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Winjin t1_iwv09ud wrote

Now with both EU and India on it, the rest will most probably follow. Because why not.


ackillesBAC t1_iwv1pxm wrote

It's not that the rest of the world that needs to follow. It's just not justifiable for manufacturers to make one device for the EU and India (massive markets) and one for the rest of the world. Just so they can make a few extra bucks selling crappy charge cables.

So everyone can enjoy 1 charging ecosystem.


Winjin t1_iwv5nvm wrote

Yeah, that's my though process as well.

Maybe if the US is opposed, and China is angry, then combined they have enough force to push back. But if China or USA says "yeah that's perfect" then the last big market gates will fall


ackillesBAC t1_iwv7o3q wrote

doesnt matter if a country opposes it, or doesnt make their own legislation. Comes down to what will make the most money for the manufacture.


Hairy_Al t1_iwvd3ar wrote

>Comes down to what will make the most money for the manufacture.

Right. Even if China and the US say "use whatever, we don't care", no multi-national is going to lock themselves out of 2 billion+ potential customers.

If China and the US decide on a different, matching, standard, then there's a problem


flompwillow t1_iwvo0t3 wrote

Really comes down to economies of scale, if you’re making millions of something there is a very small amount of expense per unit in producing a different plug. Like, I’m guessing it’s a couple cents per device.

Licensing fees for proprietary plugs easily make up the difference, and it’s a gift that keeps giving for years after the original purchase.


ackillesBAC t1_iwvwucj wrote

Parts may only be a couple cents per device, but now you need different packaging, different instructions printed, you need to track and ship different products to proper places there's alot of little things that add up.