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Kevin_Jim t1_iwumqnf wrote

It’s the natural course of action. The EU is the biggest economic bloc on the planet. Everyone wants a piece of it, and since they make it for Europe it makes sense to sell it as is for everything else.

The only thing that hasn’t stuck is GDPR, outside of the EU.


tylerr514 t1_iwv4vqj wrote

American software dev here;

We're slowly adopting GDPR compliant practices (even for American-only services).

Our main barrier is for California and New York to adopt a very similar policy, then our federal government will eventually follow.


RandomUsername12123 t1_iwvs25a wrote

Isn't easy to just adopt the more stringent one and call it a day?


ValinorDragon t1_iwwhapd wrote

Sure, put the most stringent practices are not so easily monetizable/exploitable. That is the whole point of the GDPR, prevent abusive (but profitable) practices among other things.