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slazer2k t1_iv20p30 wrote

They never learn to bring it back to the US or Europe, yes maybe slightly more expensive HR wise but lock at the trouble we now have with China and the shittons of money the future cold war with China will eat away, and then India will be the next China ....


asamulya t1_iv2al0x wrote

Cost of Labor is a huge cost. It makes a lot of difference in the eventual margins that these companies are looking to have.

I am sure they can survive if they bring the manufacturing to US but their profits would be less than half of what they can currently get. Which means shareholders will not be happy.

It’s all about money.


slazer2k t1_iv2c4gw wrote

I rather see them pay American workers than later the War machine and trade war costs


asamulya t1_iv2oicp wrote

I do not disagree and this is not fair to American workers either. I was just explaining the rationale.


Naresr t1_iv41wqp wrote

Get atleast 51% of Apple shareholders to agree with you and it can be done.


Aggressive_Bed_9774 t1_iv2deg8 wrote

you saying in 30 years there's gonna be a US vs India cold war ?


TheDarkClaw t1_iv2e3lo wrote

They're going to beat us just with their Bollywood dancing.


slazer2k t1_iv2eayn wrote

I am saying I don't want to find out all the money which went to China to use the factories of the world went into three things corrupt officials, Military build-up, and buying real estate and companies in western companies neither the Chinese people nor Western people have profited and in the western world, the profits are in the hand of a few shareholders at the expense of the working people so I think we don't need to do this again...


johnslavt t1_iv2kcib wrote

India would side with china in a world war. They’re dependent on their economy


noxx1234567 t1_iv40r6d wrote

What a stupid ass statement , Indians approval rate of china is around 20% USA has around 80%


johnslavt t1_iv4258u wrote

Yeah, my bad. I meant Russia, not china. But I just did a little bit of research and realized that the indo-Russian friendship might be a little bit more complicated right now.


BruhBorne69 t1_iv40jjn wrote

Are you serious? Do you even know the history of India and China? China claims literal Indian states as their own territory so no India will never side with China, if there is ever a cold war between China and US India will prefer to stay neutral.


Sam1515024 t1_iv471mp wrote

Are you okay bro, as far we are concerned, it was india which banned TikTok and other big Chinese apps, and not only that it was China and US, Who were friends since last 50 years. Please read history boss


grumble11 t1_iv2fzkf wrote

The US has long since lost its manufacturing advantage. Expensive workforce that is difficult to mobilize with fairly poor reliability, and tons of overhead that doesn’t exist in the EMs

Watch ‘American factory’ to understand.