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lucille_bluth_91 t1_iww01i2 wrote

People in government are stupid. Say goodbye to innovation in technology due to more regulation. What about USB-X?


ValinorDragon t1_iwwjvfc wrote

IF USB-X is the succesor of USB-C and is an open standard the EU law will allow it to be used. Don't know about the Indian law, but most likely is similar.


AayushBoliya t1_iwxmwup wrote

If standards are prevent innovation then why even have standards on domestic power distribution? Let companies decide AC or DC, 50hz or 60hz. Let companies decide different spectrum for 5G, 4G different spectrum for Radio for different companies. Let automakers have proprietary chargers for EVs so you can only charge at certain locations. This is not innovation, this is crony capitalism and USB C is the best standard, when there will be better stable alternative, laws will be amended