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Frequent-Jacket3117 t1_j0hjquw wrote

They started teasing this in September.

Probably going to officially announce it next month but it'll be still few months before it hits the stores.

Bradley on YouTube leaked it a month ago and called it "Flowcus" - a standalone modular headset, something like an upgraded Vive Flow with higher res (1920x1920, 120Hz), much faster chip (XR2 Gen 1 or Gen 2) and depth sensor.

I'm kinda excited about this one because of how small, lightweight and portable it looks despite being so powerful.

Hope Vive don't fuck it up.


sesor33 t1_j0i8c45 wrote

It's HTC, they're bound to fuck it up.


IllBiteYourLegsOff t1_j0iaxht wrote

Hey my HTC dream and desire z were awesome (in 2008)

I believe that is the tmobile g1 and g2 in the US/EU


sesor33 t1_j0ibkkx wrote

We're talking about their VR headsets. The only good one was the vive. Every subsequent one has been overpriced and trash.


Frequent-Jacket3117 t1_j0ifm6f wrote

Focus 3 is great albeit pricey, probably still better bang for your buck than Quest Pro even with being 1.5 years older device


Zomby2D t1_j0kea8d wrote

They have had some decent products, but none of them geared toward consumers.


Raincoats_George t1_j0ojdbj wrote

I was gonna say, the vive was for a brief time the best headset on the market and I've had zero complaints. Never got another one so can't speak to their quality but I definitely my money's worth.


Gio25us t1_j0j6fhq wrote

My G1 still works with the same OG battery 💪🏻


PurpleSunCraze t1_j0jxaha wrote

IT nerd here but never got in to VR, I thought HTC was the overpriced Cadillac of VR equipment?


aviatorlj t1_j0hbkgl wrote

After Christmas? Seems foolish.


Gooddude08 t1_j0hczx0 wrote

Sounds like it's still a ways out if they're only talking about a reveal now. Doesn't really matter if they announce it before or after Christmas if they won't ship for 6-12 months regardless.


DudesworthMannington t1_j0hketl wrote

Teasing a teaser before Christmas might actually be a solid move. People might not grab a Quest for Christmas if something better is possibly around the corner.


robochickenut t1_j0huc8o wrote

Maybe it's so bad that they have to delay the reveal because revealing it now would make everyone buy the quest


Boy_Wonder22 t1_j0hvgvr wrote

Maybe it’s so good that they have to delay the reveal until after Christmas for the fear that they may destroy the market by causing sales of all other headsets to plummet in anticipation. Thereby reducing the value of their own product.


robochickenut t1_j0hvlda wrote

Good point that might be trying to get rid of their inventory this Christmas


Boy_Wonder22 t1_j0hw03w wrote

Ngl I was just fooling around, but you’re right. We may have stumbled upon a plausible explanation.


judokalinker t1_j0ig966 wrote

Less foolish than rushing to try to ship an unfinished product just for the holidays


aviatorlj t1_j0ij8pg wrote

Nonsense! We'll fix it all in a software patch! Send it!


bryan_pieces t1_j0hhqwm wrote

HTC still exists?


paxfuturus t1_j0hj615 wrote

They made the best Androids in the early days ,😢


JRR_Not_Tolkien t1_j0hxs7h wrote

I loved my M8 even though it would overheat and kill itself. I went through three because they kept replacing them for me lol


judokalinker t1_j0igfh6 wrote

Crazy, my one x and m8 still work great (just outdated hardware and batteries don't hold much of a charge)


RikerT_USS_Lolipop t1_j0jnkfh wrote

The M8 was perfect in every way. I never had any overheating problem, probably because I didn't play games on it. But every single thing about it was exactly what I wanted. I bought an M9 plus and it was worse in every single way. It's like they found out about Market Segmentation and then destroyed their own product.


duderguy91 t1_j0jlp84 wrote

My M8 did the same! First one was a battery swell up until death. Then they replaced it and the second one’s charging port burned up. Gave up on it at that point.


not_a_bot_2 t1_j0lr7x3 wrote

The M7 was beautiful. It was really the only android phone that felt premium in the hand back in those days.


Randomthought5678 t1_j0il3k9 wrote

Their UI was completely unmatched even compared to today. Everything was so intuitive, also their laser camera focus made for the best video experience I've ever had in a phone. Sigh. Another thing Google destroyed.


Orcwin t1_j0jdroj wrote

And the Vive sets, and the Valve Index. They're very relevant in VR.


Halkenguard t1_j0jzfb1 wrote

HTC does not manufacture the Valve Index. That is manufactured by Valve themselves.


Orcwin t1_j0lbwqk wrote

I don't know about the manufacturing, but they definitely jointly designed it.


_ChipWhitley_ t1_j0jqbau wrote

Literally the best. I sold phones at around that time and they were waaayyyy ahead of the game.


Fear_ltself t1_j1xtqg6 wrote

And the worst, the Facebook phone was HTC wasn’t it back in like 2013


ShankThatSnitch t1_j0hkzaa wrote

Yeah, they have been making high end VR headsets for a long time.


poonan_dan t1_j0hjr0z wrote

Honestly. The incredible 2 was my first smartphone 10-12 years ago. Loved it.


bryan_pieces t1_j0hpmq5 wrote

I had the HTC with the front facing speakers and the ultra pixel camera. It rocked.


DontTreadOnBigfoot t1_j0i9ht1 wrote

God I miss the front firing speakers on the One. Best damn phone speakers ever


bryan_pieces t1_j0ia60a wrote

Beautiful phone. Convinced me to switch to Android at the time. I’ve since returned to Apple


itsxenix t1_j0icjpd wrote

Came here just to add onto this comment. I used to be a die-hard android fan back in the day, and HTC was always at the top of my list. The Droid Eris on Verizon was so buttery smooth compared to anything else at the time. It’s a shame they’ve kind of left that space for all intents and purposes


Noxnoxx t1_j0he50n wrote

Meta is requiring meta (Facebook) accounts now so this is great


Lord-Octohoof t1_j0hq3rw wrote

While I get the reservation the truth is you're going to have to make an account for any product you use and they'll all be tracking the same thing.

You don't use Xbox, Playstation, or Steam without an account registered to the company


gwdope t1_j0i68ul wrote

Those aren’t social media companies with a history of enabling genocide tho.


Lord-Octohoof t1_j0i74vt wrote

Can you elaborate on how they enabled genocide?


pieter1234569 t1_j183j8u wrote

So the same as ANY news source in history then? Not really seeing the difference.


greegrok t1_j0i9jyk wrote

Listen to behind the bastards podcast on Mark Zuckerberg


Lord-Octohoof t1_j0id9cc wrote

I mean I know what the OP was referring to I'm just wondering if he understands it.

Facebook didn't enable the Myanmar genocide outside of being a social media platform that anyone can use for whatever mundane or nefarious purposes they wish. In this instance a hostile government regime used it to spread propaganda and target specific groups of people. Facebook failed to detect this because they lacked a Burmese speaking moderation team so a lot of this behavior flew under their radar. And to their credit they responded to this by expanding their moderation team.

So to pretend like it was something they intentionally enabled is a stretch. It's something they failed to proactively prevent but content moderation isn't easy in one language let alone all of them.

By comparison Reddit isn't innocent. The January 6th insurrection was planned in plain sight in r/Conservative and r/The_Donald promoted violence for years before it was finally banned for calling for hostility against police. And those are just two examples specific to America. There are dozens of subreddits that promote violence against specific ethnic groups, religions, and sexual orientations and moderation is almost non-existent since it's left up to admins of that particular community.


TJZenkai t1_j0ilrv6 wrote

Lol definitely don't talk logic on reddit when it comes to bashing Meta. Gave up on it long time ago. People just spin narratives nonstop and make up echo chambers in here and anyone who speaks out will get downvoted. You can see people asking clarification above are already downvoted to negative. Reddit is way more toxic than FB ever was


Hatsune_Candy t1_j0j6yb6 wrote

People seem to forget that no matter where you go or what community you're in, there are going to be toxic people; it's an inescapable fact of life. People are quick to jump at it when it concerns other platforms that they are predisposed to hate, but often refuse to acknowledge the very same flaws within their own communities. It's almost like humans are biased and oftentimes illogical or something...


gwdope t1_j0iirtx wrote

They allowed the dissemination of hate speech specifically designed specifically to create a genocide. Think of them like the printing presses the Nazis used to produce anti Jewish propaganda. Now social media companies have conveniently deflected the responsibility for what ends up on their platforms by tricking courts into treating them like software companies when they are actually media companies, they make all their money on advertising after all. Their excuse is that they cannot possibly moderate so much content adequately to prevent such uses, yet when it comes to something like copyright, they can automate a system that instantly removes content.

So yeah, I understand exactly how they enabled genocide, as well as how they have accelerated the polarization of the political landscape with algorithms that specifically use anger and siloing to increase engagement.

So fuck Facebook or Meta or anything that Mark Zuckerberg ever touches.


steveCharlie t1_j0io531 wrote

How do you catch and delete that hate speech when you have 2 BILLION people using your site everyday?


gwdope t1_j0iqvug wrote

For instances as large as a government sponsored genocide? Pretty easily. Journalists were reporting on it in real-time, so there shouldn’t have been that big of a problem even if it needs to be done manually. You don’t need to view every single post. Just monitor trends and what your algorithm is promoting. Then it’s a matter of stopping keywords and banning the biggest offenders.

Take the anti-COVID vaccine conspiracy theory cons that spread during the pandemic. 65% of anti vaccine conspiracy content originated from just 12 users, so a huge chunk of that could have been cut out by simply banning 12 people, yet Facebook did next to nothing, because that content was a huge driver of engagement. Facebook knew it and chose ad revenue over moderation because they weren’t liable for the content.

Social media is media. Letting the companies off the hook for the content they host was a huge mistake.


Hatsune_Candy t1_j0j7els wrote

Sadly, corporations don't care about the impact they have on society, good or bad, as long as it makes them loads of money it's all the same to them.


gwdope t1_j0j9gwt wrote

That’s absolutely true and actually not really a problem, the problem comes when those corporations convince a portion of the population that their own freedoms rely on the corporations being able to pursue their profit aims unconstrained by any oversight or regulation by the democratically elected government.


Hatsune_Candy t1_j0jziwj wrote

That is definitely a problem, but I also wouldn't consider it the problem. The fact is there are a lot of problems with corporations, not one more important than the other. But, it comes to talking about social media giants in particular, I would like to point out, isn't a little absurd that we allow them to literally control how information spreads over the web? They essentially have an oligopoly over how we communicate over the web.


DJScomo t1_j0i6r06 wrote

But… Meta/Facebook Edit: to elaborate, I trust Steam to be pretty decent with my data.


thune123 t1_j0iq6ke wrote

This comment is confusing because you included the word facebook. Before you had to connect your facebook account to your oculus device. Now you only need to make a Meta account which isn't connected to any accounts. You can also transfer your games over from your facebook account to your meta account.


appleflaxen t1_j0j8wxb wrote

> which isn't connected to any accounts

Give me a break


StrategicBlenderBall t1_j0ntokc wrote

You don’t need a Facebook account, you need a Meta account. That’s like saying a YouTube account is a Google account.


ommnian t1_j0hj84c wrote

No they aren't, nor have they for a while now.


DoingItWrongly t1_j0hkhsq wrote

>No they aren't, nor have they for a while now.

Meta disagrees with what you wrote.

Starting january 1, 2023, users will no longer be able to use occulus accounts and will be forced to create a Meta account

Article saying they are switching from requiring a Facebook account to requiring a Meta account

I also get a message on my Rift telling me I need a Meta acct by Jan 1st


RGJ587 t1_j0hlkyy wrote

It is so surprising?

I need a Steam account to purchase and play games from steam. I need a PS account to play games on playstation. Need an Xbox account for Xbox.

The occulus has an app store built in, so having an account is going to be a necessary requirement.

The earlier brushbacks were mainly because it required a facebook account, people felt like it was intrusive to ask for a social media account for a log in. But folks without facebook can make a meta account, and treat it just as they would buying games on Origin or Epic.


DoingItWrongly t1_j0hmkl4 wrote

Surprising? No.

Annoying? Yes. I bought my occulus many moons ago, and deleted FB long before that. So to have to re-join the ecosystem to use my hardware is a drag, especially because I get my games through steam and not occulus.

I completely understand needing a login to use the occulus store, but I don't use occulus store I use steam. So I don't want to create a zuckerberg acount to simply use a device I own.


RGJ587 t1_j0hoaxl wrote

The device you own has standalone software.

Other VR headsets don't they just work via plug n play, which means they have to be connected to a computer for use.

The Quest 2 can work on its own, no wires. And to get the apps, games, etc on that standalone software, it needs a login account.

I have a Facebook account, rarely use it. but when I got my quest I made another facebook account just for the quest. Has nothing on it, purely just for the login.

But if you have no desire to ever use your headset without it being connected to a computer, then it just sounds like the Quest 2 wasn't the best fit for your needs. Especially if creating an account is an undesirable requirement.


DoingItWrongly t1_j0hozt6 wrote

>The device you own has standalone software.

I have an occulus rift.


RGJ587 t1_j0hqcr9 wrote

ohhhhhh. Yea thats bullshit then


wmurch4 t1_j0i36bh wrote

Ur not going to win this argument here. People are so Facebook=evil it's pointless to argue.

Just enjoy your quest 2 like I'm enjoying mine and forget about these people who probably weren't going to buy it in the first place.


EmpatheticRock t1_j0hle05 wrote

They absolutely require a Meta account now. Why take the time to do a quick Google before looking like an idiot?


ShankThatSnitch t1_j0hjxcy wrote

Starting in 2023. A meta account, not Facebook account will be required.


bobcat73 t1_j0hkvpo wrote

The most HTC move ever.


googler_ooeric t1_j0naa9m wrote

i hope it’s not a flop like the shitty Flow while also being >$600


Bagelgrenade t1_j0ikpij wrote

I’m waiting to see what Valve comes out with


SHSFilmClub t1_j0jnhic wrote

The same reason why the Steam deck doesn’t compete with the Switch is why valve isn’t competing with meta. Two products with the same hardware ideals but vastly different markets


Dangerousrhymes t1_j0lhpwa wrote

It will probably blow everything out of the water and cost 1K. New boss, same as the old.


sh0ck_and_aw3 t1_j0i3u9r wrote

I hope it's good. I've been wanting a good standalone headset, but I refuse to buy a Facebook product.


TheGlumSinger t1_j0i9oxo wrote

I’ve got their first VR headset and it’s been good. Don’t use it anymore because VR gets old pretty quickly.


NautilusPanda t1_j0hug6z wrote

HTC? Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time, a long time.


noonemustknowmysecre t1_j0itpj4 wrote

Is it not being sold by Facebook and Zuckerburg? That's a huge selling point.


g78776 t1_j0jxcm4 wrote

I feel like VR is going to advance to amazing levels or fall off a cliff.


BruceBanning t1_j0inhxd wrote

Awesome. I love my HTC vive, and I’m never touching meta’s stuff. Excited for the next gen from anyone who isn’t meta.


b4ckl4nds t1_j0hustf wrote

No eye tracking? Good luck, that’s what all the best emerging headsets are getting.


Osoroshii t1_j0iltrj wrote

I’m my life I try to avoid Facebook, errr I mean Meta as much as possible. I’m excited to see a different tale on portable VR


aaahhhhhhfine t1_j0jky46 wrote

The most important thing is cost. The quest isn't popular because it's good. There are better headsets out there. The quest is popular because it's at a price point where more casual users will try it out. Selling this at 1000 bucks will only attract people who are already into VR.


plopseven t1_j0iskl5 wrote

The best selling point of any other VR system aside from specs is that you aren’t giving any money to Meta. I sold my Oculus after FB acquired them.


thecwestions t1_j0jncij wrote

I wish that they would go back to making phones again. My best android phones were HTC!


beetea72_74 t1_j0jw5bm wrote

Missed the opportunity to get a reverb g2 on black Friday, hope this one is good enough and not that expensive for Sim racing.


McSupergeil t1_j0klk48 wrote

I want a good headset 400$ range for VR Racing but it seams like at this price range there are only standalone headsets with very low resolution


XOIIO t1_j0kltfw wrote

The quest pro headset looks so friggin cool tech wise and spec wise.

But it's tied to Facebook, so fuck that. Even if I had the money for it.


Netplorer t1_j0hk3lk wrote

This is wonderful news.


dextroz t1_j0i2dv8 wrote

How is this company [HTC] still alive?


Rodya555 t1_j0icwdj wrote

Just got a new computer. Guess I’ll wait for VR. So far I’ve heard the best controllers are Valve’s.


CritikillNick t1_j0igds5 wrote

One of my vive sensor boxes gave out for no reason despite me keeping them meticulously clean and separated. They essentially said “sorry, they break on their own, it’s $200 for a new one”. Probably won’t ever purchase something from HTC again thanks to that


BaronVonSlipnslappin t1_j0j49mo wrote

For VR / AR to truly break through there needs to be a standardised cross compatible format that all headsets work on.


[deleted] t1_j0j6gzu wrote

Please be cheat please be cheAp


Gio25us t1_j0j6p0p wrote

All VR manufacturers should focus on creating a headset light as sunglasses, I have the Oculus and I don’t know how people can have that shit on for more than an hour.


ProgrammerNo7472 t1_j0j87ax wrote

Good to see meta getting some competition. Plus, I’m 95% helium.


wojecire86 t1_j0j8srl wrote

January... The best time to unveil new tech products....


JesusJoshJohnson t1_j0joveh wrote

Poor HTC. I loved my HTC One back in 2015. Seems they've gone downhill since then


_ChipWhitley_ t1_j0jq8h7 wrote

I loved my friend’s HTC phone in 2014.


FdPros t1_j0js3dv wrote

htc is still a company?


Thefdt t1_j0kcwll wrote

I assumed htc went the way of blackberry about 10 years ago. My htc smartphone was something else back in the day.


drewbles82 t1_j0knw5k wrote

You want to compete, you gotta be as cheap


Cless_Aurion t1_j0korc1 wrote

Meta Quest competitor...? Ew


rufotris t1_j0kysoh wrote

I’m ready to try VR… in 5 more years lol. I’m still not buying until we have some much better tach and games. Played a few. Not worth my money seeing what friends have so far. That being said. I wouldn’t complain if I somehow got a free one hahaha. Time to start making those gaming vids and be a YouTube star who gets free gaming swag lol


piratecheese13 t1_j0l0t3h wrote

Have you gotten your hands in an index controller?


rufotris t1_j0me65l wrote



piratecheese13 t1_j0moygt wrote

That and alyx may change your mind


rufotris t1_j0o7rnu wrote

Well.. I can’t afford food & rent these days. I’ll not be buying anything like that soon which is why I mentioned if a free one found it’s way to me I wouldn’t be upset lol.


Wardenasd t1_j0l286o wrote

Also competitive price wise, right? ...........right?


Bleakwind t1_j0mvq2j wrote

Oh don’t. Let this fad with hr die


Deltronx t1_j0idk26 wrote

No thanks


SomeGadgetGuy t1_j0ii9et wrote

Predicting it now. It'll launch at a higher price than a Quest because they won't be siphoning off user data for META, or lock you into a specific app store, and techies will pan it because:

"It shuld of cost LESS and been betterrrs than a Valff indux, and gave FREE gamez and too SPENSIVE!"


leenpaws t1_j0hwyun wrote

Probably a meta clone


Drs83 t1_j0j62si wrote

HTC couldn't even make a decent phone. This should be hilarious.