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goofedonskunkweed t1_ivf9hvx wrote

will be interesting to see how they price this


Grimij t1_ivg57xm wrote

Probably at least $1500-2000, and that's really low-balling. I'd say just build your own, either way.

You can build a 1500w 52v 21ah ebike that goes about 35mph with a range of 30-50miles in the realms of ~$500 if you already have a bike. Much more affordable than anything prebuilt, with far greater performance.


_DirtyDog t1_ivg5j3a wrote

Yeah but is a self-build road legal?


General1lol t1_ivgav2y wrote

Depends on your local laws. In my city, bicyclists are treated as vehicles and they require no registration. This includes e-bikes (self built or not). So in my case, “road legal” requirements wouldn’t be an issue for me. For people living in a town, city, or state that has little to no provisions for bicycles on a roadway, this would likely be an issue for them.


[deleted] t1_ivhdauz wrote



FavoritesBot t1_iviho2i wrote

Sure but enforcement on that is going to be nonexistent. If you aren’t speeding they can’t know just from looking that it’s capable of going faster (eg when you take it to the track)

That said I’m a pussy and wouldn’t want to go faster than 35 on an ebike anyway


smatchimo t1_ivhyqlr wrote

the only thing this does is make riding bike paths illegal. you don't want to be pedaling an e-bike with no assist.


mayonaise_plantain t1_ivi5ir0 wrote

It is if you just buy an already road-legal gas scooter and convert it.

Most older 2-cycle mopeds/scooters can be found non-running for like $150, and they'll come with the registration, hi/low beams, horn, etc.

From there, you just gotta be sure your conversion isn't getting too wild since most states now have a provision that states a maximum motor wattage for a scooter to still be a scooter (usually around 1200 watts).

The downside is the effort for the conversion - it's def more involved than a bicycle. And you gotta insure, plate, and register it (very cheap, but still...)

The upside is that you get a legit, road legal e-scooter and for some reason a scooter in traffic going 30 mph is just way more respected than a bicycle going the same speed. It sure "looks the part" if nothing else.


HotOnions t1_iviqppt wrote

I’d be interested in something like this, anything to look for in searching for it?


jibstay77 t1_ivj66me wrote

I’ve been building my own roads for years.


pussyassniguh t1_ivghvvs wrote

What’s this build that you are talking about? 500$ seems way too little for that type of build


illregal t1_ivgs95i wrote

It is, just the battery is close to or over 500


jcv999 t1_ivgyy8y wrote

If you have a soldering iron, and access to a 3d printer, you can build a battery :)


Gradual_Bro t1_ivh9d2e wrote

If you’re smart enough to build a battery you can probably afford a battery lmao


TSMKFail t1_ivibmsg wrote

A battery that would make the Note7 look like the pinnacle of safety


jcv999 t1_ivigbyz wrote

Built it and rode it around just fine :)


racinreaver t1_ivird8g wrote

Everything is 100% safe until it isn't. For a lot of us the risk of a battery fire from a self-assembled system isn't worth the nonpayment of a homeowner's insurance claim (or, honestly, even worse, damaging a rental, apartment building, or employer's property).


Idiot_Savant_Tinker t1_ivg5qd7 wrote

I messed around with motorized bikes using ICE engines back in the late 2000's, always wanted to do an electric one... but the prices of batteries and speed controls always put it out of sight. Are batteries that much cheaper now?


Priff t1_ivgnpk5 wrote

Batteries are definitely cheaper now.

But also, you can scavenge a lot of the parts from stuff like broken electric scooters. They go for practically nothing on Facebook marketplace.

I'm considering buying a couple and putting the parts from them into a power wheels toy car. For the lulz.


Idiot_Savant_Tinker t1_ivgtqvi wrote

I have a big brushless DC motor from an electric lawnmower that is begging to be put on something. I've got the controller figured out, but then I look online and see people building these battery packs by spot welding tons of cells together that they've taken out of discarded laptops or whatever, and I just lose motivation.


Priff t1_ivgv3vj wrote

You can take a battery pack from one of those kickbike scooters, they're usually 40v.

Another option is ordering a battery pack, lifepo packs come in loads of sizes with built in bms and everything pretty cheap.


RaydelRay t1_ivh7oe5 wrote

How well would 2 Dewalt 60v 6Ah work? $200 for 2 on sale.


[deleted] t1_ivhe4vu wrote



i7-4790Que t1_ivizsyl wrote

Can get 180Wh worth of Dewalt batteries (+ charger) for under $100 right now at Home Depot with Holiday promos. The 6 Ah XR in that bundle would have a far superior Samsung 30T 21700. 10 per pack. 5S2P config.

There's also value in utility. Especially if you are invested into a decent power tool platform. (Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita) Your money goes further if you have a bunch of devices that can share the same battery. I run as much stuff as I can off 5.0 Ah Makita packs I basically paid no more than $7/Ah on. (Buy sales, batteries get super cheap)

Wouldn't exactly call used Eve cells that you might have to rebuild sooner rather than later a good value long term. They have a paltry 7.65A rated cell with comparatively low capacity, probably closer to 2-2.2 Ah since its a refurb/used 18650 from a 3rd rate manufacturer.

Samsung 30Ts blow that Eve crap out of the water. 35A cell, up to 70A @ 18V in 5S2P.


Idiot_Savant_Tinker t1_ivhespj wrote

Where I live there's some company like bird or lime that has a bunch of scooters. Sometimes I see them broken and thrown in the ditch, maybe they have a battery I can use...


_Rand_ t1_ivi5jbv wrote

There is a guy around here who drives a ICE bike around, its pretty neat actually.

There is also a kid who drives an electric lawn chair around.


N3rdProbl3ms t1_ivgc4vw wrote

A lot of things are affordable if we do it ourselves.

Some people just prefer to leave it up to the professionals ::shrug::


Parlorshark t1_ivjnd4n wrote

Yes, that’s correct. I have a family and a job and a house, and 0 time or interest left for tinkering on a bicycle. My time is more valuable to me.


N3rdProbl3ms t1_ivjp1n1 wrote

Exactly. It makes me think of those 3 min craft montages of "look what you can make without having to go to the store and buying it! Sooo easy!".

Nah. I'm ordering it for in-store pickup, swooping it, and calling it a day


lmp9002002 t1_ivgh9sd wrote

Are there guides somewhere for this sort of thing? Was going to google but that sounds pretty specific. This sounds incredible compared to typical ebike prices.


OuidOuigi t1_ivh0v8t wrote

Johnny Nerd Out on YouTube is a start for understanding different types of motors and features.


HahaFreeSpeech t1_ivgsq2e wrote

Sounds too specific to Google? Did you try something crazy like “Build Electric Bike” or “How to build an Electronic Bike”? It’s just so wacky that it might actually work.


lmp9002002 t1_ivh4cgw wrote

How about "1500w 52v 21ah ebike that goes about 35mph with a range of 30-50miles in the realms of ~$500 if you already have a bike"? He was very specific so i thought it was worth asking.

You're not helping.


HahaFreeSpeech t1_ivi0cvq wrote

Cool, maybe the guy below will build it for you too, because if you can’t even Google to find the Information, I doubt you’re qualified to build it.


A10110101Z t1_ivgjkhm wrote

Can you hook it up with a link to a video or blog about building one?


Blyatt-Man t1_ivhbyd0 wrote

Look at the Emmo monster. That’s what I use for Uber eats. Looks exactly like the Honda ruckus I have an 84v 50 AH battery for it, top speed 55kmh range over 100km paid about 8k for it but it’s paying itself off doing gas free deliveries.


Sacred-Squash t1_ivg4ftg wrote

Considering they have Mopes you don’t have to pedal at like 3-4K I think it will be ebike prices.


zkareface t1_ivig45y wrote

So like $5k and up?


Sacred-Squash t1_ivjqlzd wrote

They look like bike tires. 1-3K


zkareface t1_ivlvbmu wrote

I'd be surprised if its cheaper than $4999.

Honestly probably going to be $6999 in my area.

$1000 gives an ebike that breaks down first year.

Honda is known for quality, not being cheap.


Buckwheat469 t1_ivfnsek wrote

If they can electrify the CT90 without losing any of it's features, range, or trail capabilities then that would be great. They just remade it as a 125cc model.


spiderml t1_ivgqfvo wrote

Range would be hard to replicate given the new 125cc gets over 100mpg, would happily take everything else with a reasonable city range though.


minuteman_d t1_ivgftxg wrote

That would be kind of fun to have a “trail” version of this.


Buckwheat469 t1_ivgp757 wrote

There's the UBCO 2x2 but it seems to lose steam going on long uphill stretches. It might be because they only gave it a 1kW motor instead of a 3kW, and it only goes 30mph.

They need a 59mph version with a trail gear switch with a 3kW motor and a little more battery power.


minuteman_d t1_ivgpzjm wrote

Looks cool! Yeah, they'd have to get away from the hub motor for that.


derycksan71 t1_ivhmjbt wrote

With 130ish mpg, what's the point besides noise? Love my trail 125 and my old ct's but I don't see the value, especially considering it'll likely double the cost.


F-21 t1_iviakvt wrote

Especially the CT is more of an "adventure" design. It makes some sense in the city but if you're in a more remote area... The ultra efficient and reliable Honda engine is optimised to the point that I'm not sure the electric version is more green or cheaper to run at all.

I wish they sold the trail 125 over here in Europe :(


[deleted] t1_ivigeh4 wrote



F-21 t1_ivip49g wrote

> 2 stroke engines are dirty AF

The CT125 is 4 stroke and the ultra-efficient engine is rated to 158MPG, with over 120-130MPG actually achievable.

It quite literally runs on fumes.


[deleted] t1_ivjn8po wrote



F-21 t1_ivka717 wrote

The article you listed is nearly 20 years old and was no longer relevant that same year it was written because Euro 3 emission standards came in 2006 for motorcycle. Motorcycles sold today have to emmit 5-6 times less CO than Euro 2 motorcycles that were modern when that article was written (not to mention other pollutants or bikes that were slightly old at the time, or 25 years old, as the article talks about, so bikes that are by now nearly half a century old).

I don't think any motorcycle sold in first world countries can legally not have a catalytic converter. Every scooter here in Europe has it.


ryraps5892 t1_ivflgbh wrote

In terms of comparing to other brands: Honda is an economic option for cars, but as we all know, cars are expensive rn so that’s not saying much. They have some of the most expensive generators in the business. They’re really good, but you can get a Cummins generator for like, half the price. Their motorcycles are also good, but they’re again very expensive in this category as well…

Taking the information I know about honda… and what i already know as a current moped owner, as well as the hype surrounding e-bikes/mopeds booming demand for cheap transportation alternatives in this economy. Honestly, I don’t see this being under 5 grand for the first-gen models.

Very unfortunate the way the moped/e-bike industry is headed. Rather than targeting the audience that can’t afford cars and really need reliable transportation, they’re going to price these for yuppies who wanna avoid traffic between their job and overpriced brownstone apartment. It’s sad honestly, if I could snag one of these for like 2 1/2 grand I would.


notmoleliza t1_ivfn8n5 wrote

a mid spec road bike or mountain bike is 1500-3500 right now. IF this scooter thing was 5k i would consider that a good price now a days. i'm thinking closer to 9K


spinelession t1_ivg2geq wrote

road bike, yes. unfortunately, mid-spec mountain bikes now START at like 3500 usd. past couple years have been rough lol


notmoleliza t1_ivg5jk7 wrote

and you're probably right. not as familiar with the MTB game right now


casechopper t1_ivgzxnb wrote

It would probably make more sense to compare with Honda motor scooters which I believe start around $3k and run to around $7-8k or so. Bicycles can get really expensive due to high spend on keeping weight extremely low. That isn't as necessary on a powered vehicle since the motor/engine compensates for the added weight.


ryraps5892 t1_ivg1s51 wrote

That would make it unrealistically expensive for someone like me, that’s for sure. I got my cheap lil grom copy a couple years back for $1200 and put another ~$1000 in parts on it since then. Now its actually faster than the Hondas in my city… and I like the way it rides better than the Hondas I’ve tried too. It would be nice to cut out trips to the gas station every 100 miles by going electric, but is what it is, maybe someday.


Luis__FIGO t1_ivg4oly wrote

They aren't pricing it at a 1/3rd of the civic


MisterMasterCylinder t1_ivfwqm3 wrote

Honda motorcycles aren't the cheapest option, but for the most part they're not outrageously expensive, either. Excluding their top-end models like the Goldwing and such, at least


jsaucedo t1_ivfg6ld wrote

Why are there foot pedals?


ScuddsMcDudds t1_ivfgiuj wrote

A lot of electric (and some gas-powered) mopeds have pedals since they’re light enough to manually pedal if you run out of fuel


[deleted] t1_ivfz3dq wrote



WiartonWilly t1_ivg677c wrote

Yes. Those pedals are just decorations. Doubtful the seat or pedals are in the correct position for anyone. Doesn’t look very adjustable.


sonofthenation t1_ivg3bnb wrote

Some also have mandatory pedal assist. So you have to pedal to get the emotor to work.


1live4downvotes t1_ivg0i8j wrote

uggg in my state/city the rules are so dumb! The bike lanes are filled with people on electric scooters/bikes that really shouldn't be there. You know what I love? Being on a bike in the bike lane and having a dude on an electric bike zoom past me way to close going 20-30mph. At this point in time a lot of these things are essentially just motor cycles/mopeds which are not allowed in bike lanes. If you want to make the argument that it's safer for them to be in the bike lane, then people are missing the point of having bike lanes.

We really should start requiring more people to register these devices, like mopeds and motor cycles, and require the scrutiny. AKA head lights, brake lights, turn signals, etc. Even the people who ride unregistered dirt bikes on the road have better common sense than a lot of the electric scooter/bike people (sans the dirt bike gangs that over take entire roads doing wheelies).


[deleted] t1_ivg14wp wrote



1live4downvotes t1_ivgdru9 wrote

It may also be selection bias (or some other bias), but it also seems like a large percentage of e-bike/scooter users in my city just disregard the rules of the road. I don't think I have ever seen someone on an e-bike/scooter stop at a red light/stop sign and just do a lot of, for lack of a better term, stupid sh*t lol.

Like I said, this could just be some type of bias due to me remember annoying people more than others, but I think the e crowd has attracted a lot of inconsiderate people. I saw something similar happen with cyclists when COVID first happened. People who never road bikes in a city started getting bikes/renting them more but were riding them like they were the only ones on the road.

It is just sad because it gives the rest of the people a bad name. I cannot tell you how many people have screamed at me for being on a bike when I am doing everything correct. Had one dude scream at me at a red light for "cutting him off", despite looking, seeing I had room to change over to the left turn lane, signaling, and finally turning. I ended up yelling back at him "I SIGNALLED" and did the same signaling move I did before. He then calmed down and was like "oh shit you know what you're right, you did signal it just didn't register".


tossme68 t1_ivgs9id wrote

Very few people on bikes, e or otherwise pay attention to stop signs or traffic lights. I'm totally fine with treating stops signs as yields (like they do in the Netherlands) but stop lights are a different story. I've been biking in a city for 35+ years and spent some time as a bike messenger so I know how to ride in traffic and blowing through a light at 20+mph on your ebike is a quick way to go to the hospital.

I think we are reaching critical mass as far as e-vehicle regulation. Call them e-whatever they are still motorized vehicles and need to be treated as such, I love the idea of ebikes, they are a great alternative to a car and I will likely buy one in the next year or two but the execution has just been a free for all.


1live4downvotes t1_ivgyjn2 wrote

> blowing through a light at 20+mph on your ebike is a quick way to go to the hospital.

Whenever people ask me how I ride in a city, I just tell them I have 3 rules.

  1. Wear a helmet

  2. Assume no one can see your, and if they can they are actively trying to hit you.

  3. BE PREDICTIBLE! This means stopping or at least yielding at stop signs/red lights. Biking with traffic (I cannot tell you how many idiots bike against traffic... even when there is a bike lane on the correct side of the street). Not salmoning through traffic (I know this is a thing a lot of people do, but I don't do it because no one is expecting a bike to zoom past them when waiting in a line of cars at a red light). etc. etc.


Far-Employment-1192 t1_ivh4w2k wrote

My area the local bicycle riders always run the red lights. They’ll keep going and a few times flip off drivers who were merely just going on a green light.


tossme68 t1_ivh6n6m wrote

totally. As I said I was a messenger way back when so I don't have a lot of love for people in cars, they don't like to share the road and don't take a lot of responsibility for driving a 4000lb piece of steel. Every messenger I knew had at least one bad wreck, I went through 2 windshields in my short career and neither was my fault -both drivers excuse was "they didn't see me"....when they drove into me. The thing is there are enough assholes to go around on both sides, but the guy on the bike is always going to lose. I do think part of the issue is that cops just ignore the guy on the bike unless he's being a complete ass and they are "clamping down" or "making an example" -they just need to enforce the law, if some bozo blows through a light write them a ticket, it's not hard. Both sides need to learn to respect the other side and both sides needs to take some more responsibility for their actions.


ThrowRA76234 t1_ivg475v wrote



53881 t1_ivgelyr wrote

Lol phillys dirt bike gang on 95


1live4downvotes t1_ivgfzzv wrote

whenever I'm biking and hear them approaching, I'll get off the road as fast as I can lol.


IdiAmeme t1_ivhcas4 wrote

Are you nuts? People ride regular bikes at 20 mph plus all the time.


nickstatus t1_ivfz3yc wrote

In the past I've had a gas moped, I currently have an electric moped, and on both those pedals are essentially useless. You're not going anywhere with those pedals. I think they are included as a sort of legal fig leaf. Also, they're not light, at all. My electric moped weighs 120 lbs.


kreygmu t1_ivfitk0 wrote

Mopeds used to have pedals! That's what the "ped" bit in the name means. I actually think there's something in having a compact vehicle like this that can have pedal assist to boost its range/flexibility, guess Honda think something similar.


mjh2901 t1_ivg0v5b wrote

No one remembers that there where mopeds that where pedal start, like push starting a car.


Haterbait_band t1_ivhcrbh wrote

As far as I know, all mopeds have pedals. It’s what makes them a moped. People confuse motor scooters with mopeds all the time though.


PlayfulParamedic2626 t1_ivfnlx4 wrote

It counts as a bike for local government rules and bike trails. You can software lock the speeds to a class 2 bike for New York City for example


surnik22 t1_ivfldhg wrote

So it can legally be an electric bike and ride in bike lanes without motorcycle license. Depending on top speed.


LonelyGameBoi t1_ivfzt5f wrote

moped is motor - pedal


PlayfulParamedic2626 t1_ivgs1j9 wrote

Then by that definition, this is an ebike, with as much power as a 55cc motor.


LonelyGameBoi t1_ivgt4im wrote

Im pretty sure ebikes are optimized for pedaling occasionally assisted by a motor whereas mopeds are meant for motors occasionally assited by the pedals.

Not to mention that ebikes and mopeds have different gearing and form factors

Either way its I think its neat


mechapoitier t1_ivg8iy8 wrote

It’s literally in the name. Moped = motor and pedals. You can ride it as a motorbike, pedal bike, or both.

In gas engine form they used to be popular but by the 1990s that was falling off. People will erroneously call motor scooters mopeds now even though they look significantly different.


Blue-cheese-dressing t1_ivgbhcq wrote

Another reason: depending on your state DUI/DWI laws, if it’s XXcc or equivalent and has pedals you can use it for semi motorized transportation with a suspended license.


Popomatik t1_ivgq47z wrote

With pedals it’s considered a moped, in my state it’s 50$ to register for 2 years and needs no insurance. Without pedals it’s considered a motorcycle and has to be registered and insured similar to a car.


Bigred2989- t1_ivg28r5 wrote

Article says it's if the motor can't get you up a hill.


Ihatu t1_ivhxjdr wrote

Literally says it in the headline: moped. It is a motorized pedal vehicle.


sanjsrik t1_ivf1g7z wrote

Maybe I'm ignorant and pardon the noob question, but aren't mopeds already electric?


Rogermcfarley t1_ivf604y wrote

There are more recently electric mopeds but traditionally mopeds use petrol engines around 50cc


-_Potato t1_ivfeh6b wrote

Moped is a weird definition.

Some rules involving engine displacement and speeed

50 to 150cc (or however they want to equate wattage to that for an electric motor)usually governed to no more then 35mph.

They typically offer cheaper licensing and registration requirements.


tossme68 t1_ivgtwin wrote

under 50cc's no license is needed. When I was a kid you could get a moped license at 14 -every kid between 14 and 16 had a 49cc moped.


AlphaTangoFoxtrt t1_ivfg5ct wrote

Mostly they've been gas powered. There's not really been a push to go electric with them because they tend to get 100 mpg or more (tiny engine, light weight).

When you're that fuel efficient there's just not a demand for electric.


FuckFashMods t1_ivfkqfa wrote

Also there's no real reason when you can get an electric bike that does the same performance but has no license requirements and can go places motor vehicles can't go


PleasantAdvertising t1_ivfw549 wrote

E Bikes are extremely expensive for what they are.


FuckFashMods t1_ivfwcek wrote

Are they?


PleasantAdvertising t1_ivfzeks wrote

Twice as expensive as my 2010 car yes absolutely. Nothing in the design nor R&D justifies that much money. Not even close.


FuckFashMods t1_ivg00ih wrote

I mean you can get decent e-bikes for $1000 and really good ones for $2000 and a decent regular bike is like at least 400- 500$.

If you have like a $2000 2010 car, I think you're very soon going to figure out why you were able to buy it for $2000


tossme68 t1_ivgubgg wrote

>a decent regular bike is like at least 400- 500$

maybe if you are buying a huffy or some other punch out bike at Wal-mart but any name brand bike is much closer to $1000 than $500.


PleasantAdvertising t1_ivh8m29 wrote

It's worth 4k now. Bought it for 2500. been driving it 5 times a week to work. Apart from replacing the battery it's just going.


FuckFashMods t1_ivh9rom wrote

>Twice as expensive as my 2010 car

Very few ebikes are going to be $5k-8k


boones_farmer t1_ivfd1b7 wrote

I wonder how this will be handled by laws that currently categorize scooters by engine CC.


kreygmu t1_ivfiezh wrote

A lot also have a hp/kW restriction.


surnik22 t1_ivfl8hc wrote

Since it has pedals it’s will likely legally be an electric bike. Which various states and cities already have laws for. Most are related to “top speed” which classifies and regulates them accordingly. Usually 20-25 mph unassisted is the limit.

But if this goes faster they could also just have a way to switch on artificial limits. Set the scooter to bike mode and it can only go 25 mph but is legal in bike lanes and without a motorcycle license. Set it to scooter mode and it can go faster but legally you need what you would need for an electric motorcycle.


General1lol t1_ivgd3ik wrote

The original mopeds had pedals; pedals were how they were used starting or were designed for emergency uses if the engine wouldn’t operate. The pedals weren’t added to circumvent motorized laws per say.

I imagine most laws pertaining to mopeds would still apply to this device; although it’s unclear since there’s no “cc” classification for it. In most city laws I’ve seen, explicit terminology covering e-bikes have been added to cover those devices.

Maybe I’m nitpicking, but the average person can certainly tell this is an “electric moped” and not an “e-bike”, so the laws would fall under the former. It might not be important at all, since in some cities e-bikes are treated identically to 49cc mopeds.


surnik22 t1_ivggaof wrote

I mean, I can only speak for my city/state confidently.

But if it has pedals and is electric it will be treated as an e-bike. It will have classifications based on top speed unassisted, but it can be an artificial limit.

Which to me is a huge benefit. Ebikes don’t have insurance, registration, or license requirements. And can be on bike lanes. The top speed of 25 mph isn’t ideal always, but in a city you rarely would be going faster and being able to use bike lanes and paths more than makes up for the speed reduction.


tossme68 t1_ivgthqv wrote

>but in a city you rarely would be going faster

Have you been to NYC or Chicago in the last few years? Every food delivery guy is on an Ebike going as fast as they can in the bike lanes. Regulation is coming I just don't think the government knows how to handle ebike -hopefully they see the good in ebikes and don't do something ham handed but they likely will.


surnik22 t1_ivgv1kk wrote

I mean, those are literally the laws for Chicago.

That doesn’t mean people obey the laws. It’s like cars with speed limits, or trucks with weight limits, or noise limits on vehicles, or any other number of things that are regulated but not regularly enforced.

It’s hard to enforce a lot of regulations, including a speed limit on an electric bike. Especially when it can be sold as an electric bike where the limit is only digitally set and you can just turn the limiter on/off. But any sort of other regulation on motor size is gonna be equally silly. A motor that can go 30 mph for a 100 pound woman might only be able to go 20 mph with a 300 pound man carrying deliveries.


AlphaTangoFoxtrt t1_ivfg9ig wrote

All government inefficiencies and processes aside, as in I can snap my fingers and make the change, the best way would be to classify them by horsepower instead.


OuidOuigi t1_ivh1jwj wrote

Cool so this 5hp is fine just don't pay attention to the 1000 ft pounds of torque.


DonutCola t1_ivfmqn8 wrote

There are already millions of electric scooters and similar devices dude just look up the current laws


zkareface t1_ivigmah wrote

Did you miss the last decade of e-bikes, e-mopeds etc?

Places regulate by how many W the engine can produce and top speeds.

Here the limit is 1000W and 25/45km/h.


roxyamused t1_ivfyxiv wrote

Pretty cute, though the color scheme is a little drab for my tastes.


ratsgill t1_ivgnubc wrote

It reminds me of those fake speculative renders people made of game consoles in the late 2000s lol


bwahmanga t1_ivfjnt9 wrote



Avendura t1_ivgx3pa wrote

Will this have the swappable battery like in Taiwan and Japan?


darkfred t1_ivgpnpw wrote

So, 11 years later than when you could first import one from china for $1200?

Wanna place bets on range and cost, and how that compares to both current ebikes and commuter e-scooters available elsewhere for a decade?

This could be so great, if it comes in cheap with commuter range and a top speed of 55mph. Or it could be terrible.


beermaker t1_ivg3l9t wrote

Make an Electric Trail-90 next plz...


hugganao t1_ivhq7xn wrote

this shit looks like it was made in the 90s... who designed this??? cuz they need to fire whoever it was.


zippyzoodles t1_ivhv00r wrote

He was a scooter boy. He said see you later boy.


sonofgildorluthien t1_ivi80cj wrote

Those are really nice liquor cycles. Is there a option to attach a milk crate on the back?


Wifdat t1_ivfyi6y wrote

Take my money plz


unpaid_overtime t1_ivg7002 wrote

Please Honda, just give me an electric version of the Helix. It was already the perfect scooter, just slap some batteries and an electric motor in it.


w2tpmf t1_ivimfql wrote

Replace Helix with Ruckus and I agree with this whole statement.


renothedog t1_ivg7bwj wrote

Will most likely be twice the cost of normal scooters and not justifiable even with today’s gas prices


nirad t1_ivgk20b wrote

Can this use the bike lane? The rules are so blurry in the US.


Phalanx_1157 t1_ivhlorh wrote

As a cyclist let me just to ahead and say I hate you.


nirad t1_ivhnhcl wrote

it was kind of a joke, because it has really gotten ridiculous without any regulation on the matter. if you add pedals to a Harley, can it use the bike lane?


LGP747 t1_ivh3x08 wrote

Doesn’t Honda already make this?


ericd50 t1_ivh64hl wrote

I like how every picture makes it almost impossible to see the pedals.


Teamnoq t1_ivhpz86 wrote

It’s amazing that this was digitally printed!


SteelBox5 t1_ivhtr7r wrote

Death machines with all the bad drivers in my city.


MattVanAndel t1_ivhv147 wrote

You know what else Honda should do?

Valkyrie Rune Electric


1dumbmonkey t1_ivi8owu wrote

India this probably be popular


finedrive t1_ivib3i6 wrote

Why they make mopeds so ugly? It’s like how hybrid car designs always try to be quirky until Tesla came around.


doom1282 t1_ivieipp wrote

Give me an electric Honda Ruckus and I'll buy one in a heart beat.


Cash907 t1_ivij9ef wrote

What’s the benefit of this when you could just get an e-bike for less money and weight?


rakkoma t1_ivilsw6 wrote

This is pretty exciting as I’ve been really wanting an electric scooter for a few years now. I hope the range is decent on this one.


hexahedron17 t1_ivilv9f wrote

Dear honda:

Please make a successor to the motocompo pleasepleasepleaseplease


PossiblyAsian t1_ivimuj9 wrote

This already exists.

The real shit is if its reliable since its now coming from a major manufacturer


0IIIIII t1_ivj01o5 wrote

The Honda Cub EV has been “coming soon” for literally ten+ years. I’ll wait until I can buy it before being hopeful.


lifeofideas t1_ivj7stq wrote

In Japan it is very common to have bicycles with electric motor assistance. The motors are surprisingly powerful and make climbing hills easy. You can also maintain speeds like 15-20 mph. I think I got maybe as much as 6 hours use out of one charge.


rbm5020 t1_ivjmvrs wrote

Honda, make an electric ruckus already


DingoDoug t1_ivk922j wrote

Didn’t they already have the Ruckus?


sentientlob0029 t1_ivklq41 wrote

Would be fun to see the reports of how many were knocked off road due to cars not hearing them coming lol.


CaptCaCa t1_ivkqseo wrote

My bird scooter does 27 mph, shouldnt this go a bit faster than that?


knx0305 t1_ivl9evi wrote

Not the most pretty moped though.


Toarilla t1_ivmbcxb wrote

Love it! It's an electric trail


mista_adams t1_ivg2m36 wrote

This is so dogs-balls-obvious it kills me.


[deleted] t1_ivgryfo wrote

Maybe they could make some of those kid cars for adults


Blapanda t1_ivgncos wrote

I will wait for hydrogen engines. Electric motors are way too costly and way to expensive, for the value they do deliver (range per charge). And their image of being pure green is bs.

Downvote me you dumbfs all you want, truth is, battery production in that manner and the size is no where near a green-mark. Hydrogen on the other hand will be more likely more energy efficient in producing it and won't grief nor exploit 3rd world countries for their resources. 🖕


jb122894 t1_ivhdc6l wrote

Not gas. Dumb.


RoastDozer t1_ivfobgl wrote

Please god may it make some sort of noise

Edit: To the comment down-voters: The next time you are walking or riding your bike and one of these zippy e-bikes plows you from behind at 40mph (with no warning of any kind), remember your downvote (and lube). It needs to make some kind of George Jetson noise.


Imaginary_Courage_84 t1_ivg5nfm wrote

Americans be like if anyone in the current zip code can sleep then it’s not fun to drive :(