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DroppedTheBase t1_iuj98h8 wrote


thealterlion t1_iujprbv wrote

I wonder why the post got removed


OuidOuigi t1_iuj8j4f wrote

People may not be aware but you can put a pc in many different boxes.

Why is a custom pc case on /r/gadgets?


ElLayFC t1_iujr6yb wrote

Not really a great one either, I mean its no beaver case or anything :(


ToplaneVayne t1_iuj5ycf wrote

wow this link looks horrible on pc lol


Tired4dounuts t1_iuk1oy2 wrote

The antique road show guy. Well it was worth half a million dollars until you decided to cut holes in it. 🤣


Ostomesto t1_iujrdj5 wrote

This is pretty similar to my 1937 Philco Radio PC. Mine is a watercooled 3070 and 5800x. The front of mine doesn't look as clean because I kept the original finish from the 1930's. Still a bit of a WIP but it's 90% there.

Cool to see other people doing the same thing. Love the style.


sweglrd143 t1_iuk70jh wrote

How tf is this news???


sxales t1_iuk93dk wrote

I know not everything old is an antique but I still winced a little watching him destroy it.


YourOtherOtherRight t1_iuj2i9i wrote

I have that same fan on my desk except for a brand label slapped on the middle circle area. Seeing this just prompted me to see if I could remove the label and lo and behold it scratches right off.


like5or6 t1_iuj70l5 wrote

Stop! I can only get so erect!


soIstartBlasting t1_iujegif wrote

“Hello folks…Jack Benny speaking. When playing Call of Duty, don’t forget to buy war bonds; they’ll help our boys over seas and make a comfortable investment for your future. War Bonds. Do your part at home. And now back to your game”


asleepyguy t1_iuji7xy wrote

This has to be one of the first times I've been really grateful for "reader view" in Firefox because man that website's font is ridiculous.


elister t1_iujmnpq wrote

Yes, but can it play pong?


Rirrid t1_iujs3pd wrote

"Reddit" A million ways to fill your head with useless shit.

Yes its cool but it never ends...


Work-Safe-Reddit4450 t1_iuk27yg wrote

Looks super cool, but I can't imagine that high frequency high voltage power supply for the plasma globe plays nice with the audio amps and circuits in the PC.


Isahaworth t1_iuj5v5b wrote



BigTedBear t1_iuja4ug wrote

It looks quite cool I guess some people would really enjoy that if it was available.


MafiaMommaBruno t1_iujj8cq wrote

Any more pics of it? My tax return is going towards building a computer or my own next year. So I'm looking for ideas to make a MCM style gaming PC.


zblanda t1_iuk9osp wrote

I’m surprised this isn’t a diyperks video