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Barium_Barista t1_j030gx5 wrote


Can you people please stop being so gullible? The article is literally pointing to a Reddit comment without any sort of further proof.


other_usernames_gone t1_j038p4d wrote

How the hell is this even considered journalism? They could have at least contacted him for a comment.


ArtSpeaker t1_j03p3sl wrote

We collectively cut the funding for all journalism. Decided they need to make a profit on their own advertisements or fail. Then complain that what's left is all the dregs of effort 1 ad spot will buy.

We're on the paparazzi financial model for news now. :(


ImaManCheetah t1_j03dyy5 wrote

Seriously, this sound fake. I got into a fairly major crash and the iPhone feature was completely useless, didn’t detect it at all.

Completely made that up.


Larsaf t1_j0651fs wrote

So everything on Reddit is fake, including you. Stop pretending you exist!