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[deleted] t1_iupv2or wrote


rchrdcrg t1_iuqv26d wrote

This new one, not the original, that was kinda my whole point 😁


4myoldGaffer t1_iur1vdy wrote

They’re both groovy. Besides, technology is cyclical.


SupremePooper t1_iur7k4j wrote

But does it still give you the extra treat of seeing the little spool of vinyl curl up behind the stylus as it gouges its way across your records?


4myoldGaffer t1_iurb8c4 wrote

well vinyl is a type of wax. But your comment sounds more like a euphemism for having a wax job done at the salon


kvetcha-rdt t1_iuvt1zs wrote

Yeah, that elliptical stylus with under 2g of tracking force is really gonna tear shit up.


Natothedog t1_iura8vm wrote

Style of tech is… tech definitely is not. Open to be proven wrong but name one common invention that has regressed back to its roots.


4myoldGaffer t1_iurawb7 wrote

If you want to play a record more than once, you must regress to the beginning of the album.

Hopefully your opinion is revolving as you begin to scratch the surface of the joke



Natothedog t1_iurcywz wrote

Ah, you were just trying to make a funny. Excuse me for being a rock 🪨


4myoldGaffer t1_iure9oa wrote

so you’re saying it’s ok for me to throw my pager in the bin finally?



RockeTim t1_iurnt8c wrote

Cloud computing! In the early days of computers (40s, 50s) they were the size of a small house and insanely expensive - to make computers more accessible to schools, businesses, universities, libraries, etc... they used terminals. Terminals were dumb - basically a glorified kvms - keyboard, monitor, and that was it - no real capabilities or storage - and they connected to the remote computers for all computation. Fast-forward to today. Chromebooks, and game streaming services, are the same idea. You don't need a powerful computer with lots of storage and powerful GPU. All the work is done on a remote computer - and our device acts basically a glorified kvm just like the early days of terminal computing.

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alphaxion t1_iuulaoi wrote

He goes a bit into the history and talks about the form of the player a bit. It's likely a review of this device will be very similar to the one he did in the video I linked. As in, it wouldn't really be worth his time to make another video on the same subject.


kvetcha-rdt t1_iuwdf0s wrote

He mentioned in a Patreon update that he has one on preorder and will be reviewing it.