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Gnarlodious t1_iw2ktlq wrote

If it can’t do rough terrain I am not interested.


TheRageDragon t1_iw331ri wrote

Imagine hiking Mt. Everest without leaving the comfort of your captain's chair.


Ragingdark t1_iw57qhd wrote

Man hears rough terrain and jumps to the most dangerous terrain possible.


zinten789 t1_iw7rcy2 wrote

I want to see if it can do Trango Tower or something. Everest is a cakewalk in comparison.


AceBalistic t1_iw7kvuj wrote

Everest isn’t actually the most dangerous, just the tallest. Not necessarily the same thing


alaskarawr t1_iw7pskh wrote

So Everest is considered safe terrain then?


AceBalistic t1_iw7qevv wrote

I never said that. The person I’m replying to said “the most dangerous terrain possible”. Everest is dangerous, sure, but it’s not the most dangerous mountain in the world to climb


[deleted] t1_iw82v0m wrote



AceBalistic t1_iw8483u wrote

It’s actually 3.05%. Annapurna, for example, has a death rate of 29%


Available-Debate-700 t1_iwa0jxl wrote

Well, I mean if you wanna get picky about it, I'm sure there's routes on everest that at least at certain times of year are virtually guaranteed to kill the person trying. Idiotic yes but so is driving a captains chair up a dangerous mountain.


AceBalistic t1_iwa1ny0 wrote

Yes, but my point is just that people assume that Everest is the most challenging and most dangerous mountain because it’s the tallest, when it’s not, statistically or practically. It’s difficult, don’t get me wrong, but height is not the only factor when determining how dangerous or challenging climbing a mountain is, and in many situations not even the most important one.


ChampionsWrath t1_iw5ah52 wrote

They did just announce all terrain wheel chairs for US National Parks….


ArchdukeOfNorge t1_iw70bbd wrote

Oh ffs, that’s the last thing crowded trail heads need. Those will absolutely destroy wet trails too.


Mode3 t1_iw7g612 wrote

It’s a disaster, all the wet trails are destroyed, just a line of all-terrain wheel chairs as far as the eye can see. The handicapped are destroying everything we love. Something must be done!


ArchdukeOfNorge t1_iw7jzl0 wrote

During wet seasons in the mountains even light foot traffic heavily damages trails and native ecosystems. It’s the same reason why dirt bikes and atvs can’t use forest service or national park trails.


Mode3 t1_iw7lfg5 wrote

Sounds like nobody should use those trails?


TheCannaZombie t1_iw8ewn1 wrote

Where else am I supposed to take my mushrooms?


Mode3 t1_iw8x2bd wrote

Get in line buddy. Why do you think we’re here?


JuVondy t1_iwc004e wrote

Yeah, maybe don’t take psychedelic drugs in a forest with grizzly bears and wolves.


ChampionsWrath t1_iw7b4jv wrote

Yeah I think they’ll have only designated areas they can go


flompwillow t1_iw6d1xh wrote

That’s what u/Gnarlodious has in mind, he doesn’t want this pavement princess chair. Rubicon edition, minimum.


fonix232 t1_iw3ni52 wrote

Wasn't that the whole argument behind the Nemesis dune buggy scene?


-sweetchuck t1_iw5hwui wrote

Can't please anyone. The chair literally Flys you though fucking space! "OH, but is it orthopedic? My third eye has early onset glycoma."


Amalien t1_iw2w3z0 wrote

Volkwagen going for the WALL·E chair timeline


AstrumRimor t1_iw35s90 wrote

I think we all know it’s coming


assword_69420420 t1_iw3gg71 wrote

A matter of "when", not "if".


Novatrixs t1_iw405db wrote

The future is here. Just take a look at how many people are in a chair at Disney World....


faze_fazebook t1_iw2jqgl wrote

Driving right past emissions tests


seanbrockest t1_iw3zw36 wrote

It's battery powered, so if you detect any emissions at all, jump off the chair quickly.


VitaminPb t1_iw4w4p5 wrote

Yeah, I think those noxious emissions will continue to follow you around.


JayTK1336 t1_iw4f4o2 wrote

into the chinese contration camps next to the volkswagen factory like in the good old days


passwordsarehard_3 t1_iw2wlpu wrote

Does it automatically cast onto nearby devices when I say “Put it on the screen, Number 1 “? I’m also going to need the Capt Pike cover for all weather usage.


SixbySex t1_iw3bb7k wrote

I was hoping for a pike chair, and you just respond in beeps.


burkely101 t1_iw4msn1 wrote

Ngl, came here to say I’m only interested in it if it’s the Captain Pike chair.


wubrgess t1_iw2lhsr wrote

Hardly warp speed


uselessartist t1_iw2kxtc wrote

I guess it is harder to get the fridge or toilet to go 12 mph.


Raichu7 t1_iw2r7qn wrote

So it’s a mobility scooter that can’t be used in the rain?


brickmaster32000 t1_iw6ioxw wrote

And is considerably slower.


Raichu7 t1_iw6kr8c wrote

20kph is pretty standard for a mobility scooter, if they were much faster they wouldn’t pavement legal in a lot of places.


CarterG4 t1_iw3mlg9 wrote

I don’t recall ever seeing a captain’s chair zooming around the bridge


LocalLadybug t1_iw6e4rl wrote

Thank you, now I’m picturing Captain Kirk zipping all over the ship in this thing


Crade_ t1_iw2p8vd wrote

Great work Volkswagen, real exciting stuff you are working on. True pioneers in a brighter future.


RebelLemurs t1_iw3ho41 wrote

That looks nothing like a Star Trek captain's chair.


OpinionBearSF t1_iw3ohh0 wrote

Pfft, my chariot is better, at least I think so.

As a person with mobility issues, my soon to be ordered (in the next week) power wheelchair will have:

  • 8.5 MPH / 13.6 KPH top speed. (The fastest production power wheelchair currently made that Medicare will cover, as far as I know)
  • A rehab seat with custom sized cushions, swappable between foam, gel, and air cushions.
  • A seat that can tilt, with a back that can independently recline, a seat elevator, and legrests that can independently articulate.
  • LED headlights and LED turn signals.
  • Lithium-ion batteries. (Most still use deep-cycle lead acid)
  • Rear view camera system.
  • Flat-free tires that are larger and more capable than this VW one-off experimental art piece. Not quite off-road ready, but definitely usable outdoors in the city.
  • USB PD charging ports for accessories.
  • Tablet mount, and cupholder.

To be specific, insurance is covering only the base version with medically necessary modifications. I am self-paying for all of the upgraded gear on it, which is substantial.

I may also add an automotive heat and massage seat thingamajig, and RGB fun/mood lighting.


VitaminPb t1_iw4wdef wrote

Just like a car, the cup holder is the most important part.


brickmaster32000 t1_iw6ixu6 wrote

It actually is on a wheelchair. You need at least one hand to manuever a chair and the other hand is likely needed to open doors and move obstacles. Trying to hold anything in your lap tends to end poorly as eventually you need to stop and your thighs are ill equipped to stop thongs from jerking forward when you do.


SirVerMeulen t1_iw5q182 wrote

As someone who’s attempted adding RGB lights to his sister’s power chair, definitely go ahead and splurge if you can afford it :)


Isteppedinpoopy t1_iw5kkra wrote

Needs oil slick and smoke screen.


OpinionBearSF t1_iw5m2he wrote

> Needs oil slick and smoke screen.

Ha! KITT / Bond's car this is not.

Although I must admit that a smokescreen and oil slick would be useful as hell while at work!


bingeboy t1_iw2rnio wrote

This a gaming pc chair?


Civ6Ever t1_iw2xth4 wrote

So it's Captain Pike's chair?


StoryAndAHalf t1_iw3v0xw wrote

Does it seek out any cable on the floor just to roll over it? My chair just knows where the closest cable is and will do everything in its power to make sure it does.


Thesnake7002 t1_iw2o9oc wrote

This is the news we need


Express_Helicopter93 t1_iw4pusr wrote

I dunno wtf is going on today. First the McDonald’s gaming chair that is grease proof and now this. What is this, gimmicky chair season?


oberg14 t1_iw43tyl wrote

We’re creeping closer and closer to Wall-E every day lol


al3442 t1_iw4j1na wrote

Surely that’s a Professor X chair?


SteveBennett7g t1_iw2msr2 wrote

But when the chair detects that it's in use the computer pretends to turn off the dilithium crystal energization chamber and claims to be running on impulse.


CDavis10717 t1_iw2t1ab wrote

Reminds me of “Round House” on 90’s Nick at Night.


Camelwalk555 t1_iw2yclr wrote

Showing up to trivia night like, fuck around and find out.


kalitarios t1_iw3dco6 wrote

How many lights do you see here? I see 4 lights


wierdness201 t1_iw3zksw wrote

Call me when they make Frieza’ hover chair.


vavona t1_iw3zu7m wrote

If only my home office had any space to spare to roam in this beauty!….


MrPeepersVT t1_iw5q6cv wrote

Paging Cutter John, Captain of the Starship Enterpoop….


RETURN_OF_JD t1_iw6d2cm wrote

but how are its efficiency standards??


Hot_Nature_161 t1_iw6oum1 wrote

This is great but why doesn’t Volkswagen build an actual fucking wheelchair for disabled people instead of a toy for rich twats


duke_962 t1_iw76nii wrote

How much you wanna bet the check engine light is on?


LessO2 t1_iw7pybm wrote

So, faster than Southern California freeway traffic?


largepie8 t1_iw7tyjm wrote

Does it lie about its co2 output?


rbankole t1_iw2qbq3 wrote

The new beetle?


babztheslag t1_iw2xvqk wrote

Ultimate gamer chair potential? 👀


drewcifer27 t1_iw30xv1 wrote

Nothing like that dude that made Commander Pike’s chair in the Trekkies documentary though


cock_babtridge t1_iw31doq wrote

Big question is, could i do my ‘captain’s log’ whilst sitting in it?


bortj1 t1_iw3am7f wrote

Any chair with wheels can go 12mph downhill.


IndieComic-Man t1_iw3f3z9 wrote

“We questioned ‘why’ the entire process but the higher ups just kept saying, ‘Make it so.’ In a British accent so we kept working on it.”


droldman t1_iw3jvz9 wrote

It has a safety belt! Enterprise was conspicuously lacking them


Optimal-Object t1_iw3ostn wrote

They really need to have Dr. Evil market that.


Powerful_Pin_3704 t1_iw3rwf6 wrote

Wake me up when there’s a WALL-E chair that goes 12MPH


BrokenMethFarts t1_iw3sylo wrote

It would take me two hours to get to work. Totally worth it!!!


sativo666999 t1_iw3tc5i wrote

Finally, the wheelchair for lazy people.


HowCouldYouSMH t1_iw3u141 wrote

Next level wheel chair. Of course they left out a price.


do0tz t1_iw3umzj wrote

I can finally get to the fridge for another beer before the next Rocket League match starts!


b01234567890 t1_iw47fs8 wrote

“I’m giving her all she’s got!” is the only thing to say as you’re speeding along at 12 mph en route to the fridge for another can of Diet Coke.


Ghinjar t1_iw4a8f4 wrote

yeah but dos it have air conditioning?


wherethersawill t1_iw4j9k6 wrote

But can't deliver a family car in under 18 months pfft


davidmlewisjr t1_iw4uz99 wrote

Stephen Hawking was once ticketed in Cambridge for exceeding the posted vehicle speed limit in his chair, so waiting for the upgrade on this one… 🤔


catclops13 t1_iw51dlr wrote

This is the “Official Deadpool” thread, because this thing is definitely racking up a kill count. The weight of a neck beard added to the velocity of a motor chair makes it inevitable.

I call 3


shcam_likely t1_iw54y80 wrote

laugh react I’m honestly impressed but not surprised


RocketTaco t1_iw568ru wrote

Toyota did it first.


Over a decade ago, too.


BuffaloBuck t1_iw5fajb wrote

This seems like the prequel to Wall-E.


Peligreaux t1_iw5gklk wrote

How about releasing the new VW Bus instead?


Kflynn1337 t1_iw5hfxd wrote

Why do I get the feeling someone said; "Halte mein Bier" before that thing was built..


nikzyk t1_iw5oblp wrote

Are we in the prequel for a wall e timeline… fuuuuu


Conscious_Yak60 t1_iw5x3aw wrote

But they limited their EVs performance because people don't need speed?


TDYDave2 t1_iw5y4by wrote

But does it have a cup holder?


Buckets-of-Gold t1_iw622du wrote

As someone who not one, but two Star Fleet costumes in their basement- why?


EatTheShroomz t1_iw63v6n wrote

What is wrong with me that I actually kinda want this thing? I mean it really doesn’t also need to be a WALL-E chair. But I would like a captains chair inspired chair with some other types of feature


phpdevster t1_iw643or wrote

So... are they going to make the Captain Pike version of this thing next?


x014821037 t1_iw64k4l wrote

The uh.... seat belt seems... helpful


TomKattWasHere t1_iw66asi wrote

it has a seat belt, thats no captains chair.


ryanorion16 t1_iw698sv wrote

When does the check engine light go on?


ZITRO85 t1_iw6fn5h wrote

Diesel powered?


[deleted] t1_iw6gj32 wrote

Pre Wall-E world incoming:


rmttw t1_iw6jfmu wrote

I guess they want to be there for the 4th Reich too


thaisin t1_iw6jx6l wrote

So warp 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000012?


Extectic t1_iw6m86x wrote

How about they put that design skill to work and create a better variant of wheel chair than the iBot Mobility System? Granted, that would be a tall order to beat.


Rotsuda t1_iw6mvx6 wrote

It's an office chair with a tow hitch... Technology really has gone too far this time.


vroart t1_iw6pwn8 wrote

Wait, Star Trek is known for not where seatbelts.... oh no!


trancepx t1_iw6qw5x wrote

Ah yes, let's sell...[nervously looks around room] Chairs! ... (Blank stares from board meeting) that uhhh.... [Sees through window cars driving] Chairs that, uhhh DRIVE! (Everyone stands up and applauds)


CooLMaNZiLLa t1_iw6vbar wrote

Fail. Not a single button labeled “Engage”.


[deleted] t1_iw727xq wrote

“Private businesses are so much more efficient than government!”

Meanwhile private businesses making chairs that go 12mph….


hennsippin t1_iw75jnl wrote

Would start every day with “Captains log, star date…”


ArgyleTheDruid t1_iw79lp5 wrote

I don’t know what I was thinking but at first glance I totally thought it said 120mph


5ergio79 t1_iw7b2fc wrote

Does it come in yellow? Asking for a bald friend.


flsucks t1_iw836gt wrote

That’s actually pretty fast for a chair. Most grocery store handicap carts are limited down to 1mph. Going 12 times faster than that isn’t too shabby, it’s a chair.


whiskeybidniss t1_iw9tbxc wrote

VW fighting back against the ‘standup desk’ trend.


killerbake t1_iwr5hs2 wrote

I never realized how much I’ve wanted a seatbelt for my office chair until just right this moment.

Id probably be more inclined to put in on faster than in my car and that scares me


sanjsrik t1_iyfb83a wrote

So... motorized wheelchair.


sypher001 t1_iw2wnp0 wrote

“Make it Slowwwww, #1” 😂


Artyturo t1_iw33vo1 wrote

Will it pass emissions?


Autimatiks t1_iw3lufq wrote

When you press forward, one random window will roll up, the seatbelt alarm starts chirping and the seat heat randomly turns on like any standard VW


swalabr t1_iw3my5e wrote

So I can chase the secretary around and around the conference room?


GunMTL_Grace t1_iw46a9h wrote

I could make it my gaming chair. Jet to the kitchen at 12mph between matches for food and jet back. It has potential guys


kyden t1_iw2snkv wrote

Was the check engine light on?


MakeAionGreatAgain t1_iw38b1n wrote

Kinda sad, VW engineers used to build stupid shit like a Golf W12 when they were bored, now they do gamer racing chair.


skarpath t1_iw2olfb wrote

🤣 ok. Basically a wheelchair. Looks cool though


OzNimbus t1_iw2qqqc wrote

Where did they hide the cheat box? Advertised as “electric” but really runs on “Bunker C fuel”