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rchrdcrg t1_iuoia6e wrote

Place your bets on how long before we see a Techmoan video on it! 🥰


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alphaxion t1_iuptdbo wrote


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rchrdcrg t1_iuqv26d wrote

This new one, not the original, that was kinda my whole point 😁


4myoldGaffer t1_iur1vdy wrote

They’re both groovy. Besides, technology is cyclical.


SupremePooper t1_iur7k4j wrote

But does it still give you the extra treat of seeing the little spool of vinyl curl up behind the stylus as it gouges its way across your records?


4myoldGaffer t1_iurb8c4 wrote

well vinyl is a type of wax. But your comment sounds more like a euphemism for having a wax job done at the salon


kvetcha-rdt t1_iuvt1zs wrote

Yeah, that elliptical stylus with under 2g of tracking force is really gonna tear shit up.


Natothedog t1_iura8vm wrote

Style of tech is… tech definitely is not. Open to be proven wrong but name one common invention that has regressed back to its roots.


4myoldGaffer t1_iurawb7 wrote

If you want to play a record more than once, you must regress to the beginning of the album.

Hopefully your opinion is revolving as you begin to scratch the surface of the joke



Natothedog t1_iurcywz wrote

Ah, you were just trying to make a funny. Excuse me for being a rock 🪨


4myoldGaffer t1_iure9oa wrote

so you’re saying it’s ok for me to throw my pager in the bin finally?



RockeTim t1_iurnt8c wrote

Cloud computing! In the early days of computers (40s, 50s) they were the size of a small house and insanely expensive - to make computers more accessible to schools, businesses, universities, libraries, etc... they used terminals. Terminals were dumb - basically a glorified kvms - keyboard, monitor, and that was it - no real capabilities or storage - and they connected to the remote computers for all computation. Fast-forward to today. Chromebooks, and game streaming services, are the same idea. You don't need a powerful computer with lots of storage and powerful GPU. All the work is done on a remote computer - and our device acts basically a glorified kvm just like the early days of terminal computing.

Edit: typos


alphaxion t1_iuulaoi wrote

He goes a bit into the history and talks about the form of the player a bit. It's likely a review of this device will be very similar to the one he did in the video I linked. As in, it wouldn't really be worth his time to make another video on the same subject.


kvetcha-rdt t1_iuwdf0s wrote

He mentioned in a Patreon update that he has one on preorder and will be reviewing it.


JZ1011 t1_iurm7v5 wrote

I'm a member of his Patreon - he mentioned having an order in for this one yesterday.


kvetcha-rdt t1_iuy6w6l wrote

He released it to Patreon patrons today! Spoiler: it’s good.


ClydePossumfoot t1_iuoj7qx wrote

Perfect for my portable collection of vinyls.


squipple t1_iupewou wrote

Good for people who buy vinyl who may not necessarily have easy access to a turntable at the time.


ClydePossumfoot t1_iupl33v wrote

I feel you. I just lol’d at thinking about it being “portable” vs. minimal or compact.


gosteinao t1_iurp4i0 wrote

That was the goal of the original product tho, it's not for no reason that it has a strap. Might not be a necessity today, but one day it was.


weizXR t1_iuqyn3k wrote

>easy access to a turntable at the time.

Like, at the time or purchase before they get home? Or to test out something they found at a garage sale, etc.?

I certainly can see potential uses; I'm just wondering what you had in mind.


SteelCityIrish t1_iur8fey wrote

Ugh… stores with no sample tables bum me out, esp when heading in with no clear direction of purchase, just rainy day digging.


Minionz t1_iuppkr2 wrote

You mean you don't have your selection of Picnic vinyls?


MackaB t1_iurfnsq wrote

Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass Band, come on down!


xXThickHogmasterXx t1_iurqyxq wrote

My first love will always be the girl from the cover of Whipped Cream and Other Delights


tguru t1_iuoot40 wrote

Finally I can send my analog audio over Bluetooth on the go! /s


bahweepgranah t1_iupqr9q wrote

And it’s perfectly at home in crowded airport and train terminals where you can’t sit down.


RA12220 t1_iutlqa2 wrote

Actually…(and I know audiophiles will come after me) records have that warm feeling in part due to the sound mixing requirements of the limitations of vinyl. So…someone could have a valid reason to play vinyl over Bluetooth


kingela t1_iuvzgjp wrote

Nothing weird about this at all, almost every single recording made in a professional studio will have been put through lots of analog gear. Distributing the final result digitally doesn’t change those added sonic qualities since modern digital audio tech is almost completely transparent.


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Mk38 t1_iuoxklh wrote

And Kodak can't make film fast enough to meet demand. Everything old is new again. Pretty wacky.


impossible2throwaway t1_iuq8vgq wrote

I just saw a kodak display in Target the other day and was like WTF - is this a time warp?


Lucky-Carrot t1_iup0g1x wrote

The difference is that analog doesn’t perfectly recreate a digital media so there’s valid reasons to use film or records. There’s no reason to use a digital medium other than the most portable or durable format assuming equal quality of output


brickmaster32000 t1_iuq0p59 wrote

You've got a faulty inference there. Digital media being unable to perfectly replicate analog media, which whithin a limited bandwidth it actually can do perfectly, does not imply that it is worse than analog media because analog media has its own set of limitations and distortions that digital media doesn't suffer from.

If your goal is to recreate the actual sound you would hear if you were in the room you are going to be better off with a good digital file. If however your goal is to replicate the sound as it would be distorted by a record and record player then yes, using a record would be the better option.


shofmon88 t1_iuqr99q wrote

I wish more "audiophiles" understood this.


synthsucht t1_iur1o27 wrote

They understand. Why else do you think tube amps are a thing? Hint: it’s the saturation.


shofmon88 t1_iur37aa wrote

Those people do. It's the people that make lossless recordings of vinyl "because vinyl has the highest fidelity" that I'm referencing.


TSMKFail t1_iuruk2e wrote

It's silly because in some cases the album is mixed differently for vinyl because you can't go as hard on the bass iirc.


jnemesh t1_ius7kcm wrote

And sometimes, the label insists on overly compressing the CD and digital formats, while allowing the artist to have uncompressed audio on vinyl. Red Hot Chile Peppers is a perfect example. Go listen to just about any of their albums on CD, then listen on vinyl. In the end, it's all about how well the album is mixed and if compression is (over) used.


LurkerPatrol t1_ius3y6h wrote

Making physical grooves in a platter is considered highest fidelity?


shofmon88 t1_iusoywc wrote

Yes, there are people that unironically believe this.


Lucky-Carrot t1_iuqsf6e wrote

Yes. But my point is that most audio is mixed digitally these days so analog is actually a deviation from the “intended” sound


InfernalCombustion t1_iurdpjv wrote

Audio mastered for analog formats also has a lot of limitations.

Examine the vinyl record for example. Audio is encoded through grooves on a physical surface which is then read by a needle travelling at a constant speed.

Firstly, the physical size of the needle limits what you can decode. You can't have peaks or valleys that are too close to each other, otherwise the needle will just skip over them. You also can't have transitions that are too steep.

Digital actually makes everything closer to "intended" sounds, because you can eliminate so many physical and mechanical factors.


Lucky-Carrot t1_iuro534 wrote

that’s incredibly interesting and i never thought about that. this is the kind of comment that makes me love reddit


Shillforbigusername t1_iupoefw wrote

I wonder how much longer this is going to matter. For audio, sample rates and bit depths are so high that the only real constraints left are storage space and streaming capacity. I honestly wouldn’t even believe someone if they said they could tell the difference between an analog recording and it’s 192k / 32b transfer.

But I suppose analog will always have a place, though, because analog mediums - whether it’s 2-inch tape or vinyl - color the sound in a way that most people find pleasant, even if they aren’t consciously aware of it.


chaiteataichi_ t1_iuqbpni wrote

I think many young people buy records less for the sound quality and more for the physical persistence and meaning an object can provide when so many other experiences are digital and ephemeral.


erix84 t1_iuqcyqh wrote

I bought cassette tapes as a kid and then CDs in the 90s / early 2000s... Was born too late to really have experience with records aside from seeing them on my mom's stereo setup and looking at the art on the front.

I think the last CD i bought was at least 10 years ago, don't even have a CD player any more.... Bought a record player and a pair of bookshelf speakers and I'm up to about 10 records with a couple more on the way. Streaming is great on the go and in the car, but at home it's nice to throw on a record i own, you get the album art way bigger than cassette tapes or CDs, they sound unique, and it's just a cool experience i missed out on but am glad they're making a comeback.


strikt9 t1_iur75fc wrote

For me it brings back listening to music as a thing you are doing instead of a thing thats on in the background


chaiteataichi_ t1_iuqd2xh wrote

It’s also a way to show others your music tastes. People don’t really look through digital libraries (though I do remember scrolling through friends iPods) but records are a great way to share interests in taste


fullmetaljackass t1_iuumpp2 wrote

Yeah, that's most of the reason I buy records. I've got a few album frames on my walls and I'll switch up which covers I'm displaying when I want to mix up my decoration a bit.


Lucky-Carrot t1_iupugcs wrote

At some point someone will make a digital filter that sounds just like a record


TundieRice t1_iuqedzd wrote

These have existed for awhile now, in both tape and vinyl!


Sir_Donkey_Punch t1_iupvpya wrote

Was about to suggest the sound “coloring” you get with analog audio devices. Hard to beat the warmth of vinyl, especially if you’re into tube rolling and have a nice set of speakers.


whales-are-assholes t1_iuot4vq wrote

It’s why I absolutely refuse to entertain the cynical notion that physical media will ever die out.


OldingDownTheFort t1_iurlzk8 wrote

I think that the physicality of the object is as much reason as quality or any other metrics.

People want to own stuff again, not just “a data record in a database somewhere says that I have access to it”.

When you have space to own physical objects, the convenience of fast access becomes less desirable than possessing a concrete object.


bahweepgranah t1_iupug1c wrote

This became crystal clear for me on the day Nils Lofgren left Spotify.


mix3dnuts t1_iuov7mt wrote

You can't compare an analog media to a digital one. CDs/DVDs aren't coming back.


whales-are-assholes t1_iup23wx wrote

>CD/DVDs aren’t coming back.

Well, can’t come back when they’ve never left…


mix3dnuts t1_iup8uto wrote

Define never left when Digital Sales literally blow physical copies out of the water...


whales-are-assholes t1_iupoa7t wrote

Sales don’t equate the obsolescence of physical media. Don’t try and move the goalposts.


mix3dnuts t1_iuponrj wrote

That's not goalpost moving....just because you can still buy a floppy disk doesn't mean it's not obsolete.

There's a difference between analog (Vinyl) and digital (CD/DVD).


whales-are-assholes t1_iupptox wrote

You just used sales figures to prove your point - as if multiple technologies (physical and digital) can’t coexist.

And what happens if say, Apple pulls their licensing agreement? You lose everything you’ve “purchased,” because you don’t actually own the product you purchased. With physical media, you at least own and can access it in perpetuity.


mix3dnuts t1_iupr6br wrote

Wrong, you don't, because you can still download that media and save it on another medium. You do own that "copy" that license gives you access to.

No where did I state multiple technologies can't exist, I explicitly said you can't compare analog vs digital exactly because they are different. Vinyl and other analog mediums will have their specific use case against digital.

When we're talking in the same medium space, sales and use does dictate in common language, obsolescence. We're not talking in absolutes here.

The same advantage you state with physical copies you can have with downloaded copies, because it's all digital, and that's my whole point. Downloaded media can be saved to physical copy for backups if need be. The world we live in now is built for downloaded/over the cloud media, we don't have physical digital readers on the majority of our technology for a reason.

Lastly whatever safety you get from physical medium gets demolished by saving that same -digital- copy on a flash nand drive. More robust & more accessible


whales-are-assholes t1_iuprtq9 wrote


You do know you’re just purchasing a license, right? A license that can be revoked at the behest of the service/point of sale.


mix3dnuts t1_iupt2yy wrote

...what does that have to do with what I'm saying. Just like a physical copy, if the makers go out of business or decide to stop selling the product you won't have access to GETTING it anymore. Once you have access, make a copy. I don't need iTunes to playback my already downloaded media.


Luce55 t1_iupdzfv wrote

There is one advantage of physical media over digital….you’ll have it even if the digital media giants go dark/close up shop. Even if the electric grid goes down, you can still hook up a wire to a solar panel (simplified example for sake of argument) and play your record player, or what have you. If you have the physical book, you can read it whether you have internet access or not, electricity or not.

There’s something to be said for that.


bigsquirrel t1_iuprcxa wrote

I mean if you’re going the solar panel route an MP3 player takes a hell of a lot less energy than record player and can hold more music that you could ever reasonably carry in a physical format. It’s an odd comparison.


Luce55 t1_iupy340 wrote

I mean…the original post is about a record player but….sure. MP3 player works as well, better, whatever.

Still, I personally can’t actually find my old MP3 player from a million years ago but I know exactly where my record player is, so based on ease of locating, record player wins lol.


bigsquirrel t1_iupyhjr wrote

Cell phone that plays mp3s? Just pointing out that the advantage of using a solar panels to power a record player is a little odd. As is the tech giants thing. None of that is really a thing. I have copies of my digital music locally and literally have a tiny device on me at all times that can easily be powered with a very small solar panel to play mp3s for days.


Luce55 t1_iupz5j5 wrote

I don’t disagree with you; I was merely pointing out that there is still an advantage to having physical media. If you have downloaded your music or whatnot, you own it, and so as long as you have power (unless books - you don’t need power for books) you will always have access to it. But, many people listen to music, watch movies, read books based on subscriptions/rentals. In which case, if, as I said, the services go kaput, you’re SOL on the media you enjoyed previously.


willstr1 t1_iuq8ife wrote

Physical and digital are not mutually exclusive. Streaming definitely has its risks but CDs and DVDs are digital and physical and can work as long as you have a device that can play them (just like a record) they also have higher quality (from all quantitative measures) and are more robust physically


thatminimumwagelife t1_iupnf0i wrote

I hope they don't come back. I'm saving so much money just buying dvds and blu rays for pennies. Don't go looking for them! That dinosaur tech is not for you, it's for me lol


mittelwerk t1_iup47zo wrote

Sony, now it's your turn: ressurect the Flamingo (a.k.a. PS-F5/F9)


Beznia t1_iuua1x0 wrote

That's what I thought this was when I saw it... am sad now.


sambolino44 t1_iupob2p wrote

I had one of the originals back in the 1980s when I was in the Marine Corps. I didn’t have a lot of room for a stereo, and this fit into my locker. Sound quality was not great, but certainly good enough to learn songs.


back_bithces t1_iuqgqsj wrote

I wanna see DankPods review this lol


a_glorious_bass-turd t1_iuqf19u wrote

It was my understanding that back in the day they could damage your records. I wonder if any of those previous issues have been addressed.


zippotato t1_iuqgy6t wrote

IIRC it was the issue of later, cheaper ones like Crosley. While cannot be on par with desktop or bigger players, Sound Burger with its original stylus was pretty decent for its size.


a_glorious_bass-turd t1_iuqh7zn wrote

Good to know! Thanks for that


PlaguesAngel t1_iuqiqa6 wrote

#1 thing to damage records in use are shit Stylus. Also I personally don’t trust anything without a full platter, the potential for wobble just invites a stylus to interact poorly with your media surface.

Edit: apparently I’ve never once typed a hashtag symbol in Reddit mobile? Didn’t realize it was for doing the text LOUDS.


DontTreadOnBigfoot t1_iurnfqa wrote

FYI, if you put a / before the hash, Reddit ignores it as a formatting symbol


/# not loud


torangejuice t1_iurqui9 wrote

The AT3600L is a fine cart and won’t “damage” your records. It’s not the best, but it’s far from being “bad”. It’s the stock cart on Rega P1 & P2.

Vinyl records are a fun way to discover music for me, and this thing will be great for previewing old $2 records (which, I’m sure have never had a bad stylus dropped on them…) at local stores without hogging the preview table.


zoinkability t1_iuotlag wrote

Was hoping this would be a linear tracking TT like the Sony portables but alas. Still fun to see a resurrection.


kvetcha-rdt t1_iusp5eu wrote

I’d love for Sony to re-release those but they would absolutely cost $2000.


jnemesh t1_iusef57 wrote

Personally, I shudder at the thought of good vinyl being ruined by this cheap junk. I wouldn't recommend ANYONE buy one of these, other than for the novelty.

Let me just say this about vinyl:

Some purists will insist that vinyl gives you better sound quality than CD or digital formats. This has been thoroughly debunked. It does sound DIFFERENT, and some people like those differences. But CDs and/or digital will have a higher dynamic range and more bass response, among other things.

That being said, there is a lot to say for vinyl. A well pressed and well mastered recording will sound INCREDIBLE on even a modestly priced table (say $500-$900)...and people "grok" how records work a lot more than how a CD or digital file is decoded. It's pretty straightforward...better turntables have more stability, better control over the speed, a better stylus that sits deeper in the grooves, etc. Each upgrade you make has a marked improvement in the sound.

Conversely, upgrading CD or digital playback is pretty much a "black box" to anyone without a deep understanding of electronics and digital audio. Try explaining to a friend how an outboard DAC works, or why a multibit DAC will usually sound better than a delta/sigma DAC. Yeaaaaaah...about that....

One other thing going for vinyl is that it is, BY FAR, the most stable format for long term storage. You can buy albums from the 50s (or even earlier!) that will sound as good today as the day they were pressed. The same can not be said for CDs, which degrade over time. (try playing a CD made in the mid might get lucky, but most will be unplayable after 15-20 years), and we don't even know how other digital storage formats will hold up long term. I wouldn't bet money on a SSD or flash drive being usable in 20 years! (tape backup is pretty stable, and there are more exotic digital storage methods available, but none commonly in use that will hold up over extended time).

Finally, there is something to be said for OWNING a copy of the music you well as the physical format itself. LARGE cover art, liner notes, photos, etc...all of these things contribute to the experience of enjoying the music, and many have mourned the loss when moving from the rather large album covers on vinyl to the dinky (in comparison) art on a CD case....and all of those little "extras" got stripped out along the way as well.

All of that being said, there is no need to be snobby about the hobby, or to make it into something it's not. I seriously enjoy putting a record on from time to time, but I also enjoy plenty of streamed music too. As long as you are enjoying THE MUSIC, you are "doing it right"!


kvetcha-rdt t1_iusp28c wrote

I have zero concerns about this thing damaging records. It’s running a perfectly decent AT cart.


LibraryUserOfBooks t1_iupkws5 wrote

What do you think the quality on this thing will be like? And how limited edition?

Did you see their crystal record player?


Riegel_Haribo t1_iuppzwc wrote

Audio-Technica of the 80s made products in Japan. These now are licensed OEM turntables made by Taiwan or China manufacturers such as Hanpin or Ya Horng.


LibraryUserOfBooks t1_iur9x15 wrote

I have an old technics 1500.

I just wonder if this will be one that messes up records or is good enough to be a fun novelty piece.


kvetcha-rdt t1_iusor2m wrote

I imagine it will be just fine. None of AT’s tables are junk-level.


ArcaneGadget t1_iuqt3qe wrote

I almost want to bet that it's either going to be a cheap p.o.s. that damages your records, or it's going to be outrageously expensive.


mduser63 t1_ius77l7 wrote

It's $200, not outrageously expensive. So the former sounds pretty likely.


kvetcha-rdt t1_iusovnp wrote

I’d wager it’s going to be a novel portable deck with LP-60-level quality, and that is just fine for what it is.


pyrilampes t1_iuqu317 wrote

You could mount that thing on a wall or possibly vertically, Add a disco ball finish or just bedazzled it


Caboozel t1_iuqyqtz wrote

The “Sound-wich” would have been a better name


kvetcha-rdt t1_iuvsera wrote

It was apparently sold as ‘Mister Disc’ in the US because Sound Burger was seen as too silly. But with the clarity of time we now understand that Sound Burger is the greatest product name ever.


bglkjk t1_iurl2xu wrote

That’s actually so cool.


Teamnoq t1_iur2gji wrote

Mmmmhhhhh a Sound Burger, it’s delicious!


howliehowls t1_iur6dgs wrote

Please god no this is a record killer


ProbablySPTucker t1_ivctseu wrote

The Crosley knockoff is a record killer. The original Sound Burger was fine, and this will probably also be fine.


pack_howitzer t1_iurlavp wrote

Mr. Disk - the turntable no bigger than a man’s shoe!


Quack_Candle t1_iusht8q wrote

That’s so strange - yesterday I was trying to buy one of the originals on eBay


Ok_Dependent1131 t1_iusll8m wrote

Does this have anti skip like my old portable CD player?


FuriousGeorge50 t1_iuvq67z wrote

All things old became modern again since they showed their durability and quality. We went slightly upwards and sideways in audio quality, but dropped down in build.


mattogeewha t1_iupvfw8 wrote

Now THIS is news…. For the oldies


mudkic t1_iuq206x wrote

That is simply awesome lol from an old guy this


synthsucht t1_iur2dv3 wrote

It’s literally just a gadget. A thing you buy because you think it’s cool and put away after a weekend. There’s plenty of second hand record players looking for a new home. Do we really need more trash? 🌍


sirenesea t1_ius2l0s wrote

Coming soon to Urban Outfitters


BrokenforD t1_iusls6m wrote

If you care about the condition of your vinyl DO NOT USE THIS PIECE OF SHIT. The original model ate the grooves in records before. I can’t imaging they’ve made it any better. Use at you own risk. New vinyl is to damn expensive.


Epsilon748 t1_iuudfcv wrote

> Ate the grooves in records

No it didn't. It uses a decent quality AT cart and has fairly low tracking force. This isn't a Crosley. I've had a vintage one for years and this is just BS from people who have never used one and just go "portable player must be shit"


SaladAssKing t1_iuqf29q wrote

Sound burger…sounds like someone trying not to say queef but alluding to it.