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Honest_Statement1021 t1_ix0e35v wrote

Undeniably the standard was was developed years after lightning was already on devices. Also afaik they’re only enforcing the type-c form factor not the usb-c standard.


Artanthos t1_ix7q425 wrote

And Apple is implementing the Thunderbolt standard, which means all the extras that USB-C has listed as optional will be fully supported.


Honest_Statement1021 t1_ix8waka wrote

Which is cool and all but what did we benefit from using legislature to make Apple do this. The biggest argument is this idea of e-waste reduction because less cords but they fail to acknowledge that every manufacturer is just going to put new USB-C cables with every new device, and the customer convenience one just seems like such a forced argument. Like “sometimes people forget their chargers at home we should make a law so they’ll always have a charger!”