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Elevenst t1_iy3yn39 wrote

>"The entire house measures 600 square feet..."

That's not a house. That's half an apartment.


WalkerBRiley t1_iy59vzu wrote

My apartment is 650 sq ft of livable space.

I'd give up 50 sq ft to have a house of my own.

Not all of us can get 1200 sq ft apartments.


snatchmachine t1_iy4mbod wrote

The average 1 bedroom apartment in the US is 882 sq feet. Even the highest state average is under 1200.

1200 sq feet is a fairly large apt. Plenty of homes measure out under 1000 sq feet in living area (not including basement.)


minotaur05 t1_iy8skhm wrote

My first house was 1008 sq ft. 3 bed, 1 bath and while not massive, was laid out well and comfortable. 1200 sq feet isn’t “fairly large” for an apartment that’s massive


snatchmachine t1_iy8y9ee wrote

I agree, just figured I’d leave some wiggle room for parts of the country that may be different than mine.


HooliganScrote t1_iy6g81c wrote

You’re trippin. My old 900sq ft apartment was fucking massive.