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Primitive-Mind t1_ivu8xcb wrote

MSRP Means Nothing Anymore


[deleted] t1_ivu9obs wrote

MSRP for GPUs is basically just for the FE and maybe a few low end AIBs. It's always been this way where if you buy a nicer AIB model the prices increase from the base MSRP.


noeagle77 t1_ivueayh wrote

Still new to the pc scene, what does aib and fe mean? Sorry if dumb question still trying to learn


Tzukkeli t1_ivuf2xe wrote

FE = Founders edition = Cards made by their designer (Nvidia/AMD/Intel)

AIB = Add in board partner = Cards made by everyone else than their designer (Nvidia/AMD/Intel)


noeagle77 t1_ivuygv0 wrote

Ah okay thank you so much!! I have seen those both a bunch and am always afraid to ask! Much appreciated!


indrada90 t1_ivw222i wrote

FE is typically only used to refer to Nvidia cards afaik


RaiShado t1_ivw4cbo wrote

Yes, that is correct. AMD doesn't have a special name for it and Intel calls them Limited Edition.


noeagle77 t1_ivw5yp8 wrote

So is it safe to assume the FE type cards are better/safer purchases since it’s directly from the designer? Or is that not a good thought process?


hakkai999 t1_ivw68u6 wrote

Not exactly no. Think of it like a stock car while the AIB's (sadly slowly not anymore) are tweaked "racing" models. EVGA was the prime example of this where they would tweak their cards faster than stock.

The stock car is fine and probably cheaper but that racing model will be faster and have things like NOS and bucket seats.

Also the company that covers your warranty for AIBs are those companies and not NVidia. The direct car example would be if your dealership would repair your car for you as per warranty instead of the factory it came from.


noeagle77 t1_ivw7tf0 wrote

Wow this was an incredible explanation thank you very much! I’m so glad you guys here are so patient and welcoming to me with my noob questions!!


PapaBePreachin t1_ivuhpqs wrote

>MSRP for GPUs is basically just for the FE and maybe a few low end AIBs. It's always been this way where if you buy a nicer AIB model the prices increase from the base MSRP.

Yeah except this time any performance gained from AIBs are neglible as the FE SKUs are already tuned near peak performance. I welcome anyone to justify buying the Asus ROG Strix 4090 (and likely 4080) versus the others. This was EVGA's chief complaint - Nvidia is treating the AIBs like a nuisance [to be crushed] rather than partners


kurizma t1_ivuq1pz wrote

Going to miss evga. The only AIB card I would buy. Customer service and warranty was amazing.


[deleted] t1_ivvanig wrote

Wouldn't be surprised to see them return in the future if market conditions change, maybe as a partner for AMD or Intel even though they kind of denied that option when they were asked about it a couple months ago.


TDYDave2 t1_ivx3dn5 wrote

Sort of like every time a long-time marriage/relationship breaks up.
Always takes a while before one is willing to get back "dating" again.


aminy23 t1_ivy9235 wrote

> I welcome anyone to justify buying the Asus ROG Strix 4090 (and likely 4080) versus the others.



gbeezy007 t1_ivuu9sb wrote

Top end AIB cards never made any sense performance to price. The base versions and FE always were way better if you cared about the value.

Most of the extras don't really make the card any where near faster % wise for the % increase. Lower temps , better looking, form factor type stuff is nice but meh.


KansaiKanpai t1_ivvikzx wrote

I always thought that FE cards were for some reason way more expensive than others.


WordBoxLLC t1_ivvrr97 wrote

FE is a newer thing so I don't know what always could mean short of a couple years. Nvidia cards always sucked in comparison up until lately


gbeezy007 t1_ivw6l7p wrote

I did say base cards first and FE. And FE cards have been around longer then everyone's acting almost 10 years ago they sold a 780 FE. They started pushing them harder over the last 3 gens / 6 years.


[deleted] t1_ivvaht7 wrote

Yeah the only point of going for AIBs now seems to be for lower fan noise, cooling, and look/build quality if you care about that but even then the FE models have caught up in those departments. Personally probably gonna try and get a 4080 FE next year when prices on it inevitably drop once RTX 30 supply clears.

4090 FE has been getting great reviews so far from tech outlets and I expect it will be the same for the 4080 FE. Nvidia has really stepped up the design quality of their FE cards in recent years. It does suck that it seems like they're disregarding their AIB partners at this point but for consumers its nice to have a good quality FE option at MSRP.


[deleted] t1_ivw2kkq wrote

>It's always been this way where if you buy a nicer AIB model the prices increase from the base MSRP.

Don’t pretend it was always like this lol used to be 70-100 markup maybe a little more. Did you read the article? They’re talking 400 fucking dollars above FE prices it has certainly not “always been that way”


ErGo404 t1_ivyefbx wrote

Not so long ago 400$ got you a brand new 1080 GTX.


Sleepwalker710 t1_ivxhfga wrote

The change in price has never been this high though. Been buying cards since The 9800 pro from ati and Nvidia 6800(doom 3) . Most aib cards maxed out at 10-15% more (330-350 vs 300 at the time) and that was only if they touted better cooling AND overclocked. This is close to a 30% increase.


Double-Minimum-9048 t1_ivur8cl wrote

No it hasnt, AIBs used to complain on there razer thin margins on cards like the premium 1660Tis when NVDA cared about MSRP, They can restrict supply to AIBs which is basically a death sentenece but NVDA doesnt care anymore, thats why AMD cards are below MSRP for AIBs because they care.


Is-That-Nick t1_ivum4wk wrote

Partners have always had more expensive cards than the reference. The problem now is that even the OC cards from the partners aren’t as good as the FE cards.


KiNgPiN8T3 t1_ivv69d6 wrote

Stands for Massively Serious Ripping Pain and is usually localised to the wallet/arse.


LoBo247 t1_ivvmf28 wrote

Maybe Shop Refurbished Product.

At least, I will.


Likely_Satire t1_ivuz9km wrote

Merely a Suggestion Retailers... idk I'm having a hard time coming up with a word that accurately describes their price gouging tactics in one word that starts with the letter 'p'... a bit harder than initially I imagined 🤔
I'mma leave it up to reddit; yall figure it out! 🤷‍♂️✌


shadowstripes t1_ivvdt1m wrote

How do you know these aren't priced at MSRP? They start at Nvidia's MSRP and it's possible that other manufacturers are just pricing their cards higher, like they've done in the past.


ShinePale t1_ivubuq0 wrote

>Want to buy an RTX 4080?



murdering_time t1_ivuivd5 wrote

"Come on, it's only the price of a cheap used car!" lol


caught_under t1_ivv1gkn wrote

I fucking wish I could buy a running used car for $1600.


TSMKFail t1_ivxtb7h wrote

Bloody hell how bad is the US used car market. Here you can get a running car for very very cheap if you know what you're looking for. I've seen people get functional cars that still have an MOT (Thing that certifies your car is road worthy) for £100 ($140)


aliokatan t1_ivygtzb wrote

Obama did Cash for Clunkers which means all the old cheap junkers got compacted a decade ago.


TSMKFail t1_ivyibit wrote

We had something kind of like that for diesel cars called the scrapped scheme. Its the reason Jeremy Clarkson was able to get a Volvo for £1 in a Top Gear Challange.


ann0yed t1_ixwcze2 wrote

People really find anything to blame on Obama. The pandemic and reduction of car sales in 2020-2021 is why prices are currently up. Cash for clunkers did have an effect on used car prices a few years after it rolled out but we're talking around a decade ago.


twigboy t1_ivydjoc wrote

It'll need a bloody parking spot in your home too


LovesFrenchLove_More t1_ivuo8gy wrote

Same. None of the 40 series tbh. Nvidia is like Apple now in my opinion. I‘ll only buy if my stuff breaks down. And not the newest stuff either.

And if either or both think they will make sure their stuff breaks on purpose after some time? Will leave them behind completely. In their segments they seem to have too much influence/power and abuse it to nobody’s surprise I guess.

I‘m also over all the AAA games that are just trying to rip the players off nowadays. Indy games really have become so much better and more interesting (and won’t hopefully need a 40s for a long time lol ).

Rant over. Sorry.


IFoundTheCowLevel t1_ivv0hs2 wrote

No, Nvidia isn't like Apple. Nvidia genuinely sells better stuff, Apple sells pretty stuff to people who don't know, or don't care.


KansaiKanpai t1_ivvitgk wrote

Apple sells both pretty and very high quality stuff though lol. The real people who “don’t know” are people who still think about Apple like they’re living in 2010


AxTROUSRxMISSLE t1_ivx12ef wrote

I'm over here waiting for that sweet sweet hopefully decently priced 7700XT


JerryNicklebag t1_ivu78ib wrote

Wait for the new AMD cards in December. Why buy an expensive fire hazard made by Nvidia?


BCCMNV t1_ivu9arz wrote

I just got a 3080 non-ti brand new for less than MSRP and I'm sure it's the last Nvidia ill buy for a few cycles.

But I also won't upgrade it for a few years, its plenty.


regiumlepidi t1_iw2326b wrote

Bro you better have bought under MSRP lmao the new gen is out, still doesn’t mean you haven’t wasted money


BCCMNV t1_iw2d7ye wrote

I did, I feel like I timed it as the 3080's bottomed out ahead of the 40xx hype


Guy_V t1_ivuh56b wrote

But with the demand, will I be able to get one at Best Buy or Microcenter? I need more pixels on Custom Order Maid 2.


Austoman t1_ivukxyu wrote

Holyshit I thought I was going crazy.... i did read your comment correctly the first time as it turns out.

What a guy


KansaiKanpai t1_ivviy7l wrote

That’s what I’m doing. I’m just so damn confused about AMDs naming scheme lol


PEi_Andy t1_ivyevml wrote

I would love to buy a 7900XTX in December, but realistically speaking the scalpers are going to make that borderline impossible just like the 4090 has been since launch


[deleted] t1_ivu9iaq wrote

Edit: Putting the 4080 benchmark into my first comment since people are asking for source on the raster estimate which is fair

These 4080 benchmarks are from tech outlets that already have the card and should be pretty accurate and it's hitting numbers right around what AMD claims the XTX can do. Personally if the 4080 is really trading blows with the XTX I'd pay $200 more for better RT and DLSS3.


iwannahitthelotto t1_ivuapvx wrote

Don’t think that’s true. The rasteration is better than 4080 by significant margin. But the RT is not as good.


hnzie33 t1_ivu9vbk wrote

And your source is?


Might_Be_The_NSA t1_ivuajky wrote

The AMD presentation..? They laid out the numbers and you can pretty easily draw conclusions based on them. He's probably wrong about the 7900XTX matching the 4080 - the 7900XTX is faster.

He's right about RT though, the 7900XTX matches the 3090/3090Ti in that department, so will be quite a bit behind the 4080.


[deleted] t1_ivua33f wrote

4080 benchmarks are getting leaked and should be fairly accurate. It's hitting numbers right around what AMD is claiming with the XTX.


Reliv3 t1_ivxpmhw wrote

Amd is claiming a 1.5x - 1.7x uplift over the 6950. I think you need to check your mathematics here, friend, because you're spreading some questionable information. Let's take the OC'd 4080 and compare it to the 6950.

15,062 ÷ 10644 ~ 1.415. This means the overclocked 4080, which may cost more than the $1200 msrp, is only 41.5% faster than the 6950. If amd isnt bullshitting us, then the overclocked 4080 will be slower than the 7900xtx.


jnemesh t1_ivucagu wrote

You don't have benchmarks on either, so your assumption is just that. But based on what we know, the XTX should be SIGNIFICANT faster than the 4080 in raster, ESPECIALLY if you get an AIB card that pumps up the power to 450 watts!

For RT, we will have to just wait for actual numbers. As for DLSS? AMD has FSR, and while DLSS might have a SLIGHT edge in overall quality, you have to strain to see the differences in most of the comparisons I have seen. Buying overpriced hardware because of a SOFTWARE feature is ludicrous in any case.


jnemesh t1_ivubjrg wrote

Why would you waste your money on a 4080 when a $999 AMD card will outperform it? This thing isn't worth $1200, and it sure as hell ain't worth $1600! AT BEST, this should be a $900 card!


helpusdrzaius t1_ivug926 wrote

to me it's nuts people are spending $1k on a graphics card. it's a shame the industry has gone this way. but I get it, people will spend that money, and nvidia and amd both are more than willing to give them something to spend it for.


jnemesh t1_ivuhhlc wrote

Someone needs to tell nVidia that the crypto rush is over and they can go back to normal pricing now...

Honestly, I don't care if they DO have a performance advantage...nVidia's anti-consumer actions over the past few years pushed me away from EVER considering one of their products!


dustofdeath t1_ivuj9dl wrote

It's that or nothing. This is what happens if you have essentially no competition. Two companies is not a competition - it's a mutual jackoff.

The wafer/chip is likely 1/5th of the GPU final price.


beefcat_ t1_ivvo2yk wrote

> It's that or nothing.

What are you talking about? There are lots of GPUs in prices ranging from $200 all the way up to those obnoxious prices.

There have always been obnoxiously overpriced options for those looking to stroke their e-peen. It used to be SLI builds, then Titan cards, now xx90.


ackillesBAC t1_ivvl8gw wrote

Hey Intel is trying don't count them out. Honestly though I just seen a review saying the Intel gpus have almost no slowdown when Ray tracing


routerg0d t1_ivvo7w8 wrote

I’ve seen people do ray traces on 386s in high school. Took overnight to generate, but the point is. Intel has a lot of data on this process over those years. GPU makers have just only delved into ray tracing. This is the 3rd generation and frankly both have again made incremental improvements rather than producing a breakthrough product. Perhaps to keep selling GPUs.


ackillesBAC t1_ivvxo9w wrote

Path tracing is the new holly grail. Abit different then ray tracing, alot more complex, and physically accurate.

The big push now for dlss and other ai based upscaling I think is silly, why fake a high res picture when you could use ai to accelerate path tracing and other raw features and render at true high res and high performance.

Dlss reminds me of 3d tv's, and 200 Hz tv's, just a sales gimmick. Which is what Ray tracing currently is to.


jnemesh t1_ivyi4g9 wrote

upscaling lets you render at much lower resolutions and still maintain most of the quality of rendering native. I am NOT on board with DLSS 3's frame generation BS, though. But the ability for a mid range card to render in "4k" with raytracing is a huge benefit!


ackillesBAC t1_ivynah7 wrote

Ya it's good for low end I agree with that, but should be avoided for high end. If I spend 1000+ on a video card I want high performance and true high quality.

You don't see photographers asking for upscaling, you do see photographers asking for higher resolution, less compression, hdr, and ai for auto focus and other things.

I think highend photography and highend graphics have alot in common and the graphics is guided by photography


kyuubixchidori t1_ivwaxor wrote

The thing is you can now get a 3070 for $400 used. That’ll handle 4k gaming to 99.9% of peoples standards. $1000 used to be the standard price I’d think of a decent computer. now $1000 will get you a solid state storage 4k or vr gaming machine.

now the guys that want to go way overboard can. and those speeds will trickle down each generation. I’ll enjoy buying a 4090 or amd equivalent in a 2 years for $500-700. and that’ll last me another 5 years.


restform t1_ivx2sqm wrote

2nd hand cards suss me out a lot tho.


WhatLikeAPuma751 t1_ivwko72 wrote

I’m over here on a 12 year old nvidia card waiting for that 3070 to hit $200 🤣


xseannnn t1_ivvfct7 wrote

Have you seen food prices lately? Its not just the gfx industry.


buzzysale t1_ivyksrk wrote

I spent $1500 on a 4MB graphics adapter (Fujitsu sapphire 2) when I was 16. It was 1995. Do you know how many lawns I had to mow? The industry hasn’t gone this way, it’s the way it’s been. Consumers are just dumb 16 year olds that value the dumbest things.


D-6Hunter t1_ivurte5 wrote

1k isn’t what it used to be though 😅


mobrocket t1_ivupdv3 wrote

Because if I had money to burn and use Ray Tracing..


There are some productive apps that Nvidia is just vastly superior


ttubehtnitahwtahw1 t1_ivutm20 wrote

Also driver support and software are just better on Nvidia, unfortunately. This has been one of the things that keeps me away from amd. I dealt with their drivers and software for a like 10 years and I just don't want to anymore.


Detective_Jkimble t1_ivvdt0p wrote

Same. I went to Intel/Nvidia for personal setups around 10+ years ago after dealing with ATI shit drivers and shit hdcp support for years. A few years later I built a PC just to sell and make a few bucks and went with AMD stuff. It was still garbage at that time. I will recommend AMD cpu's, but never recommend AMD gpu's. I have seen people talking about shitty drivers on their last two generations of cards, but I don't have any personal experience. Maybe they have gotten a lot better and people are not experiencing too many issues, but my taste for Radeon has been soured. I am willing to pay a premium for system stability. I don't want to go back to the days where I have to fuck around with a bunch of shit to get a game to run.


mobrocket t1_ivvgkk3 wrote

My son had a RX580 and it ran pretty good on lastest drivers... But now he has a 3050... And it's been smooth since day one (granted I bought it 3 months ago)


Detective_Jkimble t1_ivvi9xc wrote

I would hope they have gotten the drivers squared away after 5 years. This link below is the stuff I have been reading about AMD cards for years and I will think to myself "glad I don't have to deal with that". In this link people are talking about how you have to under clock the RX580 to get it to work right and this was 8 months ago. You should never have to do anything like that to get your GPU to work. I think I was reading a few weeks ago about people having problems with the 5000 series cards when they released. Again, maybe this is just a small minority of people and in general the drivers are fine, but I sure as hell don't want to spend money on a gpu knowing I might have to deal with a bunch of shit. I can't think of one time in the last 10 years I got a bad nvidia driver that caused my computer to malfunction


**edit to add link**




jnemesh t1_ivvtvk6 wrote

Not true these days, drivers are just as stable on AMD as Nvidia


ttubehtnitahwtahw1 t1_ivvxyop wrote

Sorry but the same was said about the drivers that I was on back when I formed that opinion. Not mention the software itself being junk.

Also that article is from 2018.


WorkAccount2023 t1_iwncxq1 wrote

I've read so far that for video editing and After Effects, AMD cards aren't much of an issue, maybe a tad slower, but your CPU will be a bigger bottleneck.

Not sure about 3D work though, that's out of my wheelhouse.


theBdub22 t1_ivuycvx wrote

What $999 card outperforms the 4080 (which we dont even have third party benchmarks for yet)


albhed t1_ivv6qfo wrote



theBdub22 t1_ivv6t2l wrote

Oh, you mean another card that we dont have third party benchmarks for?


rakehellion t1_ivv234y wrote

Which card outperforms it?


jnemesh t1_ivvr4cq wrote

7900 XTX should handily outperform the 4080 in raster...but we will have to wait for the benchmarks.


gbeezy007 t1_ivuukzn wrote

I mean that's all speculation. Time will tell. If so the 4080 won't sell well. Though it seems like Nvidia priced the 4080 to sell more 4090s honestly so idk if they care.


iswedlvera t1_ivxdcoa wrote

They priced the 40 series cards to sell more 30 series card stock. They overproduced because of crypto and don't want to lose money on them.


khainiwest t1_ivv37lc wrote

Maybe I'm getting old but I can't justify the cost on it; video games that require that power I just end up watching like movies lol. For everything else there's mastercard, mid series cards that are already overkill.

And I guess people who need it for their jobs?


Detective_Jkimble t1_ivvfr3x wrote

4k VR or triple 4k monitors for people playing racing and flight sims. Those can utilize the performance from a 4090. Most of the people with those setups have money to spend and don't care about the cost of a 4090 when their sim rig alone costs $5k+.


beefcat_ t1_ivvohqf wrote

There are no video games that actually require that power.


rakehellion t1_ivyj1zi wrote



jnemesh t1_ivyjjue wrote

FSR is a competitor to DLSS, as much as some don't want to admit it, the quality differences are minor (and getting slimmer with each revision).

CUDA matters not at all to gamers. nVidia keeps trying to walk the line between a consumer (gaming) card and "Pro" cards...and the consumer cards never fail to fall seriously short when it comes right down to it.


rakehellion t1_ivymanx wrote

DLSS isn't perfect, but FSR is even worse. And DLSS keeps getting better with each revision. They're nowhere near close in image quality or features.


jnemesh t1_ivymnu9 wrote

You act like FSR isn't making progress as well. Oh well, can't help if you already drank the Kool Aid! Enjoy your overpriced fire hazard.


rakehellion t1_ivyn2a9 wrote

lol? You sound mad. "Making progress" isn't very useful to someone who needs a GPU today.


Likely_Satire t1_ivv2jjh wrote

I got a $460 used RTX 3080 a week or two ago. I was skeptical, but I benchmarked her and she runs exactly at spec! 😁
I know $460 isn't chump change in this economy, but the card still sells new for $799.99, and used it's still easily $550-650 so I think I did alright 🤷‍♂️
Like everyone in here is saying tho; it's bewildering what people are willing to pay for high end specs.
This is my first technical 'high end' gpu purchase and with how the market is looking; I'll be holding onto her for a loooooong time before my next upgrade. And even then I'll be seeking the used market.
I was getting by fine with a used GTX 1650 Super before this that played most of the indie titles I like no problem, and most every recent release at 1080p medium/high settings (some games did run horribly however and my rig was starting to show signs of age, but most of those games I could turn a setting or few down and she'd be running like a dream again).
I only got this to play Elden Ring at 1440p with a decent FPS and to go back and play the meme of a game Cyber Punk since I payed for it and haven't touched it since release.
Overall tho if I wasn't able to snag a decent price like I did; I woulda stood with that 1650. I had a bond with that card; it was oddly fun seeing what games she could play and tuning the settings to fit her spec everytime I launched up a new title. That and there's a different level of satisfaction you get when you kick the enemy teams ass on mid/potato spec computers. It's like a double ego boost for yourself. 'I'm so good at the game I could beat you with 15-30fps' 😬😂
Edit: To go more off what you were saying tho; more people definitely need to consider AMD. I had a RX 580 I no longer needed that I gave to my sister for graphic design; and it still holds up nicely at 1080p medium/high with modern games in 2022.
If I didn't give that to her cause I scored another rig with that 1650 I mentioned for the low; I woulda still been using that.
AMD > Nvidia when it comes to buying new. But if you can buy used and get a deal on an Nvidia card; don't feel like that's a bad option. They're great cards for gaming; just a tad overpriced putting it mildly.
I will say tho; most AMD products are moreso better in raw specs which only translate to gains in performance in environments like rendering software and synthetic benchmarks.
It's kinda the reason why people still lean Nvidia/Intel if they can get their hands on em when they're tryna build a gaming rig... well that and historically 'better' driver support. But that's subjective and AMD seems to be doing a better job over the years supporting older GPU's so that point can be taken with a grain of salt.
All that being said; AMD is a great alternative for the price to performance they offer. Increasingly so because of the price gouging companies like Nvidia are guilty of.


MadOrange64 t1_iw6vlyo wrote

Why would you waste money on the 4000 series when you can find a used 3090 ti for sub $1000 nowadays. DLSS 3 is not worth an extra 1k.


jWas t1_ivum3y5 wrote

How about just not buying it. Anybody thought of that before?


mobrocket t1_ivupkua wrote


Have you met consumers?

They spend crazy money on tons of stuff.


jWas t1_ivuuc5c wrote

That’s why I proposed this innovative idea nobody has ever had before me. 👍


mobrocket t1_ivvg9eh wrote

Good luck.

As long as people buy Madden every year...

There will be the same people paying out the nose for GPUs to play Fortnite


splodeybits t1_ivxphki wrote

This is the gen I give AMD another chance. As long as benchmarks test well of course.


nit3wolf t1_ivu9u2t wrote

I will just wait for the Ryzen 7950X3D and go for a full AMD build.


chill633 t1_ivup681 wrote

Fuck nVidia. I'm waiting until December 13th for the new Radeons. If they perform anywhere near spec, you'd have to be insane to buy a 4080/4090.

>AMD Radeon RX 7900 Series graphics cards are expected to be available from beginning December 13, 2022, and from leading board partners including ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, Gigabyte, MSI, PowerColor, Sapphire, Vastarmor, XFX and Yeston beginning mid-December. The AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX has an SEP of $999 USD, while the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT has an SEP of $899 USD.


Drayarr t1_ivugowg wrote

Guess im going to AMD for my next card.


Knightrider319 t1_ivucaq8 wrote

That’s a lot of money to spend when you can get a book of matches for free and burn your house down the same way.


Akilo101 t1_ivuuchu wrote

I can wait for this generation of Nvidia cards to crash and burn...they're already doing the latter


Captain_Murder t1_ivu9fjc wrote

And here I am still using my 960, I need to start saving up.


DanklinTV t1_ivugqu6 wrote

I’m on the 1070 Ti still and am likely to just go AMD next year when I finally build a new PC and sell my current one


koolguykris t1_ivulw21 wrote

How is your 960 these days? I'm about to build my son's first computer and I plan on using a 960 for his GPU since its essentially a starter build. Was able to get it for like 25 bucks from a friend, so im hoping its good, but if it isn't its not a huge waste.


Captain_Murder t1_ivuubdq wrote

I don’t play too many high fidelity games (because my CPU is the pits) but it has held up well for years now, I don’t plan on losing it just yet.


varano14 t1_ivupgmg wrote

I just upgraded my 1050ti to a 3060 I scored locally for $210.

I game occasionally so there is no way I am dropping 1k on a GPU

The 1050ti held its own


TehGuard t1_ivuitm6 wrote

Headline purposefully misleading


DirtyBeard443 t1_ivvav43 wrote

yeah, 4 of the cards are at MSRP and then go up from there.


GoToGoat t1_ivw239y wrote

This account must be a bot karma farming. Check it’s history.


OscarDivine t1_ivupi7r wrote

I’m gonna jump on AMD or Intel train for the next one homies. Maybe I go AMD CPU+GPU or Intel for that theme. I’m getting sick of NVIDIA shenanigans.


Jirekianu t1_ivv122y wrote

Nvidia is going to be holding the bag on this one if AMDs GPUs are even 75 to 80 percent of their performance.

The price inflation, size of the cards, and the power draw issues all contribute to making end users leery of investing into such an expensive item.

So if you can get something that's half the price and most of the performance? Why not. Especially when it'll fit in your case and isn't melting power cables.


HellsMalice t1_ivv80f0 wrote

Yeah i'll just stick to my watercooled 3080 which runs every game on max settings at least 60 FPS, I think i'll survive.

Literally did a torture test with Cyberpunk 2077 and the only setting not maxed was raytracing I believe I put on preferring performance. Still looks absolutely gorgeous, especially when it rains. Get a pretty rock solid 60 FPS.

This is pretty much the 30 series scalping prices all over again, except now it's the company and the retailers doing it lmao.


Blapanda t1_ivuab69 wrote

Wait for the 5k series, buy 3k or 4k under MSRP. Was always a great deal. You won't even need more performance during that time, as there are only a heck ton of mediocre unity and other type of indie "developed" games out there.


Shivaess t1_ivueqix wrote

I’m feeling very good about my Evga hybrid 3080 for $800 atm.

Maybe next year on the 40 series.


gbeezy007 t1_ivuuzaf wrote

Typically it's every 2 years for a generation


EhCool t1_ivutd9t wrote

Want to buy one? I do not.


UDPviper t1_ivv9ye6 wrote

Prepare your anus


DIRTRIDER374 t1_ivvizh1 wrote

I'm expecting a price drop when the 7900xt/xtx releases, no way 4080s will move at that price if performance is comparable.


grumble11 t1_ivvj560 wrote

What kind of insane people would buy a 4080 or 4070ti when the AMD cards will be there for far less? If you don’t care about money and want the Best, Buy the 4090. For the rest go red


ProphetOfPhil t1_ivy7em7 wrote

I like my wires unmelted so I'll stuck with my 3090 ti thanks.


cheddarghost t1_ivyhxp5 wrote

I got a new PC with a RTX 3070. I’ll keep that for at least 3 years


cptmcsexy t1_ivurxqy wrote

Id only buy a 4090 if it came with a free air conditioner.


LewAshby309 t1_ivvl1un wrote

New shortage because the stupid 16 pin is burning with too many gpus needed for RMA cases. Some AIBs want to first sort out the issue then sell guaranteed high rma rates of gpus which causes even less supply.

Small supply so prices rise. Even if the demand wouldn't be that big.


OC2k16 t1_ivvl4kc wrote

A fool and their money are soon parted. You have to be special kind of person to spend the $$$ on this GPU.


mAXIMEmALENFANT t1_ivvo77q wrote

Oufff I'm anxious about the programmation of all these gpu... imagine that almost Quadro 5000 into a game card all in programmation include


adiquette t1_ivw3ljo wrote

I have a choice to pay my 6-month rent or buy a new GPU


rroberts3439 t1_ivwj54s wrote

Can't wait to see the performance comparisons of the 4080's and the AMD cards that are $900


erix84 t1_ivwl5z7 wrote

I don't understand why suddenly everyone expects third party manufacturers to match Nvidia's prices. As long as Nvidia's been making cards, theirs have been the cheapest... they literally make the silicon.

If everyone expects Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, etc to match Nvidia's prices, you can expect them all to do what EVGA did and drop out because they'll be losing their asses on every high end card they sell.


timception t1_ivwxmic wrote

Maybe they are using the samsung foldable screen phone as a benchmark. I have noticed a similar price range for “top of the line”.


misterflappypants t1_ivx68tg wrote

Y’all be talking like any actual content needing more power has been developed since the 3000 series.

Just get a 3080 ti

Skyrim w/ mods is gonna look the same to you in the dark


XOIIO t1_ivxesqf wrote

I got a 12 gig 3080 six months ago, I'm skipping this gen. Haven't even looked at benchmarks or anything, just feels nice to be finally done being on the damn lookout.

Plus my hardline matx build won't fit anything with a PCB larger than the standard height like EVGA xc3's, and... Yeah . RIP


biofreak12 t1_ivxti28 wrote

Wait for 6 months and buy those below$1000


IneptAdvisor t1_ivxv3qb wrote

I built a pc during covid and the shortage and that 4gb RX570 was $400. Now it’s $65. I’ll wait lol


MecheSlays t1_ivxw8r2 wrote

7900xtx ftw, hopefully


frokta t1_ivxyglt wrote

An RTX 4090 FE is still $1599, and an RTX FE 4080 is $1199. The performance difference is supposedly between 20-30% which would be a price difference of $317 to $479, seems fair that it's being priced about $400 lower than the 4090 to me :\

And it kind of makes sense that if the performance difference changes because a card is overclocked by a partner vendor, the performance difference is probably less, hence the price difference.

They should be comparing apples to apples, otherwise it's just histrionics.

An OC 4090 will cost similarly more than an FE 4090, the way an OC 4080 will cost more than an FE 4080. So it stands to reason that an OC 4080 will be closer in price & performance to an FE 4090.


firedrakes t1_ivy4juk wrote

I want to see reg market price. Mc are a small company. So pricing is worst for them


Vomitbelch t1_ivy6bff wrote

Why buy this when you can run most games out there on ultra with a 300$ 20 series card. Unless you're doing extreme rendering, like heavy CAD work, you don't need these newer cards, might not need them even then.


Large-Statistician-3 t1_ivygbi2 wrote

Just pick up a 30 series card on black Friday and you'll be fine. The performance per dollar on 40 series is stupid bad. Let the scalpers waste their money. You can easily play any game 144fps at 1440p with 30 series.


hotweiss t1_ivyh5kf wrote

Just bought a new MacBook. The PC world is out of control. For what you get, Apple is the better bargain...


Komikaze06 t1_iw0s5zh wrote

If the new normal for video cards is $1000, I guess I'll start retro gaming


ChuckFina74 t1_ivug38h wrote

Oh god we’ve slipped back into the Nvidia/AMD Coke/Pepsi flame wars lol


CyberAsura t1_ivup9dc wrote

what is the pricing have anything to do with micro center?


[deleted] t1_ivulbpo wrote



gbeezy007 t1_ivuvdgu wrote

They typically offer the best deals you'll ever get for CPU and MB. And most items trade blows with everywhere else depending who's got it on sale this week. Though microcenter limits the good deals to in person typically only which does suck and id knock them down a tad for that but there not anywhere near as bad as you're saying.