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sesor33 t1_iwvhc87 wrote

I bought a lightning cable from Amazon for $6 lmao, and it's a meter long. You really need to get back on your meds


corkythecactus t1_iwvpd28 wrote

Ya and you get bombarded with “liquid detected” errors


nacho013 t1_iwvralw wrote

What does that mean?


corkythecactus t1_iwvrjob wrote

Apple puts something in their own charger so they can detect when a charger is made by a third party. If you use a third party you get tons of “device not supported” or “liquid detected” warnings to spook you.


nacho013 t1_iww08xb wrote

Hmmm interesting. Ive seen that happening with Samsung phones too so it’s probably not an apple only problem


Amitheous t1_iwwlsyh wrote

Only anecdotal, but I've used samsung phones and my wife iphones for the last 5 years, basically only buy 3rd party cables for both, and neither of us have ever had any of those issues come up at all


corkythecactus t1_iww129p wrote

I wouldn’t know. I’ve used iPhones for years. They’re great for the most part but the whole lightning charging cable system is an absolute shit show. Can’t wait for usb c


nacho013 t1_iwwfn22 wrote

I’ve never had any problems with third party cables, in fact they are much better than the crappy apple ones


corkythecactus t1_iwwjk5c wrote

I wish I shared your experience. My last iPhone got ruined because a third party charger broke inside the phone. Every connector was loose and shitty after that. :(