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MaracaBalls t1_j02daru wrote

I don’t always crash, but when I do, iCrash. Stay nerdy my friends. Lol


User9705 t1_j03l9vc wrote

You should copyright this 😂


MaracaBalls t1_j044qvf wrote

It’s open source. I bring joy to the masses ( in my head )


wmurch4 t1_j037zbm wrote

Hey another one of these "news" articles.

Appleinsider sure is a respectable news source.. oh and it's based on a reddit post?

This one certainly passes the smell test. Quality journalism achieved


LookMaNoPride t1_j03z6nz wrote

It's the ciiiiiiircle of journalism!

create da story denyou cite da story

create da story denyou cite da story

create da story denyou cite da story (and onda wiki)

create da story denyou cite da story (and onda wiki)


EvyX t1_j05i8oy wrote

😂 fuck we really are doomed, corporations just write their own news now


AbsoluteZeroUnit t1_j05vy3j wrote

I would be upset, but it's /r/gadgets.

Really, it's my own fault for still being subbed here.


iamnotcanadianese t1_j06crrq wrote

The greatest trick the devil ever played was making you believe you need an iPhone


Cmaclsu t1_j063usq wrote

Do Apple fans just upvote this nonsense? I don't get it.


MrR0b0t90 t1_j06ajwi wrote

Yes and they downvote you if you disagree or say anything bad about apple


_c_manning t1_j03omdr wrote

Go start a non apple subreddit then. You’re upset that their stories of tech heroism are coming through to public light.

When other manufacturers have such success they too will make the front page. But please make a subreddit to artificially exclude one of the most innovative forces of our day.


welchplug t1_j03r86x wrote


Well you got that part right. There is no proof of this actually occurring.


CptHammer_ t1_j03sl5l wrote

Also reposting a reddit story on reddit laundered through a magazine who has financial interest in "good" Apple news seems like the real point is to get me to click that link.


QueefScentedCandles t1_j03tmnd wrote

You can’t seriously be crediting Apple with “tech heroism” and expecting people to take you seriously in the same comment right? You’re missing an “/s”, right?


Jaystime101 t1_j05wfmo wrote

Not about apple my friend, it’s the fact that REDDIT IS THEIR ONLY SOURCE!


Fortified007 t1_j03817d wrote

"He was on a phone call with her when he heard her scream — and the line went dead."

"Another driver had been distracted and crossed into traffic, hitting his wife head-on"

seems like she was distracted


Tyrilean t1_j03r6b8 wrote

Also, if my wife was driving and she screamed and the line went dead, I wouldn’t need crash detection to piece together what happened.


ostertoaster1983 t1_j04jawq wrote

But you wouldn’t know where she was and how to get help there if she wasn’t able to. This may be a bad story but it’s good technology.


TeeJK15 t1_j05id3o wrote

Yeh but findmyphone already exists and can be shared with family.

Not saying you’re wrong, I see this technology could be very beneficial.


ostertoaster1983 t1_j06p355 wrote

I don't disagree, but not everyone uses that feature for a variety of reasons. My mom thinks constant location sharing is creepy but has me and my step dad in her phone as ICE contacts. She was in an accident earlier this year and I would have been grateful if she'd had this. I encouraged her and my step dad to do full time location sharing after that so we would know where she was if something happened again and she didn't want to. She'd do this though and I would rest easier if she had it.


Sol33t303 t1_j0579je wrote

You could probably make a very good guess by just following the routes she takes daily. The guy presumably knew where she was going and probably the way she usually gets there.


Hydroxychloroquinoa t1_j05bg1p wrote

Or find my iphone


Sol33t303 t1_j05gxx7 wrote

Good point also, but that would require access to their account assuming it works like android.


ostertoaster1983 t1_j06oeb8 wrote

Not everyone uses, or wants to use, find my iphone. For people who think it's abnormal to constantly track their family members but who also may want to alert them if there is an emergency this is a great option. I don't understand the desire to drag this technology, it's almost indisputably a good feature.


Dark1sh t1_j05oe7j wrote

I don’t think that’s the point tho


ostertoaster1983 t1_j06ok4e wrote

This is an absurd take, people often deviate from normal routines for a variety of reasons. My mother was in an accident earlier this year where this would have been incredibly beneficial. Why are you so bent on denying the benefits of this feature. What's your goal here?


Sol33t303 t1_j06rm67 wrote

Why do you claim I'm denying the benefits of it? I'm not.

> Why are you so bent on denying the benefits of this feature.

I feel like thats a lot of extrapolation from my one comment lmao. I'm not bent on anything.

I simply saying that in the present, without the above tech, you could make a good guess as to where it happened. As you said just now it's great that he was able to tell exactly where it was with 100% certainty, i'm not denying that in the slightest.

But without it, you could probably still take a guess and still be at least probably 80% accurate. I'm no trying to claim that it's better in the slightest, just that if you knew a crash happened after the audio cut out you could probably find them pretty fast even without it.


ostertoaster1983 t1_j06w7xj wrote

You're making claims which, whether intentional or not, serve to discount the usefulness of this technology. First of all, your claim is a stretch for a number of reasons, people don't always take the same route, people aren't always going to the same places, there are countless scenarios which would make it incredibly hard to find someone who'd had an accident even if you're incredibly familiar with their daily routines. It sounds like you're discounting the tech because you were responding to points about what makes the tech valuable. Saying "but you could probably just guess where they are" is a pretty pointless response. Sure, you could, or you could know exactly where they are and where to send help which is much better than going off a hunch which has a too high chance of being wrong when we're talking about an emergency scenario. If your entire point is that, it's sometimes possible to guess where people are, I guess.... great? It's also possible to guess and be wrong while they lie bleeding 2 miles in the other direction.


unassumingdink t1_j04opag wrote

Either an accident, or a hook-handed killer in the back seat.


Crimsonsworn t1_j054i7t wrote

It’s called hands free


Early-Abroad-3771 t1_j1a5v5j wrote

not to be toxic but it’s genuinely a reddit moment when the article clearly states the other driver was distracted and literally caused a head-on collision, but some loser focuses on the women talking while driving when we all know hands-free is a viable option, so thank you for calling him out.

i don’t think i’ve seen anyone have their phone up to their ear while driving. it’s either hands-free or headphones.


[deleted] t1_j078hty wrote



Crimsonsworn t1_j08dkyh wrote

So you don’t talk to passengers or listen to the radio/music?


[deleted] t1_j09bhtz wrote



TreesmasherFTW t1_j0cvqpn wrote

The amount of people refusing to listen to logic is crazy. This doesn’t even need a scientific explanation, it just makes complete sense that it’s more difficult to do two tasks at the same time than one. How sad.


TreesmasherFTW t1_j06a1j2 wrote

You can have your hands free and still be distracted. You’re using your brain power to operate a vehicle while watching the road while talking to someone. You’re basically doing mental juggling.


sean101v t1_j06grtk wrote

You CAN be distracted, but that doesn’t MAKE you distracted. With your logic, the same would apply to talking to people who are in the car with you. Do you sit in compete silence every time you drive?


TreesmasherFTW t1_j0cw7j6 wrote

No? I talk to people plenty. I am a distracted driver. I don’t know why you decided to try strawmanning this, but yeah. Talking while driving is a distraction. Doing anything while driving is a distraction. You can still talk while you drive, but to try convincing people that talking while driving is not a distraction paints you as a fool.


Barium_Barista t1_j030gx5 wrote


Can you people please stop being so gullible? The article is literally pointing to a Reddit comment without any sort of further proof.


other_usernames_gone t1_j038p4d wrote

How the hell is this even considered journalism? They could have at least contacted him for a comment.


ArtSpeaker t1_j03p3sl wrote

We collectively cut the funding for all journalism. Decided they need to make a profit on their own advertisements or fail. Then complain that what's left is all the dregs of effort 1 ad spot will buy.

We're on the paparazzi financial model for news now. :(


ImaManCheetah t1_j03dyy5 wrote

Seriously, this sound fake. I got into a fairly major crash and the iPhone feature was completely useless, didn’t detect it at all.

Completely made that up.


Larsaf t1_j0651fs wrote

So everything on Reddit is fake, including you. Stop pretending you exist!


ledow t1_j02v1yx wrote

How many other patients was the woman's husband also dealing with that day?


upkerry14 t1_j02w3sh wrote

I like how the assumption of the phone "getting to the accident" before the ambulance is somehow the first responder's fault. Stop calling for nonsense and more ambulances would be available for real calls.


langthwaiter t1_j034v8v wrote

It seems you’ve somehow been convinced that less calls to emergency lines is the solution to the problem.

I’d re-evaluate as to whether you’ve been lead to believe that because of facts or because of sensationalism.


Electrical_Taste8633 t1_j039gi7 wrote

You’ve obviously never worked in a hospital or in the medical field.

People call for an ambulance when their toe is stubbed. But, there was one day that always stuck out to me, there was a woman who came in, a nut job who wears a helmet to walk around outside, because she tripped and fell on her arm. It wasn’t broken, it was sprained, scraped and a bit bloody, but no worse than an average afternoon for an elementary school boy. She claimed to be in 10/10 chest pain though, so she was brought back, her only issue was the arm and she wanted to be seen quicker.

Meanwhile, waiting there, was this woman who was like 6 months pregnant and had lupus, going through some major complications, being carried back and forth to the bathroom by her Boyfriend or husband. Occasionally screaming out in pain; And an 18 year old girl, who’d been hit by a car going 35 mph through a red light who had 2 broken legs, and had been knocked out by the impact, Trying her best to bear with the pain

Those two waited for fucking two hours (at least until the end of my shift) because they told the truth, the helmet nut, was out in less than two hours with only a bandage.


[deleted] t1_j03ctmk wrote



Electrical_Taste8633 t1_j03e5ii wrote

Then you’d know like 20% of patients are the same people on their latest bender and how common wasted 911 calls are.


upkerry14 t1_j037tbs wrote

34 years as a paramedic led me to that conclusion.


langthwaiter t1_j03d9cm wrote

Well that’s very sad that you’ve taken the view that people should just stop calling.

Clearly not the solution, how about better educating the general public on first aid?


AirborneRunaway t1_j03mlca wrote

There are absolutely people who don’t need to call the emergency line. Most of the bulk of the calls we get on a daily basis do not need a ambulance to take them to the ER. If you can drive yourself, you don’t need an ambulance. If it’s not an actual emergency that is threatening your life and you can have someone else drive you, you don’t need to call. There are plenty of situations where even taking an Uber would be better for the system. Most paramedics can’t tell a potentially paying patient “no” so they transport the stupidest shit you’ve ever heard of.

This isn’t even counting fall calls where someone shows up to help pick up an elderly or disabled person who simply can’t get themselves back up from their position. Those at least serve the community in some meaningful way.


Electrical_Taste8633 t1_j041uz0 wrote

Honestly, those falls calls and transport calls taking people to dialysis we’re favorite ones to deal with because of that reason. At least you’re providing a service.

And yeah, if you’re telling people they don’t need an ambulance ride you’d be fired lol


practicallyimperfect t1_j038jwe wrote

Maybe you should have retired at 33 years to have less jade. Former first responder here too. Leave before it gets you to this point of view from a Reddit post.


upkerry14 t1_j039qzk wrote

My "jade" as you call it is well earned and an opinion I am well entitled to. I wanted to make the system better ("We want to hear from you! Tell us what you think") and was ignored. Some due to politics and power struggles between medical directors, chiefs, hospital CEOs etc.... Ironically the very things I spoke of are now starting to be instituted, not because they are more efficient but because of economics. The system simply cannot continue this way anymore. I loved my job up until the day I retired and considered it a privilege to help people. I got angry when I hear a chest pain come up and I was taking you in for an earache at 3am that you were too lazy to call you're doctor about at 3pm. Every medic feels this way eventually, even you, after seeing how horribly run 911 is in this country. Litigation /fear is a big part of it as well. Suffice it to say you don't know me, nor I you, so let's work a shift together and tell me if I'm "jaded". Ad hominem attacks are a sign of a weak argument.


practicallyimperfect t1_j03ca97 wrote

It wasn’t an attack, it was a post opinion on what could have prevented such jade to keep YOU happier but I can see your point. Not trying to be offensive. Thank you for dedicating your life to your calling. It’s thanks-less at times and gets worse with time.

When I first started in the ED I remember clear as day a nurse who was a FANTASTIC nurse asking someone “when exactly did this become an emergency?” To something that was clearly not an emergency but was presented to the emergency room.

Her nursing was on point. She could work harder than anyone I ever met. Her attitude and jade weren’t. She (thankfully) left shortly thereafter to become the most incredible advocate for change but from a distance so that she didn’t continue to feel angry, frustrated and disappointed in a Brooke system but could continue to use her servants heart with action.

I left front lines for essentially the same reasons. We have all experienced the worst in people if you work for a single moment as a first responder.

But we’ve also seen the best and most selfless acts that the world almost never sees. Being grateful for an additional service that helps response times and assists in locating victims should be celebrated.

I hope you’re proud of what you did and can forgive those that took advantage of services that they abused and weren’t intended to use as they did.


Wardogs96 t1_j05pyoc wrote

Bruh have you worked any emergency response or hospital positions. It's abused, over worked and under-staffed. Having people use 911 or the ER for actual emergencies as opposed to a taxi or get away is a very fair criticism of our collapsing medical and emergency response system.


langthwaiter t1_j05s86l wrote

I literally work at a hospital, and at no point have I said these aren’t issues.

Just that the attitude “less calls is better” when there are people who would actively choose to not call a service based on this prejudice because they don’t deem themselves worthy of the effort.


[deleted] t1_j02ouip wrote



BobisaMiner t1_j02qo3a wrote

Yeah, I'm sure it was the crash detection and not the fact that his wife suddenly screamed while driving and the conversation stopped suddenly. And it wasn't a matter of life and death, the crash was light according to the article.

>He was on a phone call with her when he heard her scream — and the line went dead.

from the article.


ProtoplanetaryNebula t1_j02qzvv wrote

It would have still been the crash detection guiding him to the GPS location of the crash.


FireLucid t1_j04jbvk wrote

The crash detection also sends GPS deets to someone? I hadn't heard that.


ProtoplanetaryNebula t1_j04jqfm wrote

It sends GPS location to emergency services and your emergency contacts, otherwise what would be the point? “Your wife has crashed, somewhere on planet earth. Good luck!”


FireLucid t1_j04la78 wrote

I mean, yes of course to emergency services, didn't know about the emergency contacts.

To be fair, I didn't really look into the details of how Apple did it since Google did this a few years ago (I have a Pixel). I completely forgot about the emergency contacts bit. Just checked and I have it set up with my wife already. Oops.


ProtoplanetaryNebula t1_j04lo6x wrote

How long before we hear about the first idiot who sets his iPhone to send a crash notification out to his wife and his mistress?


Ok-disaster2022 t1_j02r7ei wrote

Honestly, these kinds of features make me almost want to finally buy an apple device, but then I recall I don't want to create an apple account.


HillarysFloppyChode t1_j03jni6 wrote

I used to be hard core android, but honestly iPhones are just better. No half baked features with a bloat filled OS over it and I Always get the latest updates, the carrier doesn't control them.


Bonus, when I did the Satellite SOS demo, one of the options is towing and breakdowns, thats useful as fuck.


cichlidassassin t1_j041eyt wrote

your entire first paragraph is a pixel


your second paragraph, the Sat stuff is cool


BuriedUnderTheDirt t1_j04d9fa wrote

The whole basic idea of a phone is to make calls and send text messages

Everything else is just a nice to have

The google pixel is well known for a having a glitch that disables calling, I think to emergency lines only but thats worse.

So its a phone that can glitch out and disable half the phones primary functions

And its like they keep fixing it but it keeps coming back, by this point I wouldn’t be surprised if pixel is on the way to the google graveyard


Shadycrazyman t1_j02ytq3 wrote

Why not?


TheBarkingFish t1_j031i67 wrote

Their app store is hyper restrictive.


SirBeercules t1_j033pd6 wrote

what are u needing that's restricted by the apple app store?


johnny_fives_555 t1_j035a0a wrote

Pornhub app and probably some kodi variant for pirated content.


GnomeOnALeash t1_j03c1zl wrote

Can’t argue with that.


johnny_fives_555 t1_j03cc04 wrote

And frankly unlike 2010, you can achieve an app experience w/ mobile sites. You really can do it all w/ an iOS device. Including playing and saving emulated games.


User9705 t1_j03lfzq wrote

I just play remote steam and call it a day with a pa5 controller via iPhone, iPad and Apple TV


Tyfyter2002 t1_j03kr8y wrote

Customization, apps made by developers with limited budgets, support for all file types, and even apps which aren't allowed on any app store like YouTube Vanced


Itsallgood190 t1_j032a3u wrote

I have iPhone and Android tablet. Problem solved


User9705 t1_j03ln66 wrote

I have an iPhone and two android phones. I turn the android phones on, update them, play with them and then Reminds me why I don’t use them. It’s a 90 days typical cycle.


TheBarkingFish t1_j032h66 wrote

Okay? Did you want a prize?


Itsallgood190 t1_j032ll5 wrote

I’m just giving a suggestion for someone who made it appear that it was impossible to have the best of both worlds.


BroMatterhorn t1_j033lnu wrote

Sure, but it’s a pretty good one still. This isn’t 2010 where you want a new app every day, most people already know what apps they need and every once in a while, might get a new one if it’s popular.

For the 0.01% you can’t get via the App Store, there are “work arounds” already if you need them.

At the end of the day all the app stores kind of suck for some reason or another.


0verlimit t1_j035d4v wrote

I’m surprised people care that much about apps nowadays. I’ve definitely tapered down from years ago where I was going crazy with phone games and just pretty much only use social media apps nowadays.

I remember I used to be crazy with stuff like widgets and themes when I had an android or jailbroken iphones but I realized I can’t be bothered to do any of that anymore.


Pixelatorx2 t1_j0399jf wrote

Yeah, most people nowadays have had phones for long enough that there isn't much novelty to messing around with apps or widgets.


Personally, even though Apple has mostly caught up with respect to hardware, there are still quite a few software features Apple does not support:

  • FireFox mobile adblocker
  • Game emulation
  • Root access
  • Support for more USB devices
  • Always-On-Display tweaks
  • YouTube Vanced

If they fixed some of these, it'd be a much closer decision.


lowtoiletsitter t1_j03wmbp wrote

You can download FireFox and integrate the adblocker into safari (unless we're talking about two different things/situations)


Pixelatorx2 t1_j03yzg9 wrote

Oh, cool. I didn't know Safari had an adblocker, that's pretty neat. I still don't think that solution allows for Firefox w/ adblocker, which is what I use on desktop / android, so I'd want my data to sync.


lowtoiletsitter t1_j041wax wrote

Yeah safari integration is adblock only, but you can just use FireFox on its own and it'll sync. If you want to use FF as your default browser you can do that too


Goodbye_Games t1_j03gq4x wrote

It happens a lot more than people realize. Especially when the watch is in play too. Often in impacts that are require the full support of all the public services, phones will get away from the drivers or passengers. The older button press to alert on the watch way was a sure fire solution to get someone to your exact location quickly. I’ve had patients come into the ER with the watch screen shattered and the phone screen shattered, but the service still worked and they were found in some east jesus knees rural setting in the dark and wreaked.

I’m going to need to look at the statistics since it is something we track (that they were responded to by automated phone services), but it does have a small error margin since our cardio patients with pacemaker/cardioverters/life vests all go home with a 4g monitor. I know that I’ve personally been involved in around 30 calls this year that involved the cellphone being the saving grace in an MVA. Not sure how many going back 5 or 6 (can’t remember when it actually started) years since apple started doing the SOS button press.


TheMagickConch t1_j03oj8n wrote

Nice marketing apple. Almost had me for a second.


End3rWi99in t1_j04eu10 wrote

This is a post is an advertisement literally from Apple Insider. What the fuck, /r/gadgets?


DevoidHT t1_j03f5mc wrote

Have they fixed the roller coaster issue yet? Heard there was a problem with it accidentally calling an ambulance on people riding roller coasters.


FireLucid t1_j04jiwm wrote

My Pixel never went off when I went on roller coasters this year although I didn't take it on the most extreme one due to fear of it falling out. It's certainly plausible.

How would you fix this? Create exclusion zones for crash detection?


hooterscooter t1_j051kl7 wrote

Using the sensors from the phone (barometer, accelerometer, etc.), you can filter out seeming obvious non-driving trips once you understand what that data looks like.

I suspect we’ll also start to hear stories about apple detecting crashes when people are skiing/snowboarding this winter, as that’s also a common false-positive scenario. Again, using barometer signals and other sensors, you can start to filter those out.

Source: Work for a company who has crash detection technology that can be embedded into phones/apps


Most-Revolution-7108 t1_j039fwh wrote

Oh yay, more apple marketing. Wow! Are they that desperate to sell overpriced phones? I guess they need this to justify their overpriced phones... 🤬🤦🏻👎🏻 Crash detection came standard on pixel phones 4 years ago...


ColgateSensifoam t1_j03lacb wrote

Crash detection isn't standard on Pixel phones.

Some Pixel phones in some markets support it


Most-Revolution-7108 t1_j03mlk1 wrote

It is standard on all pixel phones, just not supported in 3rd world countries. 🤣


Tyrilean t1_j03que3 wrote

Meanwhile, my wife was t-boned by someone running a red light, and the first I heard was when she called me.


Lewad42 t1_j04balc wrote

It smells like commercials thousand miles away…


RANDY_MAR5H t1_j0320b1 wrote

Not too surprising.

Most 911 contracts that private ambulance services have, allow them at least 15 minutes to respond - depending on the size of the serviced area.


Wrathb0ne t1_j03pzqp wrote

I mean, it is pretty easy to beat an ambulance to the scene especially when you aren’t guaranteed one in most US states


vkeshish t1_j04mqd8 wrote

On the flip side, my phone automatically called 911 when I ate it on the slopes yesterday, so there is that.


[deleted] t1_j04a1wd wrote

Bring back the mini versions. WTF Apple. We want mobile phones not mini tablets


IowaJammer t1_j04b09a wrote

"The couple had only recently upgraded to the iPhone 14 thanks to a deal they got on the smartphones. The husband was aware of the feature but wasn't interested in it as he didn't think he'd ever use it."

Apple needs to use this quote in their next ad.


ShitFuck2000 t1_j04gy40 wrote

How’s it work exactly?

I’m very tempted to slam my phone into a pillow or run into a wall or something to see if I can trigger it…


Soxwin91 t1_j05if7f wrote

I think the impact it detects has to be pretty significant. Like, you’ve got driving focus right? It detects the iPhone moving because the car is moving. Which is why often times driving focus will activate for passengers. It doesn’t distinguish between driver & passenger.

If it detects the iPhone in motion, then suddenly — BAM — the phone is stationary, it could trigger the detection.

They demonstrated this in a granted, factionalized context on a recent episode of one of the Law & Order iterations. Chris Meloni’s character was in a tight spot, borrowed the phone from a fellow detective, and chucked it as far as he could outside of a dead zone. Phone detected a sudden cessation of movement and automatically dialed 911.

Again, that’s obviously fictionalized, but they got the idea from the real world tech.


bnetimeslovesreddit t1_j053wbq wrote

Which is dumb thing we don’t have digital based dispatch for police, fire and ambos. You need someone in call centre to verify it


Burgwin t1_j054yft wrote

Honestly, this probably speaks more to the ambulances staffing crises more than inflated iPhones heroics.


RodmansSecurity t1_j05lods wrote

Sounds like when dogs can detect that a diabetic person’s blood sugar is too low based on the vapor weight of the air around them. It’s fuckin wild


IkeaIsLegendary t1_j05o48o wrote

Ah yes, "journalism" that gets it's source from α reddit comment. The pinnacle of credibility right here folks.


2ManyMonitors t1_j05ri0c wrote

This gonna snitch next time I feel like hittin and runnin?


Jaystime101 t1_j05wb67 wrote

Jesus Christ they’re making news articles based off Reddit post now…can’t believe someone gets paid for that kind of lazy journalism, must be easy money.


EasyRider1530 t1_j084f87 wrote

This feature also saved Stabler and co in Law and Order OC.


PerryNeeum t1_j086sa0 wrote

Funny thing about ambulances….sometimes response times are extended especially in private service coverage. Not shocking that a relative was able to make it to the scene first.


Still_Maverick_Titan t1_j04kxjr wrote

In all seriousness, this say much more about how antiquated emergency services are than about how advance the iPhone is.


DigitalSteven1 t1_j02utn3 wrote

>... are all built with advanced sensors for car crash detection

Not exactly that advanced...


Mottzzie t1_j02w7f3 wrote

ermm….. advanced? really, I find it quite simple… tips fedora


Beautiful_Rhubarb t1_j03qqqw wrote

not surprised, ambulances can take a long time to arrive. Cops are always patrolling so they usually get there faster.


ckirk91 t1_j041w2e wrote

Never wait on an ambulance. Saw this on Quora last night posted by a cop, made some great points:

The average Ambulance in America takes 8 minutes to arrive but in many many places its more like 15 or 20. If your loved ones life is on the line do the mental math. Can you get them to the ER before an Ambulance can get here? If someone I know is dying they're getting thrown in a vehicle and driven to the closest ER turning corners on two tires in almost every conceivable circumstance. This is what Cops do when other Cops get hit. I have never seen or heard of a shot/stabbed St Louis City Cop arriving at the Trauma Center in an Ambulance. The nearest Cop throws you in the back seat and then does some of the scariest driving you will ever see or hear tell of to get you to the ER. If Grandpa suddenly has chest pain and trouble breathing…don't walk him to the bedroom…walk him to the front seat of the car. You will be halfway to getting him to the ER by the time you could have finished describing what is going on and where to 911, let alone waiting for them to be notified, get to the rig and drive to you (then talk a lot and finally drive him to where?...the ER you could have been at 10 minutes after the event started instead of 45 minutes with EMS).


Duner24 t1_j047dad wrote

Right !!! Had a friend with spinal injury, so we picked him up and threw him in the back of the truck and drove him to the hospital but then, as we went to pull him out of the back of the truck, he was lifeless and all white colored. What does that mean?


ckirk91 t1_j049gzk wrote

Lol I see the point you’re making but I couldn’t help but laugh


creativityfreeuserID t1_j07kooh wrote

Congrats! You walked grandpa with chest pain/sob and threw him into cardiac arrest. Good choice though, 11/10 mental math


ckirk91 t1_j07u35u wrote

You could always pick the person up? Just like a paramedic would have to? There’s very few situations driving someone to the ER yourself wouldn’t work for. There’s an exception to everything you fuckin boner.


AechBee t1_j02qwzg wrote

Perhaps if the iPhone hadn’t distracted her while driving she wouldn’t have been in an accident.


jw1299 t1_j02uqwk wrote

someone swerved into her lane and hit her but you would have had to read the article to know that


AechBee t1_j02v1a3 wrote

It was more a dig on apple than anything. It’s true, I didn’t give enough of a horse’s ass to bother reading the apple insider article.


UberXLBK t1_j02voma wrote

What great input. Thanks


AechBee t1_j02vu78 wrote

You can thank Reddit’s “you might be interested in this” algorithm


ben1481 t1_j02dbor wrote

Oh look another 'article' from an Apple website saving someone's life. Propaganda much?


sphhax t1_j02tub3 wrote

This just in, news outlet reporting news about the namesake of said news outlet. What has this world come to.


Actually-Yo-Momma t1_j02o90d wrote

Oh look, another hater specifically seeking out apple threads to post anti apple stuff. You apple haters are weirdly obsessed lol