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TooSmalley t1_izfbdb4 wrote

So we will get one more year of a lighting port IPhone, then Apple will do something ridiculous like release a completely portless IPhone.


threebillion6 t1_izfcwfg wrote

Magnetic charging ports that don't need a male female connection.


The_Synthax t1_izhvi7m wrote

They already have that, basically. And they just introduced a way to recover from certain soft bricks wirelessly too, no doubt in preparation of dropping a port altogether with only MagSafe and standard Qi for charging. My guess is they’ll have a hidden port inside the sim slot for recovering from bricks at an Apple Store. This would be almost identical to the way they handle a firmware restore on Apple Watch and Apple TV 4K, with the former having a Lightning protocol port hidden in the band mount and the latter having a Lightning protocol port behind a door inside the Ethernet jack. I say Lightning “protocol” because while it’s not a Lightning connector, it won’t speak USB until enumerated by a Lightning chip like those found in an iPhones lower ribbon cable.


MindSwipe t1_iziboqk wrote

I'd be surprised if Apple keeps standard Qi charging once/ if they move to a portless iPhone, they'll probably be all like "Because many companies use Qi, the standard needs to move slow to ensure compatibility, which is why we courageously decided to no longer support Qi and introduce our new MagSafe 2.0, a much better standard than Qi"


ypwu t1_izju1z9 wrote

And in reality Qi will get 40Gbps bandwidth and upto 100W power delivery eventually while MagSafe 2.0 will be stuck on 18W and USB 2.0 (480Mbps) speeds. And apple will still keep claiming MagSafe 2.0 is better


aminy23 t1_izjyy4x wrote

Wired data transfers are becoming increasingly niche.

There's some speculation that Apple might move to Thunderbolt on future high end iPhones. There is a possibility that 20 gigabit - 40 gigabit connectivity could be Apple exclusive for a while.

Neither Qi nor MagSafe is about data transfers.

WiFi already handles data transfers and is constantly getting faster. My WiFi 6 mesh outperforms my CAT5 wiring in my house.

It's left me in a conundrum of running CAT7-8 in my walls, or just expecting WiFi 7-8 to be fast enough.

60 Ghz WiFi already exists for high speed data transfers over short distances in a true wireless manner. It wouldn't be hard to add this to a phone.

The main need for such high bandwidth is usually for large devices like monitors which aren't typically connected to phones.


SigmaLance t1_izimmrv wrote

My iPhone does not have a SIM slot so there will have to be an alternative way. They could just as easily repurpose the current charging port into a diagnostics/repair slot as well.


creamsodas t1_izjarmo wrote

except apple is getting rid of physical sim cards and slots to move exclusively to e-sim


AreWeNotDoinPhrasing t1_izk822i wrote

I’ve been trying to look in to the Apple Watch lightning protocol thing but am coming up empty. The only thing I’ve seen was that there was a myth that there was a lightning port behind the band and that it had been debunked. I know they could communicate with like smart plugs like on the back of iPads, but don’t see anything like that on my watch. I’m wondering how they access this lightning protocol at the store.


ifmacdo t1_izj8r8o wrote

It would still be a wired connection, and require USB-C.


ActualAccount009 t1_izfcodg wrote

I don’t remember exactly but I think the EU is saying they can’t do that or something along those lines


Kronoxdund t1_izfdwpy wrote

Nope, they could remove the port and keep the wireless charger there's nothing wrong with that (When it comes to the law)


BlaxicanX t1_izfwajq wrote

True, but the law *does* forbid a phone from requiring a proprietary wireless charger. Even if Apple goes to wireless charging only, it would have to be done in a way so that people can go to target and buy a generic brand wireless charger.

There is no escape for Apple in this scenario. One way or another, their days of forcing customers to use their accessories is over. The EU has done a great job here.


djamp42 t1_izg0zhv wrote

IMO I would HATE a phone that is only wireless charging. AFAIK no wireless charging can match charging time of a good wired charger.


TooSmalley t1_izga4dc wrote

Listen I think the same thing can be said about Wired headphones. I think they are better in almost every aspect over Bluetooth, But look where we are now.


danielzur2 t1_izgihj6 wrote

As a music producer, I have a pair of leisure headphones that connect via BT. They’re convenient for gaming, chatting on Discord, playing videos on your phone… but mixing? Nah. That’s wired all the way. None of the interference, latency, or frequency loss. They are also heavier and have 10 times the impedance, and sound crisp as summer rain.

imo both are better for their intended purpose than their counterpart. BT is synonymous with confort, not quality.


It_was_mee_all_along t1_izh1wxd wrote

For sure, when it comes to advanced users. But the quality for normies like me goes as high as something like AirPods


thecanadiansniper1-2 t1_izilzce wrote

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO. Apple got rid of the port only in terms of profit and loss, by going BT only they killed an open standard that the rest of the industry was using happily and started to shove over priced wireless earbuds down everbodies throat. By creating the problem and selling bt earbuds apple profited from removing the 3.5mm jack Crapple has increased E-Waste with single use and not easily swappable batteries in airpods etc. There is no reason to kill the 3.5 mm jack but the rest of the industry got gready when apple saw how they fleeced their customers (not apple products users are customers not users as how apple locks down features after repair, you don't own you phone when apple says cool you dont get Super retina xdr after getting you phone screen fixed)


22Sharpe t1_izh0ost wrote

To be honest I thought wireless only would bug me with my Apple Watch and it doesn’t at all. 95% of my charging is done overnight anyway so what do I care if it’s a bit slower?

The part I would dislike is data transfer being hell and being forced to use wireless headphones. Charging wouldn’t be a big deal though.


LongStrangeTrips t1_izii1ic wrote

What if you’re charging your phone on the go though? Wireless charging isn’t bad if you charge your phone while you sleep, but what if you’re walking around and using a battery pack, what if you’re charging but still picking your phone up and putting it down? I personally have made all my peripherals wireless, but I still prefer to charge my phone via cable just because it’s easier to move the phone than with a puck stuck to the back of it.


22Sharpe t1_iziihwg wrote

Maybe it’s just me, I can’t say I’ve ever had an instance where I wanted to walk around with my phone tethered to a battery pack.

It’s a reasonable concern though. I’m not even saying wireless would be a better option just that Apple doesn’t tend to like governments telling them what they can and can’t use so it seems like them to just ditch the wire all together. Personally as someone with a bunch of Lightning accessories and no USB-C ones I’m not really happy with either outcome.


Pikespeakbear t1_izjnymx wrote

IDK how you avoid that. I need to go and realize my phone is at 30% or less so I toss a battery pack in my pocket and plug it into the phone. I'm out the door with no issues.


towelracks t1_izinjj3 wrote

I don't think I could deal with a wireless charge only phone when I'm travelling. I can't imagine how annoying it would be on a long haul flight for instance.


r2k-in-the-vortex t1_izhv4pv wrote

When you need the phone charged right now, the lack of a cable sucks. Overnight its nonissue. What I dislike about wireless charging though is that it heats the phone up more than slow charging from cable. Just from inductive losses. Especially bad if it keeps charging even though full and the temp stays up entire night. That's not good for life expectancy of electronics in general and battery in particular.


ifmacdo t1_izj94po wrote

Not to mention the fact that induction charging is terribly energy inefficient.


throwthegarbageaway t1_izg8kmu wrote

>it would have to be done in a way so that people can go to target and buy a generic brand wireless charger

They already are compatible with any Qi charger since 2017ish?, magsafe just has the magnets to keep it attached


daveh30 t1_izhlmy0 wrote

Apple phones do support generic wireless chargers in addition to Apple’s MagSafe charger. They wouldn’t need to change anything.


Jamie00003 t1_izg1qa3 wrote

What about the Apple Watch puck though? I’ve wanted it to support MagSafe for a long time now, still uses proprietary rubbish


IOnlyLieWhenITalk t1_izj6zbh wrote

And yet people already do because almost no other wireless charger functions like MagSafe. People will absolutely be practically forced to buy apple chargers, in fact arguably even more so.


rotrap t1_izjr3is wrote

A great job? A government should be micromanaging the ports on our electronics to mandate one orginazations standard that requires royalties? I see an obvious example of too much government. What is the great job?


myth2988 t1_izfe7av wrote

I mean There is always the option not to buy a new iPhone, but you know people and priorities


King_madness1 t1_izgey9k wrote

Imagine blaming the consumer. The solution here is regulating the giant corporation.


r2k-in-the-vortex t1_izhvi47 wrote

That's what the consumer does with their choices. Buy a overpriced gadget locked in a walled garden - you get gadgets that are even more overpriced and locked down even harder. Apple is shit, never bought anything from them, I don't think I ever will unless their entire business strategy does a 180.


King_madness1 t1_izhyqq5 wrote

That’s a valid reason to not buy Apple. Blaming the consumer feels like excusing Apple though.

We need to stop thinking “Apple fans vs Android fans” because it’s really more like “big companies vs all of us” :)


daveh30 t1_izhob79 wrote

The solution should have been to spell out the problem and give industry a deadline to solve it. “No more proprietary ports… go.” Government trying to dole out the solution is awful. Someday soon there is going to be a superior successor to USB C that no one will be able to use while they fight with the EU to go back and change shortsighted legislation that specified a standard that’s already about 7 years old…


King_madness1 t1_izhp4fn wrote

This regulation is doing exactly that: spelling out the problem and giving the industry a deadline to solve it. That’s what this post is about.

Not sure why people think the government is incapable of simply allowing companies to follow the latest USB consortium standard in 5-10 years.

The pushback here feels oddly corporate.

Edit: USB is literally the open standard that companies agree upon. Check out the list of companies who decide USB design.


daveh30 t1_izhqo64 wrote

They absolutely did not state the problem and give it to industry to solve. They legislated a solution. 2 very different things.


r2k-in-the-vortex t1_izhvqoh wrote

Wrong, EU for years told manufacturers to standardise chargers. The rest did, apple did not. So eventually EU wrote into law what the rest of the industry standardised to and apple specifically can go suck it.


King_madness1 t1_izhsxpz wrote

USB is literally the companies deciding “here’s the best port that everyone can and should use”, and they’ve been constantly updating it (see USB 4).

The companies chose USB-C, they made it, but since Apple ignored it for profits, the govt decided to enforce it.

Are you rooting for Apple? I’m honestly quite confused about your angle here.


AberrantRambler t1_izja5fx wrote

That’s like saying our current government is the best government as everyone voted on it so we all agree it’s the best. It really glosses over a lot of things.


King_madness1 t1_izjccjy wrote

I did not say that.

USB was created for this purpose: standardization.

It all comes down to whether you want a universal port, or if you’re too busy drinking Apple’s anti-consumer koolaid ;)


AberrantRambler t1_izjcql7 wrote

I know you didn’t say that - do you know what an analogy is?

A port designed by committed isn’t going to be the best port for all things - it’s just a standard.

You definitely said it was the best - and it’s most definitely not unless you’re explicitly defining exactly what it’s best for (as there’s plenty of ports/cables that are better for different purposes, or else every single cable you’d use in your life would be the same - ever use a power cord for a desktop PC? Or an Ethernet cable?)


King_madness1 t1_izjd3e3 wrote

Okay, which port would you like them to use instead?

Do you think companies want to use the port they’ve already invested years of R&D into, or be told to scratch it all and make a new one just for shits and giggles?


AberrantRambler t1_izjddll wrote

Whichever port they (the engineers familiar with the project) decide is the best port for the application.

If I feel they were able to competently design the rest of the product I see no reason to assume they cannot competently choose an appropriate port for the product.


King_madness1 t1_izjdluh wrote

Okay so we’re on the same page really. What I’m trying to say is that this design phase is already happening with Type-C and USB 4. This is what the engineers agree on.


AberrantRambler t1_izje6eo wrote

Mostly - my point of contention with your post was the use of “best” (which I feel is a really tricky word to actually use correctly without being very specific about for which purposes).

I also really have a hard time with people praising usb c/usb 4/thunderbolt as they made an absolute cluster fuck with them all being the same port and I don’t particularly find it to be anybody at the USB consortiums “best” work. And in terms of consumer confusion I’d call it some of their worst.


King_madness1 t1_izjenlh wrote

We’re in total agreement about the clusterfuck of naming schemes and feature support.

That said, there is no better port. USB 4 has the best display output, power delivery and data transfer rate capabilities.

This hypothetical “new best port” would literally just be USB 5, which hopefully is less confusing than USB 4 and will probably still use the Type-C cable.


AberrantRambler t1_izjfrwb wrote

I’m not as confident it would just be USB 5.

I could see Apple having made a better port in same way they made better SoCs. It’s not out of the realm of possibility they’ve been iterating on lightning Ike they were SoCs and just not releasing them (it’s incredibly unlikely, but not out of the realm of possibility).

Imagine it’s literally what would take until USB 6 or 7 in terms of features for the sake of argument.

In theory if apple must use the standard they’d be prevented from using this obviously better cable.

That’s a bad situation.

Similarly saying to all companies you must make all your innovations out in the open so that way governments don’t accidentally make your better product illegal to implement.


King_madness1 t1_izjtnak wrote

That’s where our viewpoints differ then: I’d rather have all the companies working together than creating their own proprietary stuff.

The “bad situation” in my opinion is when there are fractured proprietary solutions, it’s anti-consumer by design.

Unless you mean Apple (or any single company) creating an open standard all by themselves and sharing it for free, but then they have no reason to do it (no profit). More likely, they would share the burden of cost with other companies, which is essentially what USB is.


AberrantRambler t1_izju3pi wrote

I feel if we’re going to start abandoning some of the tenants of capitalism in favor of a socialistic approach it would behoove us to do it in a more thorough manner than just cell phone port charging regulation :/


King_madness1 t1_izjv1k9 wrote

It’s not socialism, technically. Consumers/governments don’t own USB and can’t contribute to it either, it’s just corporations.

You’re right, there are more important things than this (see right to repair) but I believe universal ports are a good pro-consumer step forward, whether it’s USB or if we start from scratch and call it something else :)


throwawaygoodcoffee t1_izir2f3 wrote

You do know that the EU is only enforcing standardisation right? The type of connector these companies can use is determined by the companies themselves. The next time USB needs to update the physical connector they all come together on the same design rather than making multiple products to fix the same problem.


no_nao t1_izg2p6c wrote

This is a terrible take, like many other consumer blaming ones. Apple has a monopoly on its ecosystem, and oftentimes it’s not up to the individual consumer. That’s why we need a regulated market. Regulation is to blame here, or lack thereof.


TehOwn t1_izg3cp6 wrote

>Apple has a monopoly on its ecosystem, and oftentimes it’s not up to the individual consumer.

It's always up to the user to quit the ecosystem. It's how much you're willing to leave behind that is the problem.

But I agree, regulation is necessary because capitalism naturally favors exploitation and amorality.


r2k-in-the-vortex t1_izhw7y9 wrote

They like to pretend they are a monopoly, but they aren't. Desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, earphones, smartwatch, none of them have to be an iAnything. Products on rest of the market are more bang for buck and better products overall. Its the consumer fucking themselves over when they buy apple.


throwthegarbageaway t1_izg8foa wrote

No, the person youre replying to meant a proprietary magnetic port, a-la magsafe, or MS surface dock connector


medfreak t1_izh0v8g wrote

There is more to a port than wireless charging...


_mgjk_ t1_izjb0a1 wrote

They don't need to remove the port. They just have to disable charging from it. It can be done in software for European phones.


compaqdeskpro t1_izhcllj wrote

How do you manually restore through iTunes without USB?


ImN0tAsian t1_izj5si4 wrote

The main reason for that is because computers aren't guaranteed to have wireless communication. That, in addition to the increased cyber security from requiring physical access, makes account based actions prefer wired connections.


compaqdeskpro t1_izl5ef1 wrote

I hope they don't reduce it to "oh, the propreitary software broke? Take it to an Apple store and we'll reset it for you." which is pretty much the precedure on Teslas and McFlurry machines.


Chronotaru t1_izflsgg wrote

Apple have already said they're going USB-C.


kou07 t1_izfm7kp wrote

Where? I believe i read somewhere that apple said they will comply to the law because they have no other options, but they didnt explicitly said that they will go usbc route.


Chronotaru t1_izfq7g4 wrote

I think that interview was pretty indicative even if they didn't say the exact words "we're putting in USB-C and definitely not going only wireless charging".


WestleyMc t1_izfs5lz wrote

No he just said they would ‘comply’ - which could mean completely port less..


-SetsunaFSeiei- t1_izgaw8a wrote

No, I don’t think you can read that from the interview. It’s obvious the Apple execs are trained very well for media and are choosing their words very carefully. If they didn’t say USB-C, then I don’t think they mean USB-C.


DicknosePrickGoblin t1_izg1da7 wrote

No no, they do it forced by the law hard working politicians have passed, they weren't going to do it on their own at around the same exact time. See, politicians are not corporation's puppets at all, let's increase buget spending so they can keep up with their amazing work!!


AudioHTIT t1_izhzpfc wrote

It would be a loss not to be able to plug in a calibrated microphone, or be able to send a bitperfect signal to a DAC, both you can do now and easier with USB-C (other devices too). If they did do a portless, maybe the ‘Pro’ model would have USB-C.


throwawaygoodcoffee t1_izirnu1 wrote

It's a niche use but being able to shrink a music setup down to a phone, midi keyboard and DAC is such a godsend when you travel. Add an external SSD and you don't even have to skimp on memory.


whooo_me t1_izg6d22 wrote

Battery dead? How about a new iPhone 15!


nidorancxo t1_izfwbm9 wrote

I am not sure if the current "wireless" charging really is an alternative to this law. It is for all purposes pretty much still wired, it is just that there is no plug to go inside the phone.


Holzdev t1_iziqwji wrote

They would need to build a wireless interface so they can sell a wireless adapter that provides usb c / audio / lightning ports. Not sure if they can pull that of in time.


platinums99 t1_izf8c5d wrote

Dear EU PLEASE standardise fast charge, otherwise we are still going to have multiple adapters from Samsung apple haewai creating more e waste


MagicPeacockSpider t1_izftd4d wrote

USB PD is already a standard. I've never seen a fast charger that wasn't USB PD and compatible with all devices except the original Nintendo switch.


ColdTights t1_iziap0q wrote

Asus rog flow x13 supports only original charger with full power. So Asus already don't care about standards.


platinums99 t1_izg9oh7 wrote


MagicPeacockSpider t1_izgi1iv wrote

3 year old article. LG don't even make phones anymore.

It'll be a 5 year old article before this law comes into force and the problem is already gone with new phones today.


orhanGAZ t1_izk6awh wrote

Well, your heart was in the right spot but had such an old article. It's irrelevant. Not a good proof source for your point.


Chronotaru t1_izflxc5 wrote

Most vendors don't provide chargers anymore. If people don't buy a fast charger then that's on them.


platinums99 t1_izg8hqd wrote

my point is Samsung fast charge is incompatible with Huwei super charge.

needing seperate adapters.


Henrarzz t1_izi3tq0 wrote

The very same law also standardizes fast charging


rainbow6play t1_izfxn53 wrote

How about another push to standardize outlets. That would probably save much more than standardized chargers.


nathanfay t1_iziougz wrote

Oh buddy that is a far bigger can of worms than we need opened right now.


EfficientTitle9779 t1_izjh4f0 wrote

Starting to see a lot more USB integrated outputs in outlets now, so for lower voltage appliances that’s probably the easiest solution


btf91 t1_izmv739 wrote

Actually no. For a new business, sure. As someone who upgraded an outlet in my house to one with just USB A ports and a standard outlet, it's such a pain. Definitely more trouble than it was worth. We don't even use them because we got a couch with USB A ports.


Avehadinagh t1_izjsgmb wrote

It'd be a lot more expensive to change the system than the amount of money we will ever have to pay for it for being suboptimal.


rainbow6play t1_izk0b77 wrote

There are many options and some are more expensive than others. The key benefit is largely invisible, just like this standard. Specifically, it allows more competition leading to lower prices for everyone. In addition, adapters become redundant which is another substantial cost for anyone travelling. Assuming half the cost is saved and q rolling adoption, it will pay for itself within half the lifespan of outlets and appliances. This obviously won't be 1 or 2 years but neither is the case for the USB-c standard.


zombierepubican t1_iziliaj wrote

I thought they had already set the date for end of 2023. That’s frustrating fornme


PenDev0us t1_izjsxc7 wrote

Bet they'll make the area AROUND the port unique... So like only one style will plug in far enough to work properly....


orhanGAZ t1_izk6p17 wrote

Oh my god that's genius! That's exactly the type of bullshit they would do. Up vote for creative thinking


stateofyou t1_izh25mt wrote

I recently bought two charging cables for my iPod classic. It’s probably going to outlive me


wdfour-t t1_izihnyt wrote

Get ready for “courage”


Patapotat t1_iziuy9f wrote

If the phone can't be charged with a wire, they don't have to use usb-c. Apple will just launch a portless phone with a proprietory wireless charger, or even better, one with a lightning port for data only that cannot be used for charging at all, and call it a day.


orhanGAZ t1_izk6ge5 wrote

Do you think in the next 2 years Apple will have a breakthrough with wireless charging where it's actually fast enough to make most people happy?


Patapotat t1_izk8uv8 wrote

Maybe, maybe not. I don't think they started researching it now, they probably already did most of the leg work in anticipation of this years ago. I'd say they'd prefer annoying ppl with something slighlty inconvenient over giving in to USB C though. The move to all wireless without any ports was already in the works for a long time, the EU is just accelerating the pace a bit imo.


orhanGAZ t1_izk9b37 wrote

Do genuinely think Apple will develop and release something wireless charging fast enough to make people happy? I'll be at Apple. Customers have a fairly low bar when it comes to being happy because it's become so wild garden and cult-like. Just a little bit of spin polish and PR, Tim Apple can sell anything to his followers.


Patapotat t1_izkakp1 wrote

True, most realistic is probably some wireless tech that is just shy of being bad enough of a replacement to freak ppl out. It will be "good enough", look well designed and have a bunch of marketing behind it proclaiming it the second coming of Christ.


orhanGAZ t1_izkaur3 wrote

Exactly! It's been done before many times. They have a successful formula and they're not going to break it.


Flucky_ t1_izjd24w wrote

Eu will regret this mark my words, they are expecting everyone to go to USB but now we’re going to have portless


-VRX t1_izipm8v wrote

Iphone 16 releases 27th then.


JackReact t1_izfug9c wrote

So, Apple is going to get rid of the wired charger entirely, right?

Like, I'm not saying this as a joke, they are absolutely going to require you to buy some charging pad and maybe keep a (not USB-C) connector for data, right?


throwawaygoodcoffee t1_izism02 wrote

Unlikely, wireless charging is pretty slow and inefficient. I'd imagine some people still use lightning connectors to transfer data from their phone as well so it would screw over that market a fair bit, for musicians it could be a reason not to go with apple if they ever use their phone for production.


frosty884 t1_izhz9py wrote

If there’s anything that the EU should go after it’s right to repair and not forcing them on to a proprietary charger which will be obsolete in a few years anyway


throwawaygoodcoffee t1_izirwkl wrote

If USB-C's physical connector becomes obsolete in a few years the industry will bring out a new standard, they're just telling Apple to stop being different at the detriment of the consumer.


frosty884 t1_izlx6xl wrote

Their company motto is literally think different does anyone NOT expect them to be contrarian? Lol.


throwawaygoodcoffee t1_izn707l wrote

Being stupid in innovative ways isn't worthy of praise. If you're doing something different you better have a good reason as to why.


UnmutualOne t1_izgxz9m wrote

Lightning sucks ass. This is why I haven’t update my iPhone since 2018. Apple would be wise to comply.


EMP_Jeffrey_Dahmer t1_izj1h4f wrote

Apple needs to stop selling its products in Europe. Just focus on North America, China, India and Africa.


compaqdeskpro t1_izhd6ii wrote

I like Lightning better, the edges of the connector and port are rounded off and plastic, unlike USB-C which is cornered and metal contacting metal. Look at the bottom of someone's Samsung phone, there's little scratches around the connector. USB-C has a tongue in the middle, which can and does get damaged, and makes it much harder to clean. Yeah, USB-C can go screw, not my favorite connector. Too bad Apple was lazy and only implemented USB 3.0 on the very first iPad Pro, and never bothered to again. I hope Apple makes an EU specific iPhone and leaves us alone in the US.


PiersPlays t1_izhomxx wrote

The US is implementing similar laws as any sensible company follows the EU regulations globally to keep costs and complexity down so it's a free-throw for the US politicians to claim credit for doing something that would happen anyway.


compaqdeskpro t1_iziouxm wrote

I know. At least its a lot more durable than micro ever was. I just hate connectors with tongues.


PiersPlays t1_izjaiem wrote

If you know it won't be legal to continue using Lightning in the US why did you say you hope they do?


compaqdeskpro t1_iznkcbv wrote

Just voicing my displeasure, Apple has played chicken with the government before.


kapiteinkippepoot t1_izipuz9 wrote

Y the downvotes? Can't a person have a opinion?


orhanGAZ t1_izk73pl wrote

Yes, you can have his opinion. If enough people think it's shitty in the public forum, it gets marginalized. That's the way public debate and discourse has gone in the history of humankind. Think back to the steps of the Roman courthouse....


throwawaygoodcoffee t1_izis9ta wrote

>I hope Apple makes an EU specific iPhone and leaves us alone in the US.

That would be such a waste of money.


charlesfire t1_izho3js wrote

>I like Lightning better, the edges of the connector and port are rounded off and plastic, unlike USB-C which is cornered and metal contacting metal.

WTF are you talking about? My USB-C connector is all curves and no corners.

>Look at the bottom of someone's Samsung phone, there's little scratches around the connector.

That person sounds incompetent.

>USB-C has a tongue in the middle, which can and does get damaged

That's actually the only reason Lightning is superior to USB-C. However, I never had an issue with the connector.


EnolaGayFallout t1_izg0ioy wrote

Apple will remove the lighting port.

It will be portless.

It will use mag safe. And only mag safe can work. Other wireless charging can’t.

Mag safe version 2 will allow wireless data transfer.


Substantial_Boiler t1_izhemss wrote

Apple has already confirmed that they will go USB-C. Moreover, wireless connections are not reliable for diagnostics.


Richy13 t1_izi9xo5 wrote

They have not confirmed usb-c, they have confirmed that they will comply with future iPhones needing usb c for wired charging, which if they completely kill wired charging would satisfy the law also


Hey-wheres-my-spoon t1_iziy19t wrote

Idk why you’re getting downvoted this is exactly what’s going to happen.


kent2441 t1_izlu7g1 wrote

Why hasn’t it happened on every other Apple product that has USB-C or wireless charging?


Hey-wheres-my-spoon t1_izmfc5d wrote

Because they aren’t at a comfortable spot with the tech yet. They have (essentially) 3 more years to perfect it before they launch it. Iphone 15 and 16 will have lightning since they will be released before December 28th 2024, and then they have until around October (when they typically go on sale) 2025 to have the tech in a usable spot. Seems like a reasonable plan to me.


Meow121325 t1_izffg25 wrote

Honestly the legislation is dumb. It doesn’t properly allow for advancement of tech and it fails to take laptops into proper account as USB-C cannot charge most laptops


Svorky t1_izflmin wrote

USB-C goes up to 240W already. It's a solved issue. Do you think nobody asked if it's actually possible to charge laptops with it before mandating them?


Meow121325 t1_izfmeid wrote

It’s the politicians and the government I wouldn’t be suprised if they didn’t but if they did I am surprised cause that’s rare


jyrkaderp t1_izfhxts wrote

I've two laptops, wife has two as well, all charge via USB-C.


Meow121325 t1_izfi0jk wrote

I said most didn’t I? Don’t take most as all


jyrkaderp t1_izfiddc wrote

I mean if USB-C can charge laptops right now, why couldn't new ones as well? Same logic as with phones, most phones can't be charged via USB-C at the moment, but it will change


Meow121325 t1_izfije6 wrote

The voltage and amperage required to properly charge most laptop batteries is too high for USB-C to handle safely this is what I was going at not that we can’t make laptops have USB-C chargers it’s that USB-C cannot charge laptops


Chronotaru t1_izfl3ob wrote

This is very, very wrong. Nearly all non-gaming laptops can easily be charged on a 65W charger. Gaming laptops usually exceed the 100W current limit, but that's changing to 240W soon, so gaming laptops will be able to charge on USB-C too.


PiersPlays t1_izhoas9 wrote

Don't forget that the most power hungry gaming laptops shipped with two power adapters that you'd connect at the same time. No reason they couldn't do the same with two USB-C PD adapters for 480W.


throwthegarbageaway t1_izg94ge wrote

The guy above is right for the wrong reasons. The problem is, any new plug in the near/distant future is going to require yet another revision to the law, but instead what's gonna happen is that manufacturers will be forced to keep old tech (future old tech) in, in order to comply, rather than lose time and money pushing for new laws.


ImFriendsWithThatGuy t1_izfkp53 wrote

I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure USB-C is in fact capable of charging most laptops that exist. People bash on apple but I’ve seen countless charger types for various laptops my whole life.

I am 100% in favor of this law. It does allow for change in the future if the change is agreed upon and universally accepted. The way I think it should be.


BlaxicanX t1_izfwl78 wrote

> It doesn’t properly allow for advancement of tech

Yes it does, you have no idea what you're talking about.


MadMaxwelll t1_izgfvmy wrote

>It doesn’t properly allow for advancement of tech

Why do you want competition regarding computer charging when a huge collaboration of tech giants are working on a universal standard? Furthermore, Apple wasn't competing with USB; they were just isolating their ecosystem and forcing consumers on their own standard.


Substantial_Boiler t1_izheflj wrote

Sure, enjoy your year 2000 transfer speeds with USB2.0 on Lightning. True innovation.


Meow121325 t1_izheip8 wrote

Not what I want either but sure twist my words


Substantial_Boiler t1_izhf74u wrote

Then why would this legislation be dumb? Many laptops already support high-watt USB-C charging. USB-C also would allow for higher speed data transfers on the iPhone. You can use the same charger for everything.

You're being edgy because rules by politicians bad and you're tech illiterate


kent2441 t1_izlubk4 wrote

USB-C is a port, not a transfer speed.


Substantial_Boiler t1_izmf0nm wrote

I know. USB-C can accommodate for a wider range of data transfer speeds and protocols, which is one reason why it's better than Lightning.


kent2441 t1_izmh03q wrote

Lightning has no issue carrying audio, video, and high-speed data.


Chronotaru t1_izfkt5i wrote

USB-C can easily charge up to 100W, future USB-C can charge even more, unless it's a monster of a gaming laptop you do not need that.


CloseEnough2Me t1_izfnt7q wrote

It's easily above 100w. My Dell work laptop has a 130w usb-c charger.


Chronotaru t1_izfqvbb wrote

According to standards, it shouldn't be possible to go over 100W without USB PD Revision 3.1, and only the very newest stuff has that and it's not that common yet. It's always possible your Dell falls into this category, but perhaps the 130W is from the wall or the USB-C output post voltage conversion?


CloseEnough2Me t1_izfrkx8 wrote

I've had this laptop for 2+ years.


Chronotaru t1_izfs4n2 wrote

Then it can't be PD Revision 3.1 as it was only announced in 2021. Either it's a third party custom Dell modification, or it's not really a 130W charger at the point of the USB connection. Would be interesting to see what one of those power measurement cables said.


CloseEnough2Me t1_izfseys wrote

You're right I got a replacement last year, I forgot. I don't even use the charger because it's always docked. But it's got the old style connector with 180w.


Ithxero t1_izj5xjg wrote

Uh, most laptops ship with USB-C chargers now my dude.

While this slightly created a “have to switch out my chargers” problem, a lot of MFGs used different ports on nearly all their different models and most people aren’t switching out their laptops often enough for it to remotely matter.


charlesfire t1_izhoddt wrote

>and it fails to take laptops into proper account as USB-C cannot charge most laptops

USB 4 actually can charge most laptops.


Mattcheco t1_izicoih wrote

Usb C can charge 240 watts now, my powerful gaming laptop is 280 from the brick, and it’s fine. Iv even used a 50 watt brick on lower power mode while light gaming and it still charged. PD from Usb C is not an issue at all.