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vc6vWHzrHvb2PY2LyP6b t1_iy6bw3o wrote

We also need to step out of the "Every American family needs a 2,000+ square foot home with a huge yard" mindset. If we all lived with the same density as NYC and left nature to nature, we'd be much better off as a planet.

That doesn't mean restricting land, it means that the land we already allocate to housing will hold MUCH more housing and costa will ultimately go down.


maretus t1_iy82z9f wrote

The only way to accomplish this on a national scale is through force. So; it won’t happen.


detectiveDollar t1_iyfc5o4 wrote

Part of the problem is that most of what's smaller than 2000+ square feet that's relatively new construction in a decent area with nearby jobs are townhouses with gated communities (at least in my area). Townhouses are great, but they have a steep HOA fee which makes the seemingly affordable mortgage a lot less affordable.