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TheRageDragon t1_iw331ri wrote

Imagine hiking Mt. Everest without leaving the comfort of your captain's chair.


Ragingdark t1_iw57qhd wrote

Man hears rough terrain and jumps to the most dangerous terrain possible.


zinten789 t1_iw7rcy2 wrote

I want to see if it can do Trango Tower or something. Everest is a cakewalk in comparison.


AceBalistic t1_iw7kvuj wrote

Everest isn’t actually the most dangerous, just the tallest. Not necessarily the same thing


alaskarawr t1_iw7pskh wrote

So Everest is considered safe terrain then?


AceBalistic t1_iw7qevv wrote

I never said that. The person I’m replying to said “the most dangerous terrain possible”. Everest is dangerous, sure, but it’s not the most dangerous mountain in the world to climb


[deleted] t1_iw82v0m wrote



AceBalistic t1_iw8483u wrote

It’s actually 3.05%. Annapurna, for example, has a death rate of 29%


Available-Debate-700 t1_iwa0jxl wrote

Well, I mean if you wanna get picky about it, I'm sure there's routes on everest that at least at certain times of year are virtually guaranteed to kill the person trying. Idiotic yes but so is driving a captains chair up a dangerous mountain.


AceBalistic t1_iwa1ny0 wrote

Yes, but my point is just that people assume that Everest is the most challenging and most dangerous mountain because it’s the tallest, when it’s not, statistically or practically. It’s difficult, don’t get me wrong, but height is not the only factor when determining how dangerous or challenging climbing a mountain is, and in many situations not even the most important one.


ChampionsWrath t1_iw5ah52 wrote

They did just announce all terrain wheel chairs for US National Parks….


ArchdukeOfNorge t1_iw70bbd wrote

Oh ffs, that’s the last thing crowded trail heads need. Those will absolutely destroy wet trails too.


Mode3 t1_iw7g612 wrote

It’s a disaster, all the wet trails are destroyed, just a line of all-terrain wheel chairs as far as the eye can see. The handicapped are destroying everything we love. Something must be done!


ArchdukeOfNorge t1_iw7jzl0 wrote

During wet seasons in the mountains even light foot traffic heavily damages trails and native ecosystems. It’s the same reason why dirt bikes and atvs can’t use forest service or national park trails.


Mode3 t1_iw7lfg5 wrote

Sounds like nobody should use those trails?


TheCannaZombie t1_iw8ewn1 wrote

Where else am I supposed to take my mushrooms?


Mode3 t1_iw8x2bd wrote

Get in line buddy. Why do you think we’re here?


JuVondy t1_iwc004e wrote

Yeah, maybe don’t take psychedelic drugs in a forest with grizzly bears and wolves.


ChampionsWrath t1_iw7b4jv wrote

Yeah I think they’ll have only designated areas they can go


flompwillow t1_iw6d1xh wrote

That’s what u/Gnarlodious has in mind, he doesn’t want this pavement princess chair. Rubicon edition, minimum.