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trichomesRpleasant t1_iy0p5wo wrote

As opposed to 2 suns?


calvin4224 t1_iy1cwpz wrote

Concentrated solar is measured in suns. So if I use a mirror or a lens of 2 m^2 area and direct this light on on a 1m^2 solar panel, people talk of in this case two suns reaching the solar panel. The panel still has a similar efficiency, but double the power output due to more light shining on it. I simplified a bit but thats the idea.

Type "concentrated solar" into an image search engine, it's fascinating!


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iy1mgm2 wrote

Now Google "word play" or "joke".


k0bra3eak t1_iy2wkyx wrote

They gave a legitimate explanation to something people may not know about how solar is measured even if it is a joke, you're just being an ass