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ohaikthxbai t1_iz32zu8 wrote

This is true more for tongue base tumors than predominantly tonsil tumors. You really don't need a robot to do a proper radical tonsillectomy, though a robotic platform may enable more surgeons to do a proper radical tonsillectomy.

I think what's novel about this robot is its modularity and much lower profile. It also has an open console, as in you're not tunnelling your head into a console when operating the robot - you're wearing glasses but have an open view of the OR including the patient's bedside.

I think this might confer an advantage for those who do transoral robotic surgery because with da Vinci you are still dependent on the quality of your bedside assistant to know when and how tools and the camera are colliding with the patient's teeth and with each other. With an open console you can see the patient without taking the camera view out of your field of vision.