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diacewrb t1_iun7vd3 wrote

All-in-one PCs should have an HDMI in or similar so you can at least use it as monitor once the CPU and GPU becomes too old or they no longer release the latest software for it.


YawaruSan t1_iunfhb1 wrote

You aren’t supposed to keep using the thing, you’re supposed to throw it away and buy new thing to do the same stuff. Don’t think about the waste, think about the poor little corporations desperately in need of your money!


penelopiecruise t1_iunef4u wrote

Think carefully when buying an all in one


drtitus t1_iuq8u7m wrote

Think carefully when buying Apple. They decide when you need a new computer, not you.


Xlue058 t1_iuqsc9r wrote

To be fair in my experience in enterprise IT support Apple computers last a lot longer then most windows machines


drtitus t1_iur96qy wrote

In my experience something as basic as Firefox stopped working on an old Apple because it couldn't be updated to the latest OSX, so I ditched OSX, installed Linux and the latest Firefox had no problems. There was no good reason that Firefox *couldn't* run, but Apple decides when your software becomes outdated, because most developers only support the most recent versions of OSX. Windows (and Linux) are generally very backward compatible. That's the difference. A similar thing happens with Photoshop and most other Apple software. It's very much a "latest hardware only" platform.

Apple do make great hardware - I'm not claiming they don't - and it does last a long time (I've still got a 2008 Mac Mini with Firewire that I use for Renoise which *does* support old versions of OSX, but it can't browse the web), but it's the software compatibility [planned obsolescence] that lets it down. Almost any Intel machine can run Windows 10, which will run almost any Windows app available. That's been Microsoft's strength and why they've stayed the market leader for so long. You don't generally get locked out of new software just because you haven't got the latest machine (with some exceptions due to CPU instructions being available for particular bits of software).

Feel free to make your own decisions, I'm not stopping you, but I refuse to buy Apple for this reason.


shofmon88 t1_iuyhfl3 wrote

That was on Firefox, not Apple. Apple doesn’t dictate which OS versions 3rd party software supports.


drtitus t1_iv2arbz wrote

You're correct, but Apple dictates which versions of OSX they'll support on which hardware. Windows just runs on any hardware and continues to update. As does Linux. Apple decides it's not worth their effort (but really just want you to buy a new computer). Anyone who's owned an older Apple knows the drill.


shofmon88 t1_iv2bd3e wrote

I have a MacBook Pro from 2009 and a mid-2014 iMac. I don’t have issues with either even though they aren’t supported anymore. I challenge you to find a Windows laptop from 2009 that still works.


drtitus t1_iv2k93g wrote

Challenge accepted - I've got a Thinkpad T400 here, although I think it's from 2008, so technically it's not from 2009 as required.


shofmon88 t1_iv2qdwt wrote

And it can run Windows 11?


DarthJahona t1_iuo79yh wrote

Fun thing is that older iMacs, I believe this ended with the 5k versions, would let you use them as just a display with a mini display port cable.


santiagozky t1_iuqv7rq wrote

that existed in the iMac before the 5k, but was dropped since hdmi at the time didnt have enough bandwidth to support it. unfortunately it was never added again when HDMI catched up


pole_verme t1_iun61bx wrote

I chuckled a bit when I saw Apple I and Apple II on the list of obsolete Macs.


ZombieManilow t1_iunc006 wrote

My 3 2012 Mac minis have given me 10 years and counting of solid service running everything from macOS to Windows to ESXi and now proxmox. Every Mac should be as good.


Vondum t1_iunn5i0 wrote

I gave my 2010 iMac to my nephew 3 years ago. It is still running strong.


drtitus t1_iuq905i wrote

Still got a Late 2008 Mac Mini with Firewire that I use for audio. No OSX updates, no worries. Thanks to the devs at for not giving up on the old devices. It's a shame I only need one of them, because I have 3 :/


mattogeewha t1_iur6lrx wrote

I’m here for this comment. These machines will do hard work forever if you treat them right. I have an intel core duo that I’ve used to record music for the last 12 years. I type this from my perfectly functional iPhone XS


scootunit t1_iun663m wrote

Planned obsolescence is what needs to be obsolete


rakehellion t1_iuxveqj wrote

People throw around the word "planned obsolescence" without actually knowing what it means.


miramichier_d t1_iung9s5 wrote

It's pretty much a choice between creating a theft industry (according to Apple) by enabling device repurposing, or creating tons of e-waste. However, theft doesn't happen that often, but e-waste is 100% guaranteed when devices are obsoleted or self-bricking. The former is clearly better than the latter.


scootunit t1_iunldb8 wrote

I disagree that repurpose is theft.


miramichier_d t1_iuobxwg wrote

That's Apple's claim, I should have specified. I disagree as well.

Edit: I should also mention that few iDevices are stolen compared to those that are thrown out due to anti-theft measures built into those devices.


hauj0bb t1_iung5hl wrote

Spending better than mending


SpecialNose9325 t1_iuqp5na wrote

I just checked out the list and am surprised that the First few gens of Apple TV are also obsolete. A device that streams video content over HDMI has no reason to be obsolete. The original Chromecast from 2013 still run the latest software and can do all the features that the newer Chromecast with Google TV does.


thesip t1_iunh8xb wrote

I’ve got a 27 inch 5k 2017 model iMac that I don’t really need anymore. Does anyone have ideas on where the best place for resale would be? Are these even worth anything anymore? Apples estimated offer is like 80 bucks haha so i would just keep it in that case.


lol_roast_me t1_iunxzp9 wrote

There are dedicated apple resale subreddits here where you can sell it. I'm not sure what they are exactly but I think it might be apple swap. You can also always post on r/hardwareswap.


kclongest t1_iuo90ge wrote

Boo. Still sour about the 27" iMac not getting a refresh.


RenegadeUK t1_iuoaohl wrote

I know people were hoping at one stage for a 32" iMac in the near future. Has that hope now be scrapped ?


Oscarcharliezulu t1_iuqo04z wrote

That’s about what 8 intel generations of CPU and about 4 to 5 generations of chipset/motherboard ago?


susitucker t1_iunk1ix wrote

I think it’s funny and interesting (and, yes, sad) that Apple should make such robust hardware that it would ever become “obsolete.” My 2015 MacBook is no longer supported by the latest OS, but it still runs smoothly and admirably, doing everything I need and want it to do. I have no intention of replacing it until such time as it out and out breaks. I love it just the way it is. I’m enticed by the M1 and M2, but not yet.


rileyoneill t1_iuob8bd wrote

I am convinced that a huge portion of modern hardware is just keeping up with the constant software bloat. Its sort of weird when people will be like "I am looking for a new computer that will do (thing that computers did just fine back in 2007), do you think that a brand new $4000 can handle that?!"


Nixnyxnix t1_iuowskx wrote

The OS will no longer get updates, but the computer is fine. Just put linux on it or something.


zmz2 t1_iunxn4d wrote

The nature of technology is that any hardware we are capable of making today will likely be obsolete in 10 years, so it’s not possible to make something that will not become obsolete in short order


seekknowledge4ever t1_iune3tg wrote

And it is up to them to decide what and when becomes obsolete?

Is this supposed to be joke?


BobbyP27 t1_iung3wb wrote

Obsolete in this sense means that they no longer provide routine service support for them. They will still go on working, and you can continue to use them, but if something breaks it means you can no longer take them along to your local Apple store and get them fixed.


baleensavage t1_iuniain wrote

Unfortunately with internet browsers being one of the key things that computers have to use, the makers of the browsers are the ones that really dictate obsolescence of computers because once Chrome or even Firefox stops being updated on your computer, it's basically dead in the water. Apple also speeds this process up by tying Safari updates to the OS which means that once a computer can no longer get the newest Mac OS, it also can't get any more updates to Safari and you basically have to rely on third party browsers to keep that computer running.


fdeyso t1_iunvgq6 wrote

It only means no major versin updates, they’ll still get security updates and patches for a good couple of years. The 2011 models still got patched this year.