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DunderMuffinXtreme t1_iwi1kt4 wrote

Knob mob 😂😂


dc551589 t1_iwi4pw2 wrote

My first thought was, “this is a lot more funny in British English.”


KenJyi30 t1_iwien0u wrote

What’s it mean translated back into American English?


simonjp t1_iwiguth wrote

Penis gang


mrausgor t1_iwji055 wrote

Wang Gang


ReneHigitta t1_iwkmog6 wrote

Dick clique

Because you'd call a lad a knob, but you wouldn't really call a dude a wang or a penis, would you? Honest question I'm ESL


simonjp t1_iwl8t7z wrote

As a mild insult, you mean? Yes, you are right.

(as an aside, in British English that second word is pronounced cleek rather than click, but I like where you are going with that!)


ReneHigitta t1_iwlhcny wrote

Ah I actually know that but to my ear it still rhymes because I just can't with the long-short vowels. Took me long enough to be able to reliably mention the beach without getting angry looks lol

Also I couldn't and still can't find anything better


Jjex22 t1_iwk8xvm wrote

Honestly it just sounds like a really British version of the rat pack…


chicknfly t1_iwh6i85 wrote

I called it out on Twitter, and I’ll do it here: Elgato must feel threatened by Beacn.


Ordinary-Crafty t1_iwh801b wrote

Unless I’m missing something here. Aren’t both of these products for two different uses? The Beacn seems to be for audio mixing only.


chicknfly t1_iwh88eh wrote

Beacn has two different but very similar products. One is more for mixing and the other does what this Elgato does (to my understanding)


AwkwardMachine t1_iwjf3sn wrote

The mix is for people that just have four different separate levels they want to control, the mix create allows you to add basically as many as you want. Unless they announced something recently that's not on their site.


FluxedEdge t1_iwirghh wrote

You're right. I did beta testing of all Beacn's products and they are essentially software mix knobs. Control any of your program sounds with knobs, or easily mute them with buttons.


DogmaticLaw t1_iwhivwy wrote

This is a weird take. Elgato makes a macro pad that they have now added knobs to, one use of which can be audio mixing. Beacn makes an audio mixer. If anything, Elgato is threatened by the Megalodon.


chicknfly t1_iwhrlhs wrote

Isn’t the Megalodon a headset with a amp+DAC? If so, these are unrelated products


BallieEilish t1_iwi1ab6 wrote

It’s a macropad with knobs. And I agree, they’re more likely threatened by that — or the Razer/Loupedeck partnership.


Mister_Brevity t1_iwi88rv wrote

Ew well if it relies on razer synapse then whoever they’re competing with that doesn’t use synapse automatically wins.


BallieEilish t1_iwi8cmr wrote

Can’t argue with that. Synapse is garbage!


squareswordfish t1_iwib3lc wrote

I always see people shitting so hard on synapse, but don’t really get why. All hardware/rgb controlling software I’ve tried is trash, but in the middle of all that garbage Synapse 3 always felt like one of the least shit ones to me


BallieEilish t1_iwic40a wrote

It feels bloated, has ads, and IMO has a clunky UI. That said, I haven’t been happy with any of the proprietary software that’s required to configure PC peripherals. Calling Synapse “garbage” might have been harsh.


jeffdefff07 t1_iwie22f wrote

Synapse isn't that bad. It's better than some of the lesser known stuff. For RGB controls, Corsair imo has the best and most intuitive setup.


squareswordfish t1_iwikraz wrote

Yeah, agree!

I use the Corsair one a lot too, but I feel like Synapse is a tad more customizable and intuitive when it comes to RGB stuff. With that said, I can see why you like the Corsair one more. It’s one of the best too, imo.


jeffdefff07 t1_iwo3t76 wrote

That's funny, I actually think the synapse has a better setup for keybindings and hardware stuff, but corsairs rgb tools are little more flexible and I feel like I can do alot more with them.

I should also prefece that with I only have a razer gamepad and everything else is corsair. Kb/m, fans, ps, mouse pad, even the case is too. I had more razer bc it's placement of devices is much more appealing to me.


squareswordfish t1_iwo9xcs wrote

Ah I see, the gamepad probably doesn’t have much customizability! I’m the opposite, I have mostly razer stuff and the only Corsair thing I have is a set of fans, so maybe I didn’t see everything there is to their RGB stuff. I do think Synapse is very good when it comes to customizing peripherals like mice and keyboards


thelazygamer t1_iwj6y7u wrote

The biggest issue I have is that none of their mice let you save the RGB settings to the mouse so I'm required to run the software all the time to avoid a spew of rainbow lights that kill my battery life. Logitech lets me set things up, save it to the mouse, and then I uninstall the software. I don't care if it's less intuitive, no idea if it is or not. I don't want to run software 24/7 and Razer won't even let you disable the lights without running it.


squareswordfish t1_iwjdaco wrote

Completely agree with that point! That’s something that also bothers me. But to be fair that’s an issue with the product itself, not the software.

The mice aren’t forgetting your settings because Synapse is bad, they’re forgetting them because Razer didn’t bother putting on-board memory in them to remember the settings.


thelazygamer t1_iwk3iqo wrote

They have on-board memory to remember dpi and button mapping settings so I don't think it's a hardware issue but it's besides the point because you don't have a choice of software when purchasing their hardware. We're talking about a physical product that requires software to function so hardware or software being the issue is irrelevant anyway.

Their software is also pretty bloated, not that other brands are better. At least with Glorious and Logitech I don't need to run it constantly. The "intuitively" or "UI" being better or worse is mostly opinion IMO. I've used 4-5 various brands' software and all of them have things that are poorly implemented. Again, this is why I prefer software I can disable once I've set it up.

All that being said, if you are picky and like the shape of their mouse it's usually an annoyance more than a deal-breaker. I think the real question is why pay that much for anything that lacks basic functionality and forces you to run bloatware unless you absolutely need to do so?


jojlo t1_iwkqmpo wrote

Why pay for the extra hardware when they can force you to use the software and get to data mine you at the same time!?!


ttubehtnitahwtahw1 t1_iwhr5lx wrote

If they feel threatened they should lower the price. The basic stream deck is incredibly overpriced.


chicknfly t1_iwhrpjp wrote

Agreed 100%. It doesn’t help that Elgato has minimal comparable competition and people pay their prices. We won’t see reductions any time soon


arloverse t1_iwm4gqn wrote

or loupedeck (love mine, also like my elgato).


Saidear t1_iwi80jr wrote

If this or Beacn had been around, I'd not have spent so much a GoXLR


synthjunkie t1_iwi0zeo wrote

$200. Nah way cheaper options out there.


ONLYDOWNDOGS t1_iwij337 wrote

Can you suggest any that are decent quality?


BTallack t1_iwirj4w wrote

Cheaper options that lack the plugins and compatibility of the Stream Deck. I don’t mind paying more if it means I can do more.


Uyee t1_iwilq8p wrote

You can almost get a Steam Deck for that price.


sargrvb t1_iwj98xi wrote

I'm all for cheaper prices, but the steam deck is quite literally twice as much. Let's not get too crazy here with our exaggerations.


clarinetJWD t1_iwjcidi wrote

Plus, the only similarity is the name... There are plenty of things you can get for $200 that also don't do the same thing, lol.


Ttthhasdf t1_iwjbv1v wrote

I thought the headline said "steam deck" and I was like what do you do with those knobs?


TiredgeekTG t1_iwir5q9 wrote

Knob mob, lol... well knobs are good in cars but other electronics I think we can do touchscreen or just Plug 'n' Play.


iammuggles t1_iwhluf8 wrote

Other than audio mixing do knobs have any uses?


DeusFever t1_iwhn3a5 wrote

Knobs are very handy for volume control, temperature control, selecting time, scrolling, and opening doors.


hash303 t1_iwi12im wrote

Some people use these as button boxes for racing or flight sims where both knobs and buttons can be useful


friscotop86 t1_iwhrcal wrote

Depending on the sensitivity, knobs offer a set of choices between the bottom of a range and the top of a range. I suppose the same could be said of a scroll wheel, though.


GrumpyCatDoge99 t1_iwif0kb wrote

A physical input with mechanical steps definitely has uses outside of audio, but I assume it’ll be used mostly for mixing


Heightren t1_iwipsjp wrote

Anything that's isn't just "on/off" works well with knobs


Vindy500 t1_iwkehls wrote

Volume control for different apps maybe? I can think of times I would like to turn the music down but keep something else going?


storebrandjonlovett t1_ix87nty wrote

I find dials helpful for almost all graphic/photo/video/audio. Change brush size or flow, scale elements, cycle presets and tools… I have a Logitech Craft keyboard but their software disconnects with apps constantly, so in bought one of these to use with the Adobe Suite. I have a StreamDeck XL now, and am excited to compliment it with dials because I find that better for several functions.


jkroxxx t1_iwi06wc wrote

Glad to hear the HEI network is getting involved in technology


Martinth t1_iwii61t wrote

I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m HEI!


timeslider t1_iwiwtxu wrote

I can't wait to slob on those knobs


ishtaracademy t1_iwj87bt wrote

These devices are all wickedly overpriced.

Use an old android phone or tablet with software like TouchPortal or Matric. Way more economic and I bet everyone has one collecting dust.


clarinetJWD t1_iwj8wm7 wrote

The whole point of this and devices like this are to give physical controls to common tasks so you can quickly trigger them, even without looking. Using old devices is great for some things, but they don't compare to having physical controls.

It's like all those new cars that just have a giant tablet instead of buttons and knobs. No one likes those because they're harder to use while doing something else.


5hoursofsleep t1_iwjbt1c wrote

I want it but I won't get it. I have a v2 and don't use it enough. Knobs will be just another thing I don't use.


jojlo t1_iwkr20s wrote

I really wish they would just make a full keyboard ala the old Optimus keyboard.


Fir35t0rm t1_iwl5a3i wrote

Man, I hope those knobs feel good to handle....


GrumpyCatDoge99 t1_iwievij wrote

Someone definitely thought they were clever making the article title


H1Supreme t1_iwjoxzb wrote

Wtf is this? A MIDI controller for regular computer stuff?