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ttubehtnitahwtahw1 t1_iwvba3a wrote

Until Apple just does wireless and it's still proprietary.


Hairy_Al t1_iwvdf3d wrote

Quoted from someone else's reply further up

>the EU law (the one that passed that mandated type C) says that a device not using wires to charge has to use an open standard (such as Qi).


tinyman392 t1_iwvelnn wrote

Apple already supports Qi on its iPhones.


Hairy_Al t1_iwves5w wrote

So it's not proprietary, which is what I was replying to


4lan9 t1_iwvhqha wrote

Their connector, the magsafe, is proprietary. Sure you can use a Qi pad, but then it has to be lying down on a table and you can't use it normally like when plugged in.

They know this. They know you will still shell out $40 for a magsafe cable that costs the manufacturer extra money to sell as MFi just because it is proprietary.

They are making tens of billions off their cut from cables, apps, subscriptions that they don't even make themselves. This is anti-competitive behavior that hurts the end user


Mowampa t1_iwvjojs wrote

Not it’s not. I charge my Galaxy and iPhone on the same wireless charger.


tcptomato t1_iwvij17 wrote

There are rumors that the iphone will get USB-C, but only the Pro will get USB3.


notCRAZYenough t1_iwwyunh wrote

What’s usb3? I thought it’s RGR same as usb-c?


bengringo2 t1_iwxb2y7 wrote

USB-C is just a plug. Nothing more. There are many USB2 USB-C cables. USB3 is a transport protocol. Apple will use Thunderbolt.