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Azuras33 t1_iy3sn6n wrote

This, it's easy to build something. But can it stand for the next 30+ years?


Iknowtacos t1_iy50e5i wrote

Jesus it better be a 1/5 of the price if it's only going to last 30 years.


CocoSloth t1_iy7msna wrote

They're genuinely just as costly if not more than regular houses


Corfiz74 t1_iy7wjj7 wrote

Maybe not if they become mass produced.


CaptainTripps82 t1_iy82xou wrote

Why wouldn't it be. Hell I'd expect it to be far more expensive, at least initially


Morgell t1_iy7e12h wrote

Until something can withstand and *shield* against northern winters (I'm in Quebec, Canada), I'm not holding my breath that this type of building can become widespread in my area, lol.


Corfiz74 t1_iy7whk9 wrote

And in what climates? Germany has a housing crisis, but our winters can get pretty cold - would the recycle house break down at some point? And would the materials stand up to multi-storey constructions?