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Tomatopez t1_iw5mvii wrote

Whiskey on the rocks is not a mixed drink.


Lopsided_Violinist69 t1_iw6ewkx wrote

besides, where did the rock come from? 😂


Halomir t1_iw6k3rt wrote

He makes a whisky/coke and a vodka cranberry in the video


cantwaitforthis t1_iw71cg1 wrote

Accidental Chumbawumba reference.


TheLazyD0G t1_iw84qlm wrote

Probably not. Amazon just bought the rights to their music.


turbodude69 t1_iw835cv wrote

and don't ya just loooove your aged whiskey pumped through a series of plastic hoses and then poured through a home depot brass spigot.

mmmm microplastics with a nice metallic notes and a smokey burnt electronics finish.


turbodude69 t1_iw82542 wrote

seriously. there are some dogs trained at getting a beer out of the fridge and bringing it to you that would be more useful than this robot table mashup thing.


KillingItWithFire t1_iw6lc3y wrote

If its not straight whiskey then its mixed

Excerpt “Cubes are often used for basic mixing”

Edit: I know its an unpopular opinion but I want to challenge and be proven wrong with evidence.


hellowiththepudding t1_iw6zo78 wrote

The evidence is basic reading comprehension. Yes ice cubes are often a component of mixed drinks, but their presence alone doesn’t make whiskey one.


Cobrastrikenana t1_iw712j2 wrote

His link doesn’t even make that assertion. Where’s he getting this from? My bar would love to charge whiskey on the rocks as a “mixed drink”.


cantwaitforthis t1_iw71p2c wrote

I’ve never drank mixed drinks, but as a super annoying literal person, I could make an argument that ice is an ingredient and therefore combining with a liquor constitutes a mixed drink by definition. I also don’t care much about it, but google searched the definition because I feel the same way about grilled cheese sandwiches.I could also see folks argue that ice isn’t an ingredient. Anyway, have a great day!!

noun. : an alcoholic drink made with two or more ingredients


Yasstronaut t1_iw6tpdw wrote

True. Lots of people thinking cocktail instead


Cobrastrikenana t1_iw71e21 wrote

It’s not a mix. The exact same molecules in ice exist in whiskey, If you want to be technical. If you want to be practical, no bar would call that a mixed drink.


Unlikely-Answer t1_iw74oxs wrote

so technically, you could add a single grain of salt and have a mixed drink


Cobrastrikenana t1_iw74ugr wrote

Theseus’s Reserve is what I’d call it. Technically, yes. Practically, you’ll have an upset bartender. He’ll still let you do it. I promise.


Yasstronaut t1_iw9fpka wrote

What? A mixed drink as per standard definitions is a drink containing two or more ingredients- that’s it. So whiskey and ice is a mixed drink albeit a boring one.

I know that goes against our intuition and of course no bar would call it that but strictly by definition it’s true and you cannot contest that without throwing out every dictionary.

What do you mean the exact same molecules exist in whiskey? Do you mean water? You can say that about fruit mixers, tomato juice, everything. Not sure what you’re getting at there


Cobrastrikenana t1_iw9pw5x wrote

Is ginger beer a mixed drink or is your definition shit? This literally my job lmao! Never seen a dictionary make a drink.


VitaminPb t1_iw4it5l wrote

So what happens if Amazon shuts down the Alexa division like sounds is on the table. Will the Alexa services continue to function or will they get shut down also?


Quartziferous t1_iw4qlyv wrote

>So what happens if Amazon shuts down the Alexa division…

Haha why would they give up the ability to eavesdrop on people’s conversations to better target ads? The US government would shutter the NSA before that ever happened.


VitaminPb t1_iw4rlvd wrote

Because according to what I’ve read, they are losing a ton of money on it.


cosmothekleekai t1_iw5n6bz wrote

How the hell is the only home automation thingy with Samuel Jackson's voice failing?


ImmoralityPet t1_iw67493 wrote

"Alexa, should they shut you down?"



Guywithquestions88 t1_iw5wc85 wrote

My guess is because the average person doesn't really understand what it can do enough to see the value in it.


Unfadable1 t1_iw5z789 wrote

Or care.

It won’t be until smart home packages become much more normalized by builders, imo.


Taizan t1_iw6at3c wrote

It can do much but it does not do it well. If you do not use the exact wording that it expects it fails. Like saying "echo play song X from y from playlist z". Also all too often it reacts without the keyword being mentioned which is always weird.


King_Tamino t1_iw6jg17 wrote

I stopped using sentences and mostly using keywords and routines that I created manually. Increased the experience significantly.

I don’t think it’s a „every task should be done through „-thing but rather increase the experience of what you have or make some things like setting a timer easier.

For example, I got a routine that turns off all lights I might have forgotten, turns on a playlist with calming music and sets a timer to stop the music.

Regulation of the brightness of your lamps. Dimming. Or color changing is a nice feature too and I know I would use it less if I would need to use a button on the wall. Also a routine that turns the lights on 20 minutes before it gets dark. With a fixed brightness is cool


jjj49er t1_iw6nvfn wrote

You can do all those things with your phone. Why buy another device that does the same thing, but with less control over what it does in the background?

I have all my automation set up in my watch. I prefer to push a button rather than talk, but that's just me.


King_Tamino t1_iw6oskc wrote

Yeah that’s probably you. I hate watches. And I use my phone enough on work, if I come home it often enough ends up in a corner. I was mobile game .. addicted.. long enough to make that decision.

Also all that you said would require me to be there. Live. Things like Alexa work even if you are not there or others can use it rather instinctively.


TexacoRandom t1_iw7awg3 wrote

Plus, sometimes my hands are full. I could be working on a project or playing a video game, and I don't have to stop working or pause a game to pull up whatever on my phone. I can just tell Alexa to play a song or tell me the weather while I continue to work or play.

Same thing with cooking, I can make Alexa set timers or change the music without wiping my hands off, or stopping what I am doing.


Cast_Rate t1_iw7kofe wrote

This is especially true when playing VR. Alexa is a life saver when you're wearing a headset


paco1342 t1_iw7nxyx wrote

I have a smart light in my laundry room and as I’m walking through the house to go do laundry, I’ll just say “Alexa, turn the laundry room lights on” so I don’t have to flip a switch, fumble in the dark, or make sure it’s on before I carry things. It’s a small convenience, but it’s one of many and I use them often.


jjj49er t1_iw6p6tz wrote

You can use whatever device you have at home; a desktop, laptop, raspberry pi, or tablet. They can be triggered from the other side of the Earth. I know I'm a watchaholic, but my point was that you can use any of your devices (which you have control of) rather than buying a dedicated device that listens to you all the time and does who knows what in the background.


Gcodelife t1_iw7dvaf wrote

I have zero issues doing all that without alexa. The best thing about a smarthome, is not having to ask it to do things that it can do on its own.


The1hangingchad t1_iw6x9jd wrote

I am an above-average Smart Home enthusiast. I have over 100 connected devices in my house (mostly z-wave and zigbee). I have echoes in every room for voice requests and announcements. The reality is that although those echo devices provide a great value, they don’t make Amazon any money beyond the initial device purchase.

I just don’t think Amazon has found a good way to monetize these beyond that initial purchase outside of reminding me here and there that I’m due to reorder something, most of which I have disabled anyway.


Unlikely-Answer t1_iw75qnb wrote

im picturing you in a small apartment with echoes piled up waist high and trying to get to the fridge is like going through a mcdonalds ball pit


ZellNorth t1_iw6f9dh wrote

I’ve only used Alexa for music.


Guywithquestions88 t1_iw7vkw3 wrote

I use it to remind me to do stuff, set alarms, do math, and I use it as a search engine (like google) that I can talk to.

I also control the lights in my house with it, as well as my coffee pot and tv.


Reddit_FTW t1_iw8tqtq wrote

My parents refuse to go smart house. My entire house is.


Accomplished_Bug_ t1_iw76whb wrote

For my mother in law it's a novelty. For my engineering buddies, they have literally thier whole house integrated to "OK Google"

For me, the wiretap is not welcome


ProtoDroidStuff t1_iw6bqp5 wrote

I don't even think it HAS much value

When can a guy get one of these things with some VoiceAttack type shit on it ???


scstraus t1_iw6tdfs wrote

I think they expected it to lead to an increase of sales on Amazon, but it only led to people buying a bunch of subsidized voice assistants for cheap.


wbruce098 t1_iw77esc wrote

Maybe we are in the minority, but a lot of people I know have smart home stuff and an Echo Dot is one of the most affordable ways to control them. And Amazon sells a LOT of smart home stuff. If Amazon is going to profit off Alexa, that’s where, not in sales or ads from the device.

Tbh, I see zero advantage to ever buying anything with Alexa. That function is a useless novelty to me and can actually be problematic if you have kids. But these things are so incredibly useful otherwise.

Edit: I mean, I could always use the clunkier Google thing or the pricey HomePod or just my phone I guess, but then Amazon gets even less money from me and loses out on a major market opportunity.


scstraus t1_iw97o04 wrote

Exactly how I use them. But I don't this is how Amazon wants us to use them ;-).


haahaahaa t1_iwm3mg6 wrote

The problem with buying anything with alexa is Amazon's pricing model. The cat food I buy goes up and down by a couple dollars a case consistently and thats from Amazon direct. If they're sold out the sky is the limit to how much it will cost. Everything that I could reasonably imagine someone use a home assistant to order is like that. It was significantly worse during covid for obvious reasons.


wbruce098 t1_iwofybn wrote

Makes sense. And a lot of people like me like to at least pretend we are comparison shopping. Basically impossible to do on a smart speaker. It’s just not a good model.


kinopiokun t1_iw7uhvi wrote

This is a myth. They do not do this.


fndasltn t1_iw6v3gr wrote

I suspect that the intended monetization strategy for Alexa was to make it easier for people to buy products on Amazon, and I've never seen anyone order something from Amazon with Alexa. Maybe they use Alexa for ads targeting too but it might be difficult to attribute increased revenue to that, and maybe other methods just work way more efficiently (like looking at what a person already searched for or purchased).


droans t1_iw79dpv wrote

Maybe if Amazon wasn't so full of garbage.

Search for a specific product and all you get are unrelated items or knock-offs.

Search the exact same thing on Google and the first thing you'll see is an Amazon ad for that exact product you couldn't find on Amazon before.

If Amazon can't find what you want when you type it in, why would you trust that it'll order the correct product with your voice?


0ne_Winged_Angel t1_iw7m9wi wrote

> Maybe if Amazon wasn't so full of garbage.

Any more it feels like Amazon is just a reskin of AliExpress


fonix232 t1_iw6o85x wrote

Presumably the functionality can be replicated on an offline smarthome control system?


qqoze t1_iw79htf wrote

It’s not on the table. It’s one of the services they named that has a future.


dontcareitsonlyreddi t1_iw57zsx wrote

Not sure but google and apple also have a history of doing stuff like that . Amazon isn’t the only guilty one of doing that .


VitaminPb t1_iw5b5yu wrote

Apple would leave the service running for a number of years (3-5) for things like the HomePods.
Google would take the service up behind the barn and shoot it in the head. Like they recently bricked a bunch of FitBits.
We don’t know what Amazon will do, but they have been selling a lot of hardware to use that service and other companies have been using that service too.


Redisigh t1_iw62byj wrote

Don’t forget Stadia lmao


oo_Mxg t1_iw7mxpc wrote

I mean, stadia lived for 4 years but ultimately failed because the first impression they gave was absolutely horrendous so even when they improved the service, the damage was already done


wbruce098 t1_iw7a2qn wrote

Echos control 70% of the home smart speaker market in the US. Ending Alexa would devastate that market and Amazon’s ability to maintain a presence there at all.

They need to go the Costco route and view it as a loss leader. $5 rotisserie chickens apparently cost the company $30-40mn/year. But their annual revenue is over $200bn. How many people buy smart stuff on Prime to work with their cheap ass Dots that cost $20 on Black Friday?


banjodoctor t1_iw54s7w wrote

Don’t tell me when I’ve had enough Alexa!


Ikbensterdam t1_iw6pguu wrote

This comment could be read in three different ways and I love it.


scootunit t1_iw73iq2 wrote

I've had enough Alexa and I don't even have one.


ANiceDent t1_iw81ge0 wrote

Serious question, I’ve drank countless drinks….

What in the hell would I need to mix my drink for ?

Even the picture is just straight liquor with an ice cube ?


Splurch t1_iw66wnx wrote

"Raspberry Pi-powered"

Alexa is just triggering routines, essentially just the UI. I hate how most of the articles in this sub make me want to unsubscribe but then one drops that's actually neat and I stay.


atharaha t1_iw6fyts wrote

I would like to present my red button powered bartender. Every time you press the red button it makes a drink for you. Get your red button now, only $79.99!


intellifone t1_iw7u279 wrote

Seriously, Reddit needs to implement like a button that lets you indicate when a post isn’t relevant to the subreddit. Like a downvote or something…


adotbur t1_iw6wqb9 wrote

This one’s actually on the rocks.


Odd_Holiday2189 t1_iw4q48p wrote

It is SO hard to pour your own bourbon on ice. This is the future we have been waiting for


coolsguy17 t1_iw66lm4 wrote

The bottle is all the way over theeeeeeere….

And the cup is all the way over theeeeeeere!!!

Why is life so difficult?!?!?


Tcanada t1_iw78u95 wrote

Also you already had to do the work of getting the ice cube


PlasticTreeTalker t1_iw4nu4y wrote

Alexa please give me life advices, while polishing glasses.


fhjuyrc t1_iw5i0v0 wrote

I’m picturing jack nicholson talking to an end table while he goes inexorably mad


burnbabyburn11 t1_iw7oygc wrote

Old bartender trick of the trade. People are uncomfortable if you just stand there.


MedricZ t1_iw4z84o wrote

Will the robot bartender still cry when I scream at it or do I have to pay extra for that feature?


fordfan919 t1_iw5jle1 wrote

Until Alexa has had enough and orders a hit man.


Dallenforth t1_iw4iwv0 wrote

Needs to rig a icemaker into the unit, maybe a small steam dishwasher too.


jjj49er t1_iw6o0mk wrote

And a drone that can fly to the liquor store and get another bottle.


anonymoosejuice t1_iw7nek6 wrote

Just use Drizzly


jjj49er t1_iw8nzxv wrote

I had to look that up because I've never heard of it before. I was shocked to see my city as one they deliver in. I don't drink anymore. It's probably a good thing they didn't have that when I did drink.


gcostanzdil t1_iw4rqpn wrote

Ah so the robo bartender will easdrop, nice


MediumToblerone t1_iw5wouu wrote

I’m down with this if Alexa checks in on me and chats with me like a bartender does.


marcblank t1_iw50yip wrote

The stupid is strong here.


aegis666 t1_iw79p0k wrote

aaaaaah. first thing. that's not a mixed drink. second. those are exposed electronics with a glass of alcohol being poured inside them. third thing. this is fucking stupid.


barjam t1_iw7d1wp wrote

You can buy a commercial thing like this for 350 bucks that is kind of like a keurig. Put in a pod and it will dispense your drink using your liquor.


ark_mod t1_iw7j1mw wrote

Ahh yes $350 for a mixed drink maker that uses shitty syrups and the end result is a crap drink...

FYI - watch YouTube reviews of this product. The drinks taste like absolute trash from what I have read.


barjam t1_iw7lfsa wrote

The drinks are fine. No different than what you get at a low/mid level bar or if you are using store bought premix at home. For example the margarita is no different than using zing zang. Making your own drinks with fresh ingredients is better of course but if you are hosting a party who wants to sit around making drinks all night.

I was at a party with one of these a few days ago and people loved this thing. Being able to make all sorts of random drinks was a lot of fun for folks.


aegis666 t1_iw7o60j wrote

of course it does. it can't be made with love if a machine makes it.


queencityrangers t1_iw6simo wrote

“Hello, Jeff, Alexa here. Yeah, it looks like he’s had 15 drinks. It’s time to set up a couple subscribe and save orders for something he doesn’t need and will never be able to figure out how to stop”


Smitty8054 t1_iw5a83s wrote

“That’s your 4th drink…are you sure…would you like the names of rehab centers”?

“Blow me Alexa”


jjj49er t1_iw6o7fr wrote

>“Blow me Alexa”

I didn't know that was an option. I think I'll look into getting an Alexa now.


hamsammy4u t1_iw5bcih wrote

I’m not sure “mixing” is accurate, it’s one ingredient.


SombraMonkey t1_iw5pwv1 wrote

The door to “automated fast food” has been open.


Kempeth t1_iw60t53 wrote

Looks pretty solid. There seem to be 4 separate pumps and feeds that only really merge right at the faucet. There's one such machine out there that only has one pump with a really long shared tube so when you order a drink you basically getting a measure of suprise liquid first (which might be water that has been sitting in there since last use)

I wonder though if you're going into the trouble of adding an elevator, could you make the pouring work on a purely gravity fed basis?


RobotSlaps t1_iw6kbpp wrote

Ive been screwing with a mixing robot proto for a while. Getting pumps quick, accurate and cheap is hard too. And trying to dose carbonated beverages....

Grav fed will be a problem. They'll slow down as the liquor runs out.


trippleBob t1_iw73syn wrote

So does my wife. Her name isnt Alexa


Ceremony64 t1_iw741fn wrote

Wouldn't really call it alexa powered if all alexa does is trigger stuff based on voice commands. Arduino powered would be much more fittint


wookiee_borg t1_iw7cs46 wrote

“Alexa, play mood music.”

“Alexa, mix me a drink.”

“Alexa, impregnate my wife”


dlec1 t1_iw7l4ar wrote

Alcoholics everywhere are drunk with excitement!


dlec1 t1_iw7l5zx wrote

Real Men of Genius - Mister Penis Shaped Rocket Owner Guy


StressedCephalopod t1_iw7sfnn wrote

Just realized I have to figure out how to block a subreddit. Thank you for the reminder!


twostartucson t1_iw7ybdh wrote

And thus, the Age of Bartenders ended, not with a bang but an, “Alexa…”


_Administrator t1_iw7ylfc wrote

Take that alcoholism to a brand new level!


shhheeeeeeeeiit t1_iw4n21y wrote

Cool, but some people have way too much time on their hands


phillip42069 t1_iw6c6v3 wrote

Everyone wants to bartend. Everyone wants to make drinks. Everyone wants to look cool and be creative…… 85% of tending bar is organizing and cleaning, and if you’re not at that number or higher, you’re probley not the funnest coworker. Fuck cleaning this machine, it can’t taste, it can’t ask if it’s balanced, it can’t mod specs based on guest preference, it’s useless.


needmorehardware t1_iw7m515 wrote

Not everyone wants to bartend or make drinks lmao


RechargedFrenchman t1_iw85n8d wrote

Yeah, everyone wants made drinks, not to make drinks. Some people just want those drinks enough they are willing to do the making themselves. A very small (proportionally) subset of those people discover they really enjoy making drinks, and get into bartending/mixology. I love a number of cocktails but can't be assed to have all the ingredients handy and actually make any of them.

If I'm mixing a drink at home more complicated than putting something carbonated into something with an alcohol content it's like a bit of like juice or a fruit garnish as a third ingredient. Maybe over ice. Because much as I'd love a martini or old fashioned I'm not stocking bitters or vermouth or whatever on the regular, and those are even pretty easy drinks to make.


barjam t1_iw7bvms wrote

I was at a party this weekend with a mixing machine. It’s the one that uses pods like a keurig. Anyhow it was a huge hit and people loved it.


jovialoval t1_iw6cfrz wrote

No one fucking wants cloud controlled automation


doublemint6 t1_iw6lews wrote

Damn it, they are finally going to get me to buy an Alexa product.


darthsirc t1_iw6luw4 wrote

I would get alcohol poisoning in a month


W1ngedSentinel t1_iw6zyde wrote

“What about my boring side table?”

“It can be an ELECTRIC side table!”


unkytone t1_iw706tb wrote

“Alexa, give me whatever it takes….”


_heatmoon_ t1_iw717wv wrote

News: “Alcohol related deaths are at an all time high.”

Amazon: “Let’s make a drink mixing robot.”


Sir_Q_L8 t1_iw71tkq wrote

The Enable-Table™️


intensifiedclicking t1_iw754x2 wrote

Didn’t think humans could be any lazier. They found a way.


SophieCT t1_iw7c2fw wrote

It doesn't do the ice. If you have to get up for the ice, forget it.


Lusitanius t1_iw7d2wg wrote

Let me guess, she’s still going to expect 20% tip?


cernegiant t1_iw7fvvb wrote

It's a neat conversation piece.

But holy hell people wire management is not that hard.


Regeatheration t1_iw7gvfk wrote

Its cool but I still have to stock the unit myself so why not just make the drink myself


BasementS4fe t1_iw7kygt wrote

Damn we sure are becoming lazy


navehix t1_iw7l5np wrote



lifestream87 t1_iw7m3n7 wrote

Am I the only one who actually enjoys the process of making cocktails?


AgitatedExtent1331 t1_iw7q149 wrote

Pack me a bowl of weed, then I’ll be impressed

Drinking sucks


Minflick t1_iw7qy2v wrote

Don't care about the booze, I can easily pour my own. But I'd like the round ice!


TXheathen t1_iw7venz wrote

In my experience, these make terrible drinks and i really don’t want Amazon in my house


Critical-Series t1_iw7waql wrote

Slowly trading all our data for marginal convenience.


LanaDelHeeey t1_iw7ya7k wrote

Like in the movie smart house?


Tur8z t1_iw80ypn wrote

This is what children are for. At least that’s what my dad used me and my sister for.


turbodude69 t1_iw81zfu wrote

why? cause FUCK BARTENDERS that's why.


Baschoen23 t1_iw8tcyp wrote

My alcoholism definitely cannot handle this.


Commubot t1_iw8z7kv wrote

Tfw you start getting advertisements for sober living facilities


MediocreCommenter t1_iwa7ez9 wrote

How many people mocking this saying that it’s easier to pour your own drink use Alexa to turn things on or off? Sure, I can turn on my coffee pot by flipping the switch, but I like to tell Alexa to do it as I get out of the shower so that my coffee is ready by the time I’m dressed and downstairs. If I could have my favorite drink ready for me every time I got home from work I would be very happy.


Trax852 t1_iw5b861 wrote

Great something else to complain on how much one drinks.


l_a_ga t1_iw67vfv wrote

Thanks I hate it


Sirgolfs t1_iw6x915 wrote

As bezos listens in. Just get up and make the drink ya lazy shit


RedditNFTS t1_iw78qom wrote

Ah yes! Yet another device for amazon to completely know my habits in my home they’ve already mapped out.


Nick_Brkhnv t1_iw5witi wrote

I quit drinking like many years ago , so what I can say , people are paying big money for killing themselves . Keep on keeping on 🤭