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CraptainKunch t1_iwl60d1 wrote

Have it. It's not truly a portable system the way the Gameboy or even the DS line were


omgdiaf t1_iwl70uy wrote

It's literally a portable system in the same way GB and the DS are.


CraptainKunch t1_iwlcn4a wrote

It's literally 4 times too big, fam. How is this difficult to grasp?


sigh_riss t1_iwlhmx4 wrote

Still fits in my pocket if I don't feel like using the case. If I had the switch lite it'd fit easier i guess.
Don't wear skinny jeans with such tiny pockets and it won't be a problem.


CraptainKunch t1_iwll0mt wrote

You're asking for your switch to get damaged, but you do you.


sigh_riss t1_iwlmkiu wrote

Getting damaged by being in my pocket while I sit at my desk in front of a computer?
As I said I usually use the case anyways


CraptainKunch t1_iwln5xh wrote

Yeah that's what I mean, mine is in its case too. I don't know how old you are, but the old GBC and GBA especially were small enough to vanish into your pocket all day comfortably. I carry a GBA around often to this day along with my phone, wallet, keys, pocket knife, etc. You'd be hard pressed to do that comfortably with even the switch lite.


sigh_riss t1_iwlog19 wrote

If you want a more pocket friendly device for retro games i recommend an anbernic rg353 or something similar. It's noticeably smaller than a switch, plays retro games very well, fits nicely in your pocket, and is relatively cheap.
There won't be much if any, for newer games to play on it, maybe a few indies here and there, but if snes games in your pocket is what you're after, then you'll love it.


omgdiaf t1_iwli0fc wrote

Probably difficult for you to grasp because you have little hands.

The switch lite is barely bigger than the PS Vita and is definitely not 4x bigger than the 3ds. Amd the regular switch isn't that much bigger then the lite.

Maybe this video will help you understand.

You grasping now?