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Meow121325 t1_izffg25 wrote

Honestly the legislation is dumb. It doesn’t properly allow for advancement of tech and it fails to take laptops into proper account as USB-C cannot charge most laptops


Svorky t1_izflmin wrote

USB-C goes up to 240W already. It's a solved issue. Do you think nobody asked if it's actually possible to charge laptops with it before mandating them?


Meow121325 t1_izfmeid wrote

It’s the politicians and the government I wouldn’t be suprised if they didn’t but if they did I am surprised cause that’s rare


jyrkaderp t1_izfhxts wrote

I've two laptops, wife has two as well, all charge via USB-C.


Meow121325 t1_izfi0jk wrote

I said most didn’t I? Don’t take most as all


jyrkaderp t1_izfiddc wrote

I mean if USB-C can charge laptops right now, why couldn't new ones as well? Same logic as with phones, most phones can't be charged via USB-C at the moment, but it will change


Meow121325 t1_izfije6 wrote

The voltage and amperage required to properly charge most laptop batteries is too high for USB-C to handle safely this is what I was going at not that we can’t make laptops have USB-C chargers it’s that USB-C cannot charge laptops


Chronotaru t1_izfl3ob wrote

This is very, very wrong. Nearly all non-gaming laptops can easily be charged on a 65W charger. Gaming laptops usually exceed the 100W current limit, but that's changing to 240W soon, so gaming laptops will be able to charge on USB-C too.


PiersPlays t1_izhoas9 wrote

Don't forget that the most power hungry gaming laptops shipped with two power adapters that you'd connect at the same time. No reason they couldn't do the same with two USB-C PD adapters for 480W.


throwthegarbageaway t1_izg94ge wrote

The guy above is right for the wrong reasons. The problem is, any new plug in the near/distant future is going to require yet another revision to the law, but instead what's gonna happen is that manufacturers will be forced to keep old tech (future old tech) in, in order to comply, rather than lose time and money pushing for new laws.


ImFriendsWithThatGuy t1_izfkp53 wrote

I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure USB-C is in fact capable of charging most laptops that exist. People bash on apple but I’ve seen countless charger types for various laptops my whole life.

I am 100% in favor of this law. It does allow for change in the future if the change is agreed upon and universally accepted. The way I think it should be.


BlaxicanX t1_izfwl78 wrote

> It doesn’t properly allow for advancement of tech

Yes it does, you have no idea what you're talking about.


MadMaxwelll t1_izgfvmy wrote

>It doesn’t properly allow for advancement of tech

Why do you want competition regarding computer charging when a huge collaboration of tech giants are working on a universal standard? Furthermore, Apple wasn't competing with USB; they were just isolating their ecosystem and forcing consumers on their own standard.


Substantial_Boiler t1_izheflj wrote

Sure, enjoy your year 2000 transfer speeds with USB2.0 on Lightning. True innovation.


Meow121325 t1_izheip8 wrote

Not what I want either but sure twist my words


Substantial_Boiler t1_izhf74u wrote

Then why would this legislation be dumb? Many laptops already support high-watt USB-C charging. USB-C also would allow for higher speed data transfers on the iPhone. You can use the same charger for everything.

You're being edgy because rules by politicians bad and you're tech illiterate


kent2441 t1_izlubk4 wrote

USB-C is a port, not a transfer speed.


Substantial_Boiler t1_izmf0nm wrote

I know. USB-C can accommodate for a wider range of data transfer speeds and protocols, which is one reason why it's better than Lightning.


kent2441 t1_izmh03q wrote

Lightning has no issue carrying audio, video, and high-speed data.


Chronotaru t1_izfkt5i wrote

USB-C can easily charge up to 100W, future USB-C can charge even more, unless it's a monster of a gaming laptop you do not need that.


CloseEnough2Me t1_izfnt7q wrote

It's easily above 100w. My Dell work laptop has a 130w usb-c charger.


Chronotaru t1_izfqvbb wrote

According to standards, it shouldn't be possible to go over 100W without USB PD Revision 3.1, and only the very newest stuff has that and it's not that common yet. It's always possible your Dell falls into this category, but perhaps the 130W is from the wall or the USB-C output post voltage conversion?


CloseEnough2Me t1_izfrkx8 wrote

I've had this laptop for 2+ years.


Chronotaru t1_izfs4n2 wrote

Then it can't be PD Revision 3.1 as it was only announced in 2021. Either it's a third party custom Dell modification, or it's not really a 130W charger at the point of the USB connection. Would be interesting to see what one of those power measurement cables said.


CloseEnough2Me t1_izfseys wrote

You're right I got a replacement last year, I forgot. I don't even use the charger because it's always docked. But it's got the old style connector with 180w.


Ithxero t1_izj5xjg wrote

Uh, most laptops ship with USB-C chargers now my dude.

While this slightly created a “have to switch out my chargers” problem, a lot of MFGs used different ports on nearly all their different models and most people aren’t switching out their laptops often enough for it to remotely matter.


charlesfire t1_izhoddt wrote

>and it fails to take laptops into proper account as USB-C cannot charge most laptops

USB 4 actually can charge most laptops.


Mattcheco t1_izicoih wrote

Usb C can charge 240 watts now, my powerful gaming laptop is 280 from the brick, and it’s fine. Iv even used a 50 watt brick on lower power mode while light gaming and it still charged. PD from Usb C is not an issue at all.