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Commisioner_Bush t1_ixzvgjg wrote

Almost all PV is connected to the grid, there's no point in having a battery unless you're totally off the electric grid, in which case obviously you need more infrastructure, like a backup generator, than what you'd need in a regular PV installment.


darkgothmog t1_iy01q99 wrote

Batteries are useful to have higher autonomy. What you produced and not used during the day can be used during the night without buying it. Of course it’s useful


AnonymousWritings t1_iy07kcm wrote

Only where utilities have idiotic net metering policies right now that let you effectively use your noontime summer production at any time of the year. Resulting in oversupplies if electricity during daylight hours.

Sensible policies that paid people differing amounts depending on what time of day electricity was released to the grid SHOULD be in place and would favor batteries.


Commisioner_Bush t1_iy0l9ql wrote

The energy grid is fundamentally a battery, it would be asinine to have distributed battery sources storing energy for individual units when literally everybody is connected by a giant battery. The fact that it's not super profitable to store energy isn't a failure of the energy system, but the economic system that the grid must adhere to.


AnonymousWritings t1_iy1146o wrote

It's not a battery. It's a set of generation sources that have to be ramped up and down to meet demand. And ramping up variable sources to meet peak demand times tends to be expensive for the grid.


sjbglobal t1_iy27yfq wrote

If you live in a country with lots of hydro power then it kind of acts like a battery


Emu1981 t1_iy13ap7 wrote

>Almost all PV is connected to the grid, there's no point in having a battery

It really depends on your usage patterns. For me it could be a great investment to get batteries if I had PV. The Feed In Tariff is about 20% of the cost of grid supplied KWh which means that having a battery to cover the period between when the sun goes down and the off-peak rates hit could save a decent amount of money. I would have to gather data (power consumption vs time of day) and do the maths to figure out if the cost savings would pay for themselves though and I am not going to bother to do that without having the option to put up PV in the first place.