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Ithxero t1_iwvnobj wrote

While agreeing with most of your post: lightning cables haven’t cost an arm and a leg for over a decade in a lot of markets, especially so in the US.

Even Best Buys branded cables weren’t that expensive back in 09, and when Anker, Monoprice and Cable Matters (to name very few) stepped into the market around the same time, it was a boon to consumers.


professorDissociate t1_ix0maas wrote

Why does an Apple charger cost me $20-$30 then? Better performant USB-C cables cost around $8.


Ithxero t1_ix0nmej wrote

I don’t know? Where do you live? Where are you buying from? What brand are you buying? What type of cable are you buying?

See: “in a lot of markets.”


professorDissociate t1_ix0ojhl wrote

Average cost on the first page of Amazon results for both. I personally don’t leave the house much, is that my problem maybe? I’m autistic and the arthritis in my vocal chords starts acting up at the thought of there being a slight chance of needing to make eye contact with another instance of sentience.


Ithxero t1_ix0ozym wrote

I dunno. I search “lightning cable” and get $10 for a 3 pack of 6 foot cables.

That definitely could be a location thing. I don’t know and that shit sucks too.