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drunken-oracle t1_iz0rn0q wrote

To be fair, so will people on the Internet.


drunken-oracle t1_iz0uo6a wrote

I read them but didn’t find anything about it.


ohaikthxbai t1_izab8uc wrote

You're right because the articles don't support his claim see my post next to yours


insaneinsanity t1_iz0wb9l wrote

You read the actual papers?


ohaikthxbai t1_izab64w wrote

The OP's article seems to be talking about esophageal cancer not HPV related oropharynx.

ECOG 3311 demonstrates the value of robotic surgery in the deintensification of adjuvant therapy. Doesn't support your argument at all.

ORATOR 2 is a highly problematic trial - their two surgical arm mortalities were far more suggestive of issues with post-op care (in-hospital trach bleed) and surgical/radiation technique (spine infection AFTER radiation).

The surgeons in the ORATOR 2 trial had a morbidity profile that does not reflect any case series, trial, or database study based in the US. They were routinely doing tracheostomies, and they were not credentialing surgeons the way they did in E3311.

Personally the only useful information from the ORATOR 2 trial is: Don't get surgery with any of the surgeons who participated in the ORATOR 2 trial.