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JRR_Not_Tolkien t1_j0hxs7h wrote

I loved my M8 even though it would overheat and kill itself. I went through three because they kept replacing them for me lol


judokalinker t1_j0igfh6 wrote

Crazy, my one x and m8 still work great (just outdated hardware and batteries don't hold much of a charge)


RikerT_USS_Lolipop t1_j0jnkfh wrote

The M8 was perfect in every way. I never had any overheating problem, probably because I didn't play games on it. But every single thing about it was exactly what I wanted. I bought an M9 plus and it was worse in every single way. It's like they found out about Market Segmentation and then destroyed their own product.


duderguy91 t1_j0jlp84 wrote

My M8 did the same! First one was a battery swell up until death. Then they replaced it and the second one’s charging port burned up. Gave up on it at that point.


not_a_bot_2 t1_j0lr7x3 wrote

The M7 was beautiful. It was really the only android phone that felt premium in the hand back in those days.