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gazorpaglop t1_iwsfvdk wrote

NGL I put them on and listen in transparency mode but I pretend I can’t hear people I don’t want to interact with when they talk to me while I’m walking my dog. I love using them as social isolation sticks


dougsbeard t1_iwsv8cp wrote

You can also adjust your transparency settings to amplify nearby conversation and mute out background noise making it even better to hear when people think you can’t hear them.


randomheromonkey t1_iwtnkma wrote

Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Headphone Accommodations > Transparency Mode

(Yeah it exists, yeah it’s hidden)


TappedIn2111 t1_iwtz6ik wrote

Holy fucking shit… how did I ignore my fellow people without knowing this?!


PaulVla t1_iwvk8pm wrote

You can also stream your phone mic to the AirPods “Live Listening” Apple named it.


shashinqua t1_iyceyrw wrote

That’s been there for years. NOW has demanded that feature be removed, and Cook is weak and has crippled products from their threats before so don’t expect that feature to last.


gillsaurus t1_iwvmxlb wrote

Is it only for pros or for standard ones too


EetswaDurries t1_iwvwvma wrote

Regular AirPods don’t have transparency or noise cancellation.


varano14 t1_iwviqlq wrote

This takes people watching to the next level


AnaalPusBakje t1_iwufkfx wrote

>social isolation sticks

amazing term lol, also same


video_dhara t1_iwvsd5p wrote

I’m all for social isolation, but I have a roommate who has them on all the time, in common areas and the kitchen and it makes for an uncomfortable dynamic bc I don’t know how to even acknowledge the fact that we’re in the same room. I can’t get their attention so I just ignore them and then I feel like a jerk for some reason. I have Bose noise canceling ones and if I’m in the kitchen and someone comes in I’ll take them out, even if the person doesn’t want to speak. Being made to feel like you don’t exist is a shitty dynamic in a household. I understand wanting to be left in peace, and I’m not looking to have a conversation every time we’re in the same room, but maybe even a nod of acknowledgement is too much to ask for idk.


AnaalPusBakje t1_iwyphfu wrote

I would probably give a nod of acknowledgement. But I feel the opposite about keeping them in, that may have to do with the fact that I'm autistic and i don't always want to talk to people. From my perspective the best thing would just be to do your things seperately, and if you have something to discuss just tap his shoulder or something.


_Volta t1_iwsnzma wrote

I can’t wait to get mine just for that feature.


iwellyess t1_iwvraef wrote

A great alternative to this that also works well is to eh listen to music with them?


gazorpaglop t1_iwvsyz5 wrote

Lol, yeah, I have my podcast going but in transparency mode while I’m walking so I can hear traffic or other stuff, not for people who want to start a conversation with me about my dog though


bellatesla t1_iwruh9o wrote

Social isolation sticks?


oboshoe t1_iwruyfp wrote

Never heard that one before.

But I'm stealing it.


420Deez t1_iwvoj1e wrote

dont lie, youre gonna forget in 10 minutes.


Aggressive_Worker_93 t1_iwt9u38 wrote

Not wanting to be bothered by people who can’t respect the right of others to quiet and peaceful enjoyment in public is now something to be ashamed of


Manofalltrade t1_iwvl1xx wrote

It really is. A young lady mentioned to me that the ear pieces she was using hadn’t been charged for the last three days. She just keeps them on so random men don’t bother her at the store, etc. At the same time you hear about incel types complaining that woman are taking measures to prevent being harassed being mean to them, and the patriarchal types are being themselves about it all.


Wloak t1_iww1ivm wrote

My wife does the same. She got tired of guys saying shit like "you'd be prettier if you smiled honey" randomly on the street, wearing headphones in an obvious way apparently cuts this down even if they're off.


jjj49er t1_iwymyb7 wrote

I have one of those in my pants.


NoleContendere t1_iwsb2wv wrote

At some point people switched from walking around with those blue tooth ear pieces to AirPods or a single AirPod.


A10110101Z t1_iwsscne wrote

I think the transition was from Bluetooth head sets then when cars started adopted hands free Bluetooth in new cars people started using that and now that AirPods are everywhere it’s a mix between using them and what’s standard in cars now


iso128k t1_iwt0ljx wrote



NorthernSweetie t1_iwvvrve wrote

Hi, audiologist here. “Close” is a relative term that all the tech companies are using to push over the counter hearing aids. It’s not adjusted frequency (pitch) specific so it’s going to bring everything up the same volume. Most hearing losses are worse in some pitches than others. So which it benefits people with mild losses it’s not really fixing the true issue.


Woods26 t1_iwwoyqd wrote

seems like it is adjusted frequency though, since you can import an eq curve from a hearing test.


SameGenericNickname t1_iwt11hy wrote

Yeah I got Boses Earbuds that when I put them to Aware actually amplify my earing; they can also cancel all the noise the kid makes at the school I work at so that’s cool.


NightSpirit2099 t1_iwuqhx3 wrote

What model?


SameGenericNickname t1_iwywi1s wrote

Quietcomfort earbuds, I adjusted the setting in the Boses App to allow more sound to come in allowing me to listen to my music while being aware of my surrounding.


Tyconquer t1_iwtmxdf wrote

As someone with hearing loss from the army I’ve noticed while wearing these I hear better it’s not significant but there is an absolute difference.


woodyshag t1_iwu7r31 wrote

Former hearing aid supplier here. Headphpnes/Buds make things louder, which helps, but not necessarily at the frequencies that your hearing loss is at. Real hearing aids can adjust the volume of certain frequencies so that it's not only making sound louder but clearer for the wearer.


SecretCrockpot t1_iwvex9g wrote

you can take an audiogram using them which is how i found out i had -10db in both ears (already knew i had tinnitus) and then import it under headphone accommodations. not sure if this is what you mean tho so i could be definitely be wrong.


Long_Educational t1_iwvip65 wrote

You can import EQ curves? I didn't know that! That basically makes these hearing aids! That is very cool.


woodyshag t1_iwvlaq8 wrote

Well, 10db in both ears for what frequency? Raising the volume doesn't help as it affects all frequencies. If they do EQ curves like the other response to this, then now you are working with something.


SecretCrockpot t1_iwveke8 wrote

i have -10db and tinnitus in both ears and i agree, literally once i put transparency on i was so confused.


Impressive-Anon6034 t1_iwshmyg wrote

So they can destroy your hearing … but can also help with hearing loss.. so it evens out?


ntack9933 t1_iwv22fg wrote

There is a host of Settings to prevent damage to the ear


Hygro t1_iwsjnum wrote

They sound better and work better than the two hearing aids I have owned. Also cheaper, more comfortable, and more stylish. I've always thought hearing aids should be honest so that they can look cool instead of trying to hide either behind the ear or like skin tone in the ear.


stackens t1_iwspkuh wrote

How do they function as heating aides exactly? Is there a way for transparency mode to amplify sound?

To your second point, agreed, and other forms of mechanical aid should do the same. So many fashion possibilities with prosthetics


Jun1or t1_iwsr5r4 wrote

Transparency mode DOES amplify sound, and also provides a degree of direction to sounds. I’ve got a 55 gallon fish tank and can tell the instant the water gets below the filter mark because I can heat it, but only with my AirPods on.


Sun-Ghoti t1_iwt0zse wrote

Sure they amplify sound, but the point of hearing aids is to only amplify the right sounds, not every sound.


ZappyZane t1_iwtkf89 wrote

Sure, thats why Apple. Sony, Bose etc need to do user-tailored sound curves (audiogram), and for low to low/moderate hearing loss is probably fine for most.

A friend had hearing aids "professionally fitted", and the free internet audiogram basically matched the one done in a sound booth by the professional.
The tuning on the hearing aids wasn't that good, being a "cheap" (aka not mega-multi-thousand currency pair), so tbh i think consumer electronic companies could easily do something better at the lower end of hearing loss for users.

They did have a pair of Here One earbuds which were so close to being great, but battery life and app integration let them down. Then Apple came out with their first earbuds and kinda killed them off. Sad really as the tech was getting close.


Hygro t1_iwu207s wrote

Somewhere deep in the settings I was able to get them to boost specifically the highs in transparency mode. But it might be related to my previous hearing aids' tie-in to my phone (they were bluetooth). Or not related. Definitely do some googling regarding the accessibility settings. I can't remember my steps.


[deleted] t1_iwvshxe wrote



Hygro t1_iwx4s3w wrote

yeah, imagine if they tried to hide glasses. Like, not contacts but plastic skin tone frames and looping around your face in weird ways like a bad pair of monocles


Sir_Loppy t1_iwu8u92 wrote

Not really that different from Sony or Samsung's equivalent in this respect, not sure why they're singling it out, the "improved hearing" is simply compression of loud and quiet noises so they all play at closer volume levels than the ear would naturally hear them at. Nothing ultra high tech going on.


SecretCrockpot t1_iwvp7hu wrote

they can boost individual frequencies like hearing aids, have them on the setting right now. headphone accommodations in settings allows you to import a frequency hearing test, which you can take for free on the app store


[deleted] t1_iwvcgk6 wrote

There are others, for sure, but once you’ve used Conversation Boost, you’ll see why they are focusing on Apple. Other can do this… but Apples doing it really well right now.


ItsJustJohnCena t1_iwueen5 wrote

Are these the hearing aids I keep reading about in those ads that doctors are amazed by?


shaun0bi t1_iwu3hpw wrote

I’d just be happy if they stayed connected to my phone when I receive calls


srcorvettez06 t1_iwu40hw wrote

Try taking off your case. A friend of mine had the same issue and a different case solved it.


Dirtymountain48 t1_iwvkpy2 wrote

I’m not going to lie. I love the options of these social isolation sticks. Suffering from anxiety I can easily block out the world. Deaf as fuck because I run a chainsaw for a living I can switch the option and I can hear better. Glad they are going in this direction.


Monstermart t1_iwvmh3v wrote

They better find a better way to keep these things in your damn ear. I bought a pair and they would fall out while I was chewing gum


JesseWebDotCom t1_iwus8nh wrote

I recently tried to use them at a loud party. After tweaking everything, I expected the headphones to cancel out the background noise and music while amplifying the person talking in front of me. It made about a 20% improvement.


AnaalPusBakje t1_iwufr3j wrote

the line between hearing aids and earbuds has been vanishing for years already, my grandfather has one that let's him directly stream his phone audio to it for phone calls. he uses it to listen to spotify!..


Slammedtgs t1_iwvcmr5 wrote

They are still not the same. Some TWS are catching up in terms of frequency response that hearing instruments focus on and some hearing aids are focusing on higher resolution audio for streaming capabilities. The two devices focus on different frequency ranges though and are not the same today.


AnaalPusBakje t1_iwvevvm wrote

You had a few errors in your sentence that made it incredibly hard to understand without knowing that TWS was true wireless stereo lol. But that is interesting, so the frequency you are talking about, would that be on the microphone pickup, or what the speakers try to reproduce?


Slammedtgs t1_iwvhsjs wrote

Thanks for pointing out that I, once again, failed to proof read my reply. I fixed the comments.

Historically, hearing aids have focused on the speech range to the spectrum, below 8khz. Newer generations are starting to increase the response curve to make music sound better. This is on the speaker side, not the microphone.

Earbuds/TWS have a wider frequency spectrum, to capture the high end audio (vocals and instrumental).

For ANC you need high output at low frequencies, which AirPods do well with a large driver. Hearings aids struggle here due to the size constraints in the ear canal.


DriscollMayweather t1_iwuggv7 wrote

I played in a metal band for years and used hearing protection at a grand total of 2 practices and 0 shows. Hearing loss is moderate and these help a ton with my hearing, it was pretty eye opening. Plus it’s nice to turn noise cancellation on and turn off my annoying coworkers sometimes


ackillesBAC t1_iwuldoc wrote

Useful for creating low to moderate hearing loss by packing your ear wax against your eardrum


amanfromthere t1_iwupoet wrote

If that's happening, I think you're sticking the wrong end in your ear.


PAM111 t1_iwuvbim wrote

This is bullshit. My hearing aids cost $7k and are tailored to my hearing loss. Consumer grade headphones are no where near what hearing aids do.


AintNobody- t1_iwuvtp7 wrote

Does this technology only work with this kind of ear-sealing earbud? I don't like this style, but I'd like the benefits in the amateur airpods.


ntack9933 t1_iwv2buu wrote

Transparency and noise cancellation tech is available in all forms of headphones, including over the ear


[deleted] t1_iwvc5x8 wrote

But it’s important to note that most don’t do it well. There are a few (Sony and Bose for instance) but Apple is leading the field right now.


Slammedtgs t1_iwvd6ji wrote

AirPod pro are vented. The noise canceling is from a massive 11mm driver. With a smaller driver you need a sealed ear tip for good ANC.


beenburnedbutable t1_iwuy20s wrote

Funny, some might say they cause a problem they’re now solving. Hmmm.


Dry_Damp t1_iwvi91x wrote

„This close being a hearing aid“.. yea, for a few hours before the battery dies.

My hearing aid lasts for 2-3 days with one charge.. oh and it has Bluetooth and takes calls too.


AgentG91 t1_iww05c3 wrote

My dad got a hearing aid last year that’s an actual hearing aid and also connects to his phone automatically. Music, phone calls, audiobooks, YouTube, all run straight through his hearing aid.

This is just an advertisement for Apple. Modern hearing aids are much more advanced than airpods


poocoocoo t1_iww6vgy wrote

So give people hearing loss, then give them hearing aids, great business move


JulPollitt t1_iww7od3 wrote

bruh i just want a black pair that i can wear in the shower


johnp299 t1_iww9p19 wrote

Airpods! The cause of, and solution to, moderate hearing loss!


Rintinsin t1_iww9pb7 wrote

Trying to find ways that you will never take them off muhahahaha


Mrdrsrow08 t1_ixjl6zp wrote

I am a hearing aid wearer and I have tried this but it seems to keep crashing my phone in iOS 16.


wowbyowen t1_iy5zll3 wrote

First they ruin your hearing, then they fix your hearing, genius!


ImDirkDiggler t1_iwvvo9e wrote

Something tells me the majority of Audiologists would disagree


eshemuta t1_iwwymv3 wrote

The majority of audiologists charge thousands of dollars for hearing aids. Of course they will disagree.


ImDirkDiggler t1_iwwzhrz wrote

That seems a little jaded. Most healthcare providers want to provide the best quality care for their patients. And there’s a reason they don’t recommend OTC hearing aids to people; inevitably one of two things happen, people get mad that the OTC’s don’t work and they stop pursing hearing care, or they end up paying for OTC’s one year and then come back the next year and upgrade to a better quality hearing device. AirPods are great, but this study feels like it was a paid marketing ploy by Apple. Just my opinion though, definitely consult your healthcare professional for advice.


eshemuta t1_iwwzybc wrote

Regardless of their intent, a lot of people simply can’t afford them. Medicare doesn’t cover them at all. So some improvement is better than none at all. And for people with mild hearing loss (like me) something like this is adequate.


ImDirkDiggler t1_iwx0skd wrote

If they work for you and you’re happy, then I’m happy for you mate.


dxin t1_iwu6jm3 wrote

Isn't Apple's non noise-isolating earbuds a major cause of hearing loss?


jaqattack02 t1_iwukrxe wrote

Any earbuds or headphones can cause hearing loss if you play them loudly enough. That's like blaming the fork for getting you fat.


luchobe t1_iwu9066 wrote

Study: Airpods are this close (24 months) to being full fledged un-repairable trash. Apple gets proud of their green washing, making people belive they help Def people, when the tech its 50 years old.


[deleted] t1_iwtm2fv wrote

But what if they get lost?


luchobe t1_iwu9ec4 wrote

Guess what!? More trash! Oh but murica don't think about that.