not check it all the time and get anxious about it. The behaviours don't really come as a package deal.


Sir_Squirly t1_itzjzlf wrote

The Dr “I recommend the life saving APPLE WATCH to every patient”. He isn’t recommending a fit bit, he’s pushing apple tech, so no, you’re wrong, and my point stands.


Jorycle t1_itsihkv wrote

9to5 is really going all out on these Apple health ads, I mean articles. This is like the 10th one I've seen since Sunday.


IamAFlaw t1_itrqyy2 wrote

He's a crazy apple person...


AbsoluteZeroUnit t1_itsn1nz wrote

So this doctor does a dumb ass thing by climbing on his window because the ladder won't reach, and his advice is "buy a watch" instead of "don't climb on your window"?

And then later on, he explains that an apple watch could have saved the life of someone who slipped in the shower? One of the few times we're almost guaranteed to take off all our clothes, jewelry, and accessories?

doctor is a crazy apple person.


Fenjen t1_itu18qe wrote

To be fair, if you're an older person at risk of falling and breaking a hip and you know that, you probably will keep it on under the shower.


actionguy87 t1_itrva8m wrote

This subreddit is ruined. It's literally just propaganda-tier Apple marketing. Sad to see.


Testastic t1_iu3o03w wrote

And? Literally which other company makes equally as good smartwatches? (not sole fitness trackers)


Dreadnought9 t1_its9lm5 wrote

If he prescribes it, will my health insurance cover it?


Hmm_would_bang t1_itudz40 wrote

Lol, insurance regularly determines doctors are wrong and won’t cover medications or treatments they prescribe


adeadfreelancer t1_itt1wle wrote

The most obvious "totally not an ad" ad ever


Starblast22 t1_itswjpl wrote

goofy way to try and push apple watches


domambrose96 t1_itryff5 wrote

Another Apple Watch promotion on this subreddit smh


cerreur t1_ittif0t wrote

Every single article from I see coming by here is just basically jerking off the ghost of Steve Jobs.

What's the next article: An iPad will save your marriage and cure cancer?


Rubentje7777 t1_ittmiyk wrote

So many Apple watch ads, it's crazy.


pacwess t1_itt4o7m wrote

"He recalled a patient who stepped out of the shower, fell in her bathroom, broke her hip and could not get up. Her body was found three days later."

So let's be honest. Who showers with their Apple watch, or any smartwatch for that matter?


Try_to t1_itrmsl8 wrote

They had apple watches back in the 80s, but we all just said "I've fallen...and I can't get up!?!" as a joke. Here is the original apple watch commercial -. Maybe the dumb ass doctor should learn proper power washing techniques.


wwonka105 t1_its7wrw wrote

The watch reported to have an 18 hour "life" in between charges. Would love to be able to use it to track sleep and monitor things during the day, but apparently you can't do both.


dgchoux t1_itsizzi wrote

You can! I have one and it fast charges while I shower in the morning. I sleep with it and wear it all day too.


Tobi1107 t1_itsopui wrote

Same, I have a Series 3 which is definitely not fast charging but still manage to wear it basically all day and night. I usually charge when showering and maybe 30 min before going to bed (for example when laying down and reading a book, not much activity to track for the watch so I don’t miss anything).


obi-whine-kenobi t1_itst5qk wrote

Same. I wear my watch to sleep every night. Between charging when I shower, when I’m cooking and sometimes when I’m sitting my my desk working, I’ve never had the watch die on me. I use it often for running too. Ran my first marathon with the Apple Watch.


lemlurker t1_itsfa8b wrote

It's why I use my boring old non lifesaving Garmin smartwatch and have 25 days of battery


esteroberto t1_itshc7p wrote

Does any of the competition have the same features?


Jimothy_Tomathan t1_itsv763 wrote

A few months ago, I read a comment here on reddit saying Apple can no longer pitch themselves as innovative, since competitors are now able to introduce new features to their phones and watches that aren't garbage and Apple can no longer sit on the sidelines and refine those features before adding them to their products and claiming that they invented them, so now they've pivoted their marketing to essentially arguing that you need their products for your own safety or you'll probably die. He/she was spot on.


LegendaryRed t1_itth3sd wrote

I mean Garmin watches have the same function and I'm glad they don't shove it on people's faces on so called ads I mean "articles".


Mediumcomputer t1_itsw7ws wrote

They’re biggest selling point is the battery lasts more than 24 hours. Like, how long does a normal watch last? The Apple Watch I got my wife has huge gaps in data and gaps in data means bad science. The gaps occur because the damn thing dies every day or so. So it goes all day for two days and then loses sleep tracking or whatnot? Please stop adding features and bloat and keep the battery to a month minimum.


Vanpotheosis t1_itub8x0 wrote

This entire sub is dedicated to Apple products.


Sethazora t1_ituf6cp wrote

Doctor who is a crazy apple person claims to not be a crazy apple person.


CraftArchitect t1_itvf9z3 wrote

If a trained medical doctor tells me to get an apple watch, im walking right out the door.


LockCL t1_its6jbz wrote

A tad expensive for everyone.


Ashmodai20 t1_itss5rc wrote

I would never subject an individual to an Apple product.


wreakon t1_ittioet wrote

Fuck astroturfing / advertising through bullshit clickbait


davtruss t1_ittl30j wrote

I totally get this, but in some ways it's no different than the old "Life Alert" commercials: "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

I'm sure there are many circumstances where time is critical to survival, but in a lot of those circumstances, an Apple Watch wouldn't help.

I come from a family where people die suddenly (my father, from an obvious second heart attack), my sister (who died in her sleep with no previous diagnosed illness) and my brother, (who had just been given a clean bill of health before he dropped dead getting out of bed).

I suppose alerts about their vitals may have given them more warning and time, but in all three cases, the emergency was over by the time help arrived.

To be fair, the first two were alone at the time and the third had a wife who couldn't possibly have been expected to provide CPR.

Meh...maybe I'm jaded.


StevynTheHero t1_itu3yqa wrote

No, you are right on the money. All these threads we are seeing is just advertisement. The same way commercials make you think their product will make you successful, attractive, and otherwise enhance your entire life, when in reality, it does absolutely nothing that probably wasn't already being done.

But because this isn't a TV ad and is a Reddit thread, people think it's real testimony and therefore must be true.

It's just new advertising. But that's all it is. I'll be happier and healthier without this device.


Bucket1982 t1_itu00tz wrote

Can’t believe the new one is $1700 It’s not worth it.


iDarkville t1_itu5817 wrote

The special super duper version with Superman technology is priced at super prices.

The normal versions are priced just as before.


fullAthal t1_itsj9uo wrote

Sad that people have become so lonely that the only way they can get help is when their watch sends a notification


Nine_Eye_Ron t1_ittba3p wrote

My doc isn’t interested in my health dats but encourages me to use it “in a healthy way”.

A good pamphlet would help…


vahid83 t1_itti4a6 wrote

Ads are getting smarter!


themightymoron t1_ittjodn wrote

it's a useful device sure. it's the anti consumer and control freak nature of that company that i absolutely loathe.


Doidy_Cakes t1_ittmcro wrote

Who wears a watch in the shower?


Upintheair84 t1_ittzpwg wrote

Apple really is investing a lot of money into the advertising


thomasthetanker t1_ittzqlz wrote

Cue ambulances dispatched 10 times per day to site of rollercoaster.


pacwess t1_itv8ip4 wrote

Apple Watch saves human from dying from being a dumbass.
Also if this assclown of a doctor isn't a "crazy Apple person" but going to recommend the Apple watch to older patients, perhaps he should also recommend the walk steadiness monitoring in the Apple health app.


starkmatic t1_itsd7ht wrote

Which Apple Watch should I get my parents so they get this benefit. Do all of them have the ability?


LaPakawaka t1_itsymg1 wrote

4 and above, including the newer SE have fall detection, heartrate monitor, and ECG. Will also keep track of their daily activities standing, walking, exercise.

I think 8 has temp detection.

No need to pay for the 8 ultra unless you are climbing Everest IMO. Not worth the price just for Health monitoring.

Edit to add: I find the walking and standing reminders are great for avoiding clots that can lead to strokes if they sit or lay down too much.


lemlurker t1_itsfi4f wrote

It's big push is around the new ultra version. Most will have something but the ultra professes to have it all. But it's a pricy and big lump


DavinaCole t1_ittjtax wrote

6 EKGs and 2 48 hr holters did not catch my heart arrhythmia. My Apple Watch did. I agree it’s a must.


Glad_Lychee_180 t1_itto524 wrote

The article said the watch saved his life. Not true. He didn’t even need a paramedic.


snoopyh42 t1_ittu4cq wrote

The low heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch may well have saved my Mom’s life.


TheSpatulaOfLove t1_itrsm6r wrote

Great! Don’t send your bill and I’ll get right on it!


Mitthrawnuruo t1_itscckb wrote

As a paramedic:

By your old family members an Apple Watch.

99% of medical alarms are false trips. Not only do they piss us off, generate paperwork, and sometimes a bill, we respond like they are the low priority calls they are.

Medical alarm companies almost never give us the information they have on file, or make an effort to determine if it is an accidental activation.

And one way or the other; we’re getting in the residence to make sure it wasn’t a real activation. If that means smashing a door/window, that is going to happen.

Which sucks when it went off because the person went to church and forgot to turn off the “no motion sensor”, or because it got remotely reactivated…and the patient is still in the hospital.


PuertoDrummer t1_itu38n9 wrote

I crashed while riding my bike late September and my Apple Watch (series 7 with cellular) texted my emergency contact and was about to call 911, until I stopped it; I didn’t hit my head and was conscious, otherwise, the watch would’ve probably saved my life. I also have a Garmin 530 on the bike and it also has this feature, but I disabled it because once the bike fell after leaning it against a wall and it texted my emergency contact for an hour before I realized it.