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diacewrb t1_iwuxqfx wrote

Tim Apple will not be a happy bunny today.


EstablishmentOddity t1_iwv3mja wrote

They’ll just completely remove wired charging and force all iPhone users to buy MagSafe xD


day7seven t1_iwv4n2a wrote

Then the only holes left in the phone will be the speakers. So the speakers will be the next to go and you will be forced to buy Airpods for around.


EstablishmentOddity t1_iwv4r87 wrote

Funnily enough I can see Apple trying to push that narrative and people still buying into it.


krtshv t1_iwv78lw wrote

I don't know about India but the EU law (the one that passed that mandated type C) says that a device not using wires to charge has to use aj open standard (such as Qi).

So good luck to them, they'll still have to comply with the rest of the world.


FightOnForUsc t1_iwvcyz0 wrote

iPhones still support Qi charging…


krtshv t1_iwvf69i wrote

That's good then. No problems if they switch to only wireless charging.


Serpace t1_iwzbatz wrote

Yeah there's a big fucking problem. It makes charging on the go a pain in the ass


krtshv t1_iwzfxct wrote

Not saying it's a smart idea (I personally would never buy a wireless only phone). I'm saying there won't be any compatibility issues with competing products.


EstablishmentOddity t1_iwv7h3n wrote

Haven’t read the full order for India, but yes, the EU does have a solid track record of being thorough.

Nothing would please me more to be able to have one standard for all charging needs be it wired or wireless.


tinyman392 t1_iwveqxm wrote

MagSafe works with any Qi charger. The MagSafe is essentially Qi with a magnet to ensure that the wireless charger is aligned properly for optimal (charging) power.