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supified t1_iwc5159 wrote

If i'm not mistaken, those are called smoke detectors and they've been around forever.


scroscrohitthatshit t1_iwcaklk wrote

Yeah but these are electric noses


belarged t1_iwce52j wrote

Some kind of… electronic nose than can find or detect smoke in case of emergencies.


sharkamino t1_iwcbalr wrote

Smoke Detector 2: Electric Boogerloo


Larsaf t1_iwci0pi wrote

I see what you pulled out of your nose there.


squanchee t1_iwcaq55 wrote

i’m pretty sure smoke detectors operate solely by detecting particulate in the air. hence why steam from a shower can set them off. this seems to detect smoke specifically so it wouldn’t be tripped by fog or dust


JFlash7 t1_iwcbym9 wrote

Yep. This detects the gasses emitted by combustion rather than just the presence of smoke particles.


supified t1_iwcdozy wrote

Really? Cause my detectors do Co and smoke, so I would have thought it was more sophisticated than just particulate matter.


Andrewop t1_iwextj3 wrote

This killed me


supified t1_iwexzqh wrote

I never meant you any harm.


Andrewop t1_iwez92n wrote

I’m legit impressed with this idea though. we’re so focused on creating new technologies we don’t even find uses for what we already got!


CreamOnCats t1_iwcf228 wrote

How many million of these would you need to setup? Why can’t we just have more Angelina Jolie’s sitting in a tower. Case closed.

It had me wondering if thermal satellite imagery was a real thing? Or is that just drones in spy movies?


Zrolix t1_iwcnead wrote

There are satellites that use IR sensing to locate potential wildfires. NASA has their MODIS and VIIRS satellites, however because they must orbit, detection may be delayed by a few hours. The resolution is also limited to about 0.5 km.


orangutanoz t1_iwdjjm9 wrote

All jokes aside, these sensors would be far quicker and more accurate at detecting fires that a human in a fire lookout. Especially if that person had to climb all the way down for a toilet break at the wrong time.


NettaUsteaDE t1_iweg79i wrote

Shhh, you just setup a seat with a hole in it at the top.

Gravity will take care of the rest


BuffaloInCahoots t1_iwdjrmv wrote

Man I wish fire watcher was still a thing you could do. I would love that job, don’t even have to pay me that much, just enough to live a regular simple live in the off season.


blinkysmurf t1_iwcgrix wrote

“Electronic Nose” like we’re rolling chicken bones here.

A smoke detector with telemetry.


Connbonnjovi t1_iwcmwao wrote

Sounds interesting. Although, this is the same idea as Smokey The Bear which is part of the reason we have mega-fires now. If we put out all the smaller natural fires, you don’t have control of the underbrush, causing higher density of flora, allowing fires to spread more easily.


ninjastarkid t1_iwe6lqw wrote

This feels like a waste. Even if you put them in national parks and things, how many fires are started outside these places if not by humans then naturally?


Adventurous_Light_85 t1_iwdn6nt wrote

I am the only one in California that gets the feeling that the authorities in California aren’t actually that interested in preventing forest fires. I mean we’re in like the top five biggest economies. Probably the largest tech economy. We have some of the oldest forest and the largest trees on earth yet we can’t seem to allocate enough assets and tech to stop these fires. Many of which are started by the electrical companies that are basically controlled by the government.


Helgen_To_Hrothgar t1_iwcm6kb wrote

It’s a smoke detecting nose on Dolph Lundgren’s baahhhhddyyyyy!