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zebrahdh t1_iwvbo2u wrote

Meanwhile in the US we are trying to find a way to sell different chargers for each phone in three separate pieces that have to be bought from three different store.


4lan9 t1_iwvgo45 wrote

Unchecked capitalism is horrifying. If they had it their way we'd be stuck in 2002 when all phones had different proprietary chargers.

Apple wont do USB-C. they will fast-track magsafe despite it not being able to transfer data at USB-C speeds. They will remove the port to stay 'compliant' despite the fact that MagSafe IS PROPRIETARY. They will use their loophole to continue to overcharge you for cables through their MFi system. $4 per cable is goes to apple, currently. THAT is why your lightning cables cost an arm and a leg


Ithxero t1_iwvnobj wrote

While agreeing with most of your post: lightning cables haven’t cost an arm and a leg for over a decade in a lot of markets, especially so in the US.

Even Best Buys branded cables weren’t that expensive back in 09, and when Anker, Monoprice and Cable Matters (to name very few) stepped into the market around the same time, it was a boon to consumers.


professorDissociate t1_ix0maas wrote

Why does an Apple charger cost me $20-$30 then? Better performant USB-C cables cost around $8.


Ithxero t1_ix0nmej wrote

I don’t know? Where do you live? Where are you buying from? What brand are you buying? What type of cable are you buying?

See: “in a lot of markets.”


professorDissociate t1_ix0ojhl wrote

Average cost on the first page of Amazon results for both. I personally don’t leave the house much, is that my problem maybe? I’m autistic and the arthritis in my vocal chords starts acting up at the thought of there being a slight chance of needing to make eye contact with another instance of sentience.


Ithxero t1_ix0ozym wrote

I dunno. I search “lightning cable” and get $10 for a 3 pack of 6 foot cables.

That definitely could be a location thing. I don’t know and that shit sucks too.


ccooffee t1_iwwaq17 wrote

>Unchecked capitalism is horrifying. If they had it their way we'd be stuck in 2002 when all phones had different proprietary chargers.

But they've had their way all this time already and we're not in that situation.


4lan9 t1_iwwr8za wrote

Yes beacase it was checked by the EU and India. Not the case in the US


ccooffee t1_iwx75xx wrote

The EU law doesn't go into effect for another year. India is only today talking about it. It's not even an official law yet. So no one in the EU or India (or anywhere else) has been keeping device makers in check yet.


manugutito t1_iwvl00z wrote

Doesn't the regulation also call for a standard wireless charging system?


Adihd72 t1_iww7e0w wrote

And also why they’re designed to be crap and break


blckeagls t1_iwwl9q8 wrote

Just don't buy apple product. I don't. But all these apps fanboys complaining about "capitalism" but don't understand the consumer is ultimately in charge, you just willing to take it up the A** vs not buying.


MrMxylptlyk t1_iwxaxjq wrote

The consumer is absolutely jot Incharge lmao


blckeagls t1_iwy5i0z wrote

One consumer is not. But alot of consumers are. Product companies are looking at what consumers will buy, not just making product and saying you have to buy this.


sesor33 t1_iwvhc87 wrote

I bought a lightning cable from Amazon for $6 lmao, and it's a meter long. You really need to get back on your meds


corkythecactus t1_iwvpd28 wrote

Ya and you get bombarded with “liquid detected” errors


nacho013 t1_iwvralw wrote

What does that mean?


corkythecactus t1_iwvrjob wrote

Apple puts something in their own charger so they can detect when a charger is made by a third party. If you use a third party you get tons of “device not supported” or “liquid detected” warnings to spook you.


nacho013 t1_iww08xb wrote

Hmmm interesting. Ive seen that happening with Samsung phones too so it’s probably not an apple only problem


Amitheous t1_iwwlsyh wrote

Only anecdotal, but I've used samsung phones and my wife iphones for the last 5 years, basically only buy 3rd party cables for both, and neither of us have ever had any of those issues come up at all


corkythecactus t1_iww129p wrote

I wouldn’t know. I’ve used iPhones for years. They’re great for the most part but the whole lightning charging cable system is an absolute shit show. Can’t wait for usb c


nacho013 t1_iwwfn22 wrote

I’ve never had any problems with third party cables, in fact they are much better than the crappy apple ones


corkythecactus t1_iwwjk5c wrote

I wish I shared your experience. My last iPhone got ruined because a third party charger broke inside the phone. Every connector was loose and shitty after that. :(