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lofixlover t1_iz126yo wrote

from the images, I wonder if versius is meant to be a single-arm robot versus the multi-arm-options of davinci? like, smaller and more affordable?


awardwinningbanana t1_iz17nt5 wrote

I've had a play with Versius- the arms are separate units which means you can use as many or as few as you want, and you can share them between operating theatres if e.g. your hospital has two 'brain' units. It also means you can get rid of one arm without having to move the whole robot. I haven't played with the DaVinci, but found the Versius very intuitive.


Jai_Cee t1_iz21r41 wrote

It is a modular unit. You have the endoscope (camera) plus as many arms as you need which is typically two or three. It is smaller and portable so you can move it easily between theatres or even different hospitals.