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Mds_02 t1_iw1433u wrote

You know what’s really sad? Dying of thirst in the desert. People in Flint need to be happy they have water at all.

See how you sound?


kelldricked t1_iw1ltmk wrote

My point is that we dont need a big house. Hell living smaller wil fix tons of problems, especially for the US.


jefgoldblumpkin t1_iw3pv7w wrote

Building more affordable reasonably sized housing would solve many problems but no one should be forced to live in a space that doesn’t meet their basic needs. The right sized housing will look different for families, individuals with physical disabilities, single people with pets etc.

This is a zoning issue though and not an issue of lifestyle creep or spoiled first world countries necessarily.

Older houses tend to be smaller whereas now everyone wants to make huge homes and luxury apartment complexes to maximize profits and property values.

I know lots of people that would love a tiny home but even those are cost prohibitive in the current economy. Housing is becoming a crisis and skyrocketing homelessness is the likely result unless we work together to address the true underlying causes.


kelldricked t1_iw499mn wrote

I completly agree with you. Nobody should have to live in a place that doesnt fit their basic needs. So what basic needs does a single person have? Does a single person need a house with multiple bedrooms? No they dont. Having a second one is already plenty.

A bathroom, kitchen, livingroom and bedroom is plenty. And how big every room should be? Well enough to support a few guest but you dont need the room for 6+ people pernemant.

The larger your house, the more energy you require. The more polution you create. Its not fair that we all live in big ass houses and that people in underdeveloped nations cant due the same shit due to climate restrictions.


jefgoldblumpkin t1_iw4b9a2 wrote

Are one or two random internet strangers on Reddit qualified or capable of determining the individual and collective housing and happiness needs of a complex and changing society? No, no they are not.

Is it pretentious and condescending to ask rhetorical questions in an open forum and then provide the answer yourself eliminating even the semblance of an actual discussion or debate? Yes, it is both pretentious and annoying.

Have a nice day and enjoy your career in housing and development as well as your dedicated philanthropy efforts towards underdeveloped nations. Clearly you are an expert and totally unselfish, if only we could all be more like you, random noble enraged internet person ;)