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imalittlefrenchpress t1_itwxdfk wrote

I curse out Siri a lot. I also got her to call me a see you next Tuesday by changing my nickname. My apps were definitely getting an earful, complete with a Brooklyn accent.


Axl_Von_Urban t1_itx2kud wrote

How how do I change my nick name I am doing this immediately


GrimyGoose t1_itx48ae wrote

In contacts change your personal contact to whatever name you want Siri to call you


tobsn t1_itwyu0p wrote

now those evil companies will know I can’t memorize 1 cup in grams, can’t calculate fahrenheit into celsius on my own, constantly forget where I put my phone, and that i’m obsessed about knowing what the weather is like tomorrow.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


ChickpeaPredator t1_ity310f wrote

>can’t calculate fahrenheit into celsius on my own

For a rough guess, simply subtract 30 and divide by 2.

This would make 70°F ≈ 20°C (actually 21°C). 100°F ≈ 35°C (actually 37.78°C) and 30°F ≈ 0°C (actually -1°C).

This quick and dirty formula starts to break down at cooking temperatures, but still great for a rough guess at weather.


Worsebetter t1_itx6f2u wrote

MY Airpods stopped listening suddenly. I could hear out of them but “hey siri” wouldn’t work. It seemed like a bug. After a full reset of the airpods “hey siri” would work once. Then never again. A bug Or a shitty patch for a bug.


abdab909 t1_itzsbdj wrote

I’m hearing about more and more people experiencing this lately.

Happened to me too, only it was my phone. It happened shortly after I upgraded to iOS 16. My phone would hear me and show the psychedelic little interface at the bottom of the screen implying Siri was working…but it would just time itself out. Every time. My watch would work though. AirPods stopped functioning with Siri as well. Tried every solution from least invasive upwards, but did not do the ultimate and reset my phone. Just didn’t want to nuke everything for the sake of Siri at that point.

Then last Sunday…it just turned back on again. Been working perfectly. No clue.

I hope you’re starts working soon


Worsebetter t1_iu01svv wrote

Take them into the Apple store and ask for them to be “tested” in the back. I guess theres a super secret testing method. It’s pass/fail and they wont tell you what failed and what passed. Mine “failed” so…IDK. Do this BEFORE the year warranty runs out. They will replace then for free. My warranty had just expired.


RobotSuicide t1_itxdvs0 wrote

Yeah I don’t talk to Siri that chick is boring.


EnglishDutchman t1_itx88we wrote

I don’t think anyone is naïve enough to think voice assistants aren’t listening to everything you say are they? That’s why you turn them off. And you sure as hell don’t have “smart” speakers in your house unless you don’t care about privacy.


VincereAutPereo t1_itxy4d2 wrote

It's not the same thing. Your smart device has a few pre-programmed key works it can process locally, like "hey Siri". However, actually doing speech recognition takes a lot more processing power than your phone is capable of. If you're worried about your phone sending what you say, consider what your data usage would look like if your phone was sending a constant stream of raw recordings out. It would have to be raw because, again, your phone isn't really able to process "I am going camping next weekend" on its own.


EnglishDutchman t1_ity3fre wrote

To be fair, Siri never understood a single thing I said to it anyway. It barely had a 5% success rate which is one of the other reasons I turned it off. Utterly pointless. It had no concept of context so between that and getting 95% of things wrong, it took longer to constantly check everything it was doing than to just do it the old school way.


sexytokeburgerz t1_itz1w0x wrote

This is almost always due to improper configuration- Siri needs you to say a few phrases in its settings to make a voice profile for you, and if these recordings have bad audio quality (wet phone, talking/music in background, too far away), it won’t work very well.

It also improves the more you use it.

If you have a really deep voice, this is a separate cause and you’d have to just talk higher in config and usage. If the fundamental frequency of your voice sits in the LF rolloff of the microphone filter, the processor will pick up the second or third harmonics of your voice which will SERIOUSLY fuck up formant detection. In layman’s terms, deep voices need some work with these things.


EnglishDutchman t1_iu1teb1 wrote

I have a reasonably bland U.K. accent. I’ve tried Siri in English, American and Australian. Australian had about 10% success rate. The rest were less functional. Most of the time it just stops listening. So if I dictate a message to someone like “tell Mike I’ve left the house and will grab some food on the way” it gets as far as “I’ve left the house and” and then just sends the message. The lack of context really irritated me though. I couldn’t say “what’s next in my calendar?” And when it replied, then ask “and what’s the location?” It treats both as two separate queries. Although mostly it would reply “here’s what I found on the web for water rotation”.


sexytokeburgerz t1_iu1u75i wrote

Interesting, I hadn’t considered that. I live in a major US city so there are quite a few brits (and australians) and I’ve seen them use it flawlessly and often. Maybe it’s because their accents are more West-Americanized.

Is this failure common in the UK?

As for query permanence, yeah, I have never used it past one line with success. It’s pretty much meant to be used like a search engine, I think.


EnglishDutchman t1_iu220cc wrote

Most of the people I know in the U.K. turned it off years ago. They can’t be bothered with the hassle of it. For dictation it needs to be 100% especially for dictation while driving. When it can’t even get a five word sentence right, you give up after a while. I’m sure it works great for some people but I’ve yet to meet one of those people. Example: even if I said the simplest thing - hey siri next track - it would either say “something went wrong” or “here’s what I found on the web for wet sack”. I found it to be a novelty more than anything else. Couldn’t tell me F1 race positions. Couldn’t tell me the weather. Couldn’t find stuff in my calendar. Didn’t understand request to navigate.


thenerdal t1_itxbqek wrote

There's still no proof they do. Not even this bug listened to everything you said. It's only after you activated it and from your Bluetooth device, not the phone.


EnglishDutchman t1_itxcrt2 wrote

In order to listen for the key phrases (hey siri, etc), they’re listening to everything. Mic is on all the time. And if you have an Apple Watch, doubly so. That’s how they can detect the sound of hands being washed.


thenerdal t1_itxg4se wrote

... That's not how it works.

It's like saying those hand clappers from 15 years ago that turns on things listen to everything lol


EnglishDutchman t1_ity36mf wrote

Nope. They worked with piezo electric transducers. Not microphones. Entirely different tech.


TheSmokingLamp t1_itxl2wg wrote

So how does it work then..


thenerdal t1_itxm4tn wrote

Ask yourself how those hand clappers work.


EnglishDutchman t1_ity33ce wrote

They worked with piezo electric transducers. Not microphones. Entirely different tech.


giganut2 t1_ity0y7u wrote

They listen for key sounds?


thenerdal t1_ity3at8 wrote


Think of the difference of hearing and listening.

If you hear someone talking but don't know what they're saying, you are just hearing, not listening.

When you understand what they're saying, then you're listening.

The handicapper doesn't know is constantly trying to detect ('hearing') for a certain noise, but doesn't know what any other noises are. Once it hears a certain noise, then it turns on/off.

This is essentially how all voice assistants work. They're 'hearing' for a specific sound to activate the part that then is actually listen.


Dandroid347 t1_itx74pi wrote

I have “Siri” blocked, or at least the “hey, Siri function” as well as all other tools…here’s what I really learned

“Dictation” is Siri…”voice audio” is Siri…so all of these features are part of the hack regardless of using “Siri” explicitly or not…what fun!


Traksimuss t1_ityi8p0 wrote

Now you have to say "FBI" before activating this feature on remote Siri.


CharlesIngalls_Pubes t1_itymga1 wrote

I'm by no means a conspiracy theorist, but this is why I've never used Siri or Alexa. Typing shit out doesn't take long, and if I'm driving, they can wait.


BadDub t1_itz6uxf wrote

“Hey siri set a timer for 30 minutes”. “Hey siri play this song, cheers”


Teamnoq t1_iu2i645 wrote

Siri jumps in randomly and record’s minutes of dialog without me asking it to all the time.

How can I see all that? Can I see all that?


PlainSpader t1_ity3tp7 wrote

I would like to know which apps exploited this flaw?


JollyRoger8X t1_ity6nsn wrote

There aren't reports of apps other than the one this developer wrote to test it.