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Nerabumami t1_iz0not7 wrote

Sorry, but no way doctors are replaced anytime soon. As someone designing these robots, I can guarantee you we very far away from that. These robots help surgeons be more precise, make surgeries quicker and help with planning, but they will not run surgeries by themselves in the foreseeable future.


GlowforgePokemon62 t1_iz17k6p wrote

Doctors are not going to be replaced but their efficiency will be improved so we will be able to do more testing with fewer headcount. If you design these robots, you already know this happening. Easiest example is NGS workflow. A pathologist in a thread above said “obviously NGS is automated, what are we going to do count every sequence” Tens years ago (maybe 15) that’s literally what they did lol


Floedekartofler t1_iz1t29m wrote

Sanger sequencing was invented in 1977 and according to Google the first commercial automated system using this method was brought to market in 1987.

NGS was not a revolution in robotics. It was a revolution in biotech that enabled new and faster ways to sequence


GlowforgePokemon62 t1_iz27wb4 wrote

So your point is that NGS is just as automated as Sanger sequencing? Tell that to the tech who has to hybridize every single codon on their early aughts Hitachi hahah