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hsgdgda t1_iwvhy19 wrote

I have seen many issues at my previous job with USB C / thunderbolt. People think they can use any cord and charger as long as it fits in a USB C port. Guess what, you won’t get video in a thunderbolt port just because a USB C cord fits in the port. Your laptop probably won’t charge if you try and charge it with a phone cord and charger.


mjh2901 t1_iwvt0ry wrote

I work in IT, I would love a program that could test cables using 2 thunderbolt 3/4 ports on a computer and tell us what spect the cable is. It's a nightmare having cables that look the same and work differently, especially after year or so when the markings have rubbed off.

Currently the only thing out there is the $25,000 tester Linus Tech Tips bought, Ill never get that Purchase order through where I work.


wakka55 t1_iwvm151 wrote

I am talking about charging at 5V 3A using a 65W in-spec USB-C PD charger, which definitely supports that. I only named Apple because they are a core member of the USB-C coalition and designed the spec in the first place, but no in-spec charger of any brand charges these flashlights for some reason. The flashlights can't activate the 5V 3A handshake message.


hsgdgda t1_iwvx613 wrote

Yeah, I know it’s not exactly the same, I thought it was similar enough though, something fitting in a USB C port but not working just because it fits.