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Spore_monger t1_izxedvr wrote

Mecidal science is so cool.


toiletnamedcrane t1_izy5lbx wrote

Was just having the same thought like damn some of the science stuff they do in medicine is cool


HuskyNutBuster t1_izyhk7k wrote

Try new Flex Seal Lungs


LevelWriting t1_izz3lv4 wrote

I can see the infomercial guy slapping the shit out yo lungs with that!


Skratymir t1_izxex4n wrote

Got shot in the chest? Not to worry! We have got just the thing for you: Tiny-Yellow-Fishing-Net-Plaster!


Oiggamed t1_izy7sfi wrote

Couldn’t read the whole article. Is it actually really plaster? Like a gypsum based material? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this.


LekkoBot t1_izya4r9 wrote

I think the article is using the British definition of a plaster.


Just-Diamond-1938 t1_izyes3y wrote

About time! I hope it is something which resolved once the lung healed... I have my best friend fell off the roof working with wires... his lung was punctured, beside other issues... when shit like this happened in your life you pray you do all the research you can do and hope you find something in a doctor would which creates medical miracle.... preserving someone life and maintaining capability! That is a wonderful field to work on and to know it is needed! (my friend are getting better)


deltadoll33 t1_izywwo1 wrote

Chest tubes. Chest tubes fix punctured lungs and they hurt like fuck. Wonder how this is placed ?


Just-Diamond-1938 t1_j009y8o wrote

Yes hurts like hell... I was told by my friend... The other stuff is Surgery and they knock them out... told by the doctor....


AhRedditAhHumanity t1_j016l9b wrote

Right so this is British. I only know they call casts plasters because my kids watch peppa pig.


cuteemogirlfriend t1_j01ackd wrote

This is really cool. I love seeing good news like this in my feed.