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mobrocket t1_ivupdv3 wrote

Because if I had money to burn and use Ray Tracing..


There are some productive apps that Nvidia is just vastly superior


ttubehtnitahwtahw1 t1_ivutm20 wrote

Also driver support and software are just better on Nvidia, unfortunately. This has been one of the things that keeps me away from amd. I dealt with their drivers and software for a like 10 years and I just don't want to anymore.


Detective_Jkimble t1_ivvdt0p wrote

Same. I went to Intel/Nvidia for personal setups around 10+ years ago after dealing with ATI shit drivers and shit hdcp support for years. A few years later I built a PC just to sell and make a few bucks and went with AMD stuff. It was still garbage at that time. I will recommend AMD cpu's, but never recommend AMD gpu's. I have seen people talking about shitty drivers on their last two generations of cards, but I don't have any personal experience. Maybe they have gotten a lot better and people are not experiencing too many issues, but my taste for Radeon has been soured. I am willing to pay a premium for system stability. I don't want to go back to the days where I have to fuck around with a bunch of shit to get a game to run.


mobrocket t1_ivvgkk3 wrote

My son had a RX580 and it ran pretty good on lastest drivers... But now he has a 3050... And it's been smooth since day one (granted I bought it 3 months ago)


Detective_Jkimble t1_ivvi9xc wrote

I would hope they have gotten the drivers squared away after 5 years. This link below is the stuff I have been reading about AMD cards for years and I will think to myself "glad I don't have to deal with that". In this link people are talking about how you have to under clock the RX580 to get it to work right and this was 8 months ago. You should never have to do anything like that to get your GPU to work. I think I was reading a few weeks ago about people having problems with the 5000 series cards when they released. Again, maybe this is just a small minority of people and in general the drivers are fine, but I sure as hell don't want to spend money on a gpu knowing I might have to deal with a bunch of shit. I can't think of one time in the last 10 years I got a bad nvidia driver that caused my computer to malfunction


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jnemesh t1_ivvtvk6 wrote

Not true these days, drivers are just as stable on AMD as Nvidia


ttubehtnitahwtahw1 t1_ivvxyop wrote

Sorry but the same was said about the drivers that I was on back when I formed that opinion. Not mention the software itself being junk.

Also that article is from 2018.


WorkAccount2023 t1_iwncxq1 wrote

I've read so far that for video editing and After Effects, AMD cards aren't much of an issue, maybe a tad slower, but your CPU will be a bigger bottleneck.

Not sure about 3D work though, that's out of my wheelhouse.