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figmentPez t1_j0lpvcb wrote

The article is inaccurate in one point. It says, "It’s not quite an even switch, though. GameStream allowed you to add games that weren’t available on Steam manually" implying that you can only use Steam Link to stream games you've purchased through Steam, which is not true. Just yesterday I streamed my GOG copy of Psychonauts 2, and previously I streamed my Amazon Games copy of Battle Chef Brigade. You can absolutely add non-Steam games to Steam and stream them via Steam Link.


Tyrvaen t1_j0lt49m wrote

I’ve literally added my simulation software as a non-steam game and used my desktop to run it while watching kids in another room with my laptop to do some homework.


Alutus t1_j0pf3pg wrote

...I can run fusion 360 on my desktop, then steamlink it from my laptop to model in comfort?...Really? :O


anethma t1_j0lyusj wrote

You can even just stream your desktop haha.


Gregory_D64 t1_j0n3wiu wrote

I use my steam link to play virtual dnd where my rig runs the server and I have my link on a TV in my dnd area


Graekaris t1_j0pe125 wrote

Hmm... This has got my dm cogs turning.


Justforthenuews t1_j0psubd wrote

Yeah, I was wondering why there’s so much talk about adding things to steam when you can just alt tab to anything else.


Dinjoralo t1_j0m08uf wrote

You can add games to Steam, but there are limits. Anything that runs at admin-level, like Genshin Impact or I'm guessing most Riot games, requires Steam running at admin-level for it to work. And Xbox app games just don't work, because the Xbox app is somehow worse than buying games on CD in the 90's.


Jammo2k5 t1_j0nm5n3 wrote

Just run steam as admin...


JasonDJ t1_j0o6uak wrote

What could possibly go wrong…

Remember when log4j gained fame from Minecraft?


brainbeatuk t1_j0p0x6n wrote

Add mstsc.exe from system folder then u can stream windows and every game works Inc ms gamepass etc


Fire_Lord_Cinder t1_j0mebjm wrote

The article got it wrong, but it still is not an even switch though since game stream uses the Nvidia encoder and steam uses h.264. (I believe). The nvidia game streaming has always looked better to me then the steam game streaming.


tariandeath t1_j0mx77s wrote

You can set steam to use the Nvidia encoder.


Fire_Lord_Cinder t1_j0n24a4 wrote

Oh that’s really cool. I’ve always just used steam on non-Nvidia devices so it wasn’t an option


G0ldenTwink t1_j0ngbr4 wrote

It’s a hit or miss if that works in my experience though to be fair. Usually, if it isn’t a steam game, I won’t be able to use my controller at all for the game and it’ll just purely read it as mouse input making it impossible to play. About 8/10 the games won’t work and rarely I’ll get one that does.


figmentPez t1_j0nj15i wrote

I'll admit that my two most recent examples happen to both be best case, DRM-free games.

Things can get a lot more complicated if you're using Origin, Ubisoft, Epic, and other launchers, or even worse Microsoft store stuff.

That's when you start breaking out tools like GloSSI and OSOL to try to get unruly games in line. I've had to use one or the other get Steam Input to work with Amazon Luna running through Microsoft Edge, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order on Origin, and Far Cry 4 on Ubisoft's launcher. None of those worked when simply added to Steam normally, but were made to work with extra tools.

It's not an ideal situation, but there are options


Techutante t1_j0nmcjm wrote

I used to launch World of Warcraft through steam so I got the overlay and could chat with both crowds of my gaming friends at the same time. This was before Discord which more or less took over for both kinds of chat. Also I quit WoW. It was a bad habit.


brunofin t1_j0pr9vr wrote

Yeah I play casual wow on my TV via steam link and the steam controller. It works well for just some casual questing thought.

As for the bad habit, yeah wow can get quite hardcore and I see how it can consume most of your time. I respect your decision, but it can also be a great casual game if you take it lightly. I just came back a month ago and I've been having a blast. I've never been a raider or anything, I enjoy map exploration, questing and dungeon so keeping up with the season gear isn't really important for me, but o played hardcore PvP during Wrath about 10 years ago and I remember the struggle. I had the latest arena sets and etc. It was fun but I am not sure I would do it again, especially that now I have a full time job and I'm a father, I don't even have the free time to put into it :p

Anything too much can be bad.


BigSlug10 t1_j0onkgp wrote

Yes but a bunch DO NOT work, where as with game-stream they did.


brainbeatuk t1_j0p0r82 wrote

Add mstsc.exe from system folder then u can stream windows and every game works Inc ms gamepass etc Edit meant for comment below lol


xKaelic t1_j0om2c6 wrote

> GameStream allowed you to add games that weren’t available on Steam manually. For that, Nvidia is pointing toward its paid GeForce Now cloud gaming service [...]

The article appears incorrect, and seems to assume you can add your own games to GeForce Now.... you can't. I have hundreds of games in my Steam library, but it loads less than 20 in my GeForce Now library. Pretty shitty to find out now that I'm searching for a Stadia replacement...


brainbeatuk t1_j0p0tvd wrote

Add mstsc.exe from system folder then u can stream windows and every game works Inc ms gamepass etc


Galavantes t1_j0pmgl5 wrote

I had trouble playing almost every game until I did this. It also fixed the controller problems that I was having constantly.


xKaelic t1_j10fwrv wrote

I might be misunderstanding, but my issue is that it appears the streaming service "GeForce Now" has an incredibly limited library, where the article seems to point at as a solution to game streaming. I do not have a local solution and after Stadia shutdown was announced, I turned to the cloud platform GeForce Now.


brainbeatuk t1_j137785 wrote

Yeah sorry my bad. It did use to work on George now or was a workaround to run more games thru steam but it got shutdown


Dasca6789 t1_j0pujyk wrote

I can also confirm that you can stream games that you did not purchase through Steam. Have done it a couple yimes


puffmaster5000 t1_j0lu05z wrote

Neat, game stream and the recording was the only thing keeping me on Nvidia hardware. With that going away and recording just outright not enabling for no reason why should I get Nvidia ever again?


Paulinapeak1 t1_j0mgl79 wrote

I guess ray tracing. That’s the only real failing of the AMD cards. But I don’t really use ray tracing all that much, so I think my next card will be AMD.


puffmaster5000 t1_j0mpepq wrote

Considering you've got to have a $$$$ card to effectively use ray tracing it's pretty much useless for me


Jerenny t1_j0psi9s wrote

I think you're confusing GameStream for NVENC. These are two wholly different technologies


DogAteMyCPU t1_j0xdzau wrote

I don't use it, but cuda for professional workloads


burnmp3s t1_j0llb8t wrote

They've been prioritizing their GeForce Now cloud service over local GameStream for a long time at this point, so this isn't a huge surprise. But for me at least, literally the only reason I bought overpriced Nvidia GPUs for the past few years was because their local network game streaming was much better than any other alternative. This will directly lead to me switching to AMD instead of buying any of the 40 series Nvidia cards.


FormsForInformation t1_j0lqmjs wrote

Can you stream with amd?


burnmp3s t1_j0luagi wrote

Nvidia has a proprietary local game streaming function built in to their GPU and the drivers for it. There are other alternatives like Steam's game streaming functionality and the Parsec app, which work with any GPU. In my testing, Nvidia's streaming was the best and that's what I built my streaming setup around.


AkirIkasu t1_j0lxsc3 wrote

AMD has had the same basic idea for quite a while. They call it ReLive, and IIRC it comes bundled with the whole driver package.


Peace_is-a-lie t1_j0muphr wrote

Parsec is by far the best streaming program I've used. Works with everything.


hamsterkill t1_j0nhmcg wrote

There is also Rainway, though they've been focusing away from gaming use cases recently.


chargers949 t1_j0mboyz wrote

A nickel says they will have built in streaming and recording in the very near future.


TehYock t1_j0mp5ss wrote

Hey man, just use Moonlight instead. It'll push 4K 120 HDR


Psyphil t1_j0mw6lx wrote

Moonlight uses nvidia gamestream


Shruglife t1_j0mzwwu wrote

Yes but this article says its killing gamestream on shield. If they kill it period Im going to be very pissed


king0demons t1_j0n9tb7 wrote

If they kill it entirely thats fine, someone has already made a 3rd party clone called sunshine. Pairs perfectly with moonlight which is basically the client side software used by the shields. Supports pretty much any os as well.


Shruglife t1_j0nv8d6 wrote

Ive heard this but my question is will Sunshine work if they kill support?


king0demons t1_j0nwaeo wrote

Sunshine is a recreation of game stream so it should show up on any device you are able to scan for game stream servers. So if the question is can you still use it on a shield, if you can get moonlight installed, sure.


Shruglife t1_j0nwzs1 wrote

Thanks. I dont use on shield, but did read about sunshine because I was considering getting a AMD card instead of Nvidia. Ironically today I got a 3070ti, and now Im like should I return and get a 6800xt? Does Sunshine work as well as moonlight? I use it quite a bit


king0demons t1_j0nzamq wrote

Sunlight is the server, moonlight is the client. Sunshine supports amd, intel and nvidea video devices, so it should work with anything.


Bar_Har t1_j0lut4l wrote

Then this will also kill Moonlight. Won’t it?


MoldyPond t1_j0lv84f wrote

Came here to ask this as well as Moonlight’s been very important to me for years now :(


Matterhorn56 t1_j0o27e1 wrote

from moonlight's discord #announcements

>Hello everyone!
>You might have seen that NVIDIA will stop supporting their SHIELD games application, which is the official GameStream client used on SHIELD TV. As such, many of you have been wondering if it means that Moonlight won't work after they do.
>We don't have a lot of details right now (as it was just announced), but we don't know if that means that NVIDIA will be completely removing GameStream from GeForce Experience (accessible via the SHIELD tab), or perhaps leaving it for "legacy".
>Either way, if NVIDIA were to remove it, you could always use one of the GFE alternatives made by you, the awesome Moonlight community, like #sunshine for example. As such, you'll still be able to use Moonlight.
>We'll keep you updated as soon as we get more information and details about this.
>Thank you for your support! Moonlight wouldn't still exist without all of you!


derscudo t1_j0lte0r wrote

I’ve been super happy with the performance/latency on GameStream with everything wired on my network. Is Steam Link actually comparable? I guess I thought GameStream was using fancy proprietary Nvidia nvenc stuff to keep latency down.


Bitlovin t1_j0m1uy7 wrote

I use Steam Link via Ethernet and it works quite well, it has an option to use nvenc.


n1tr0us0x t1_j0ndm31 wrote

There’s an option to enable it for steam


BatXDude t1_j0p9ydt wrote

Do you need an nvidia card to use that?


n1tr0us0x t1_j0pzhuv wrote

Yes, NVEnc makes use of NVidia hardware in their cards.


ShimReturns t1_j0m4xyv wrote

In my experience (11700k, 3060, Ethernet wired PC) Game stream via Moonlight looks better and is smoother at similar bitrates. This is both using the Steam Link Android client (wireless) and using the Steam Link hardware device with Ethernet (which I installed Moonlight on).

I'd say Steam Link is close but not as good.


calebmke t1_j0n0gx9 wrote

And the Steam Link hardware is no longer being produced. I have one, it’s great, but it’s not like valve is releasing better versions


M-Rich t1_j0na4lo wrote

You still have a lot of devices that run steam link, so that's not a showstopper luckily


calebmke t1_j0noesm wrote

I hear the Apple TV 4K is solid


M-Rich t1_j0nos8r wrote

It is, I use it as well


calebmke t1_j0p9iqn wrote

Would you say it was an upgrade? I don’t have any specific complaints with the steam link hardware. My wired connection works well with barely noticeable lag and not too bothered by it being capped at 1080


M-Rich t1_j0p9omm wrote

I never used a original steam link, the Apple TV 4k is my first in House streaming device for steam link. The 1080 thing is a steam link Software thing, my Apple TV doesn't go higher in the app


calebmke t1_j0pai93 wrote

You know, I was thinking about Moonlight on Apple tv for the higher resolution. I guess that’s no longer a consideration


M-Rich t1_j0paudi wrote

I never heard of moonlight before until this thread. There is an app for it on Apple TV, but I guess it works with the game streaming this thread talks about? So it's going obsolete?


calebmke t1_j0pdrdu wrote

Yeah it uses the Nvidia solution that’s being discontinued. But maybe the moonlight devs will be able to keep it supported somehow.


Lucius1213 t1_j0ogdgm wrote

All these positive comments make I feel like I'm crazy one here because SteamLink works absolutely horrendous for me compared to Moonlight and Parsec. Must be something with my setup.


LexLol t1_j0s2lgr wrote

Same here, always had issues with Steam, but Parsec works fine.


nokinship t1_j0n5atx wrote

For nvenc there's a dedicated part of certain Nvidia cards that use that instead of using the general GPU resources. IIRC.


forkinthemud t1_j0nf1vv wrote

I use Steamlink via wifi on the app on my Samsung TV and I am actually impressed with how well it does. I should say I also have Fiber internet lol.


Starmina t1_j0nogjd wrote

This has nothing to do with fiber ?


forkinthemud t1_j0nonnz wrote

My fiber connection makes my wifi output better, not everyone has fiber so it can be tough to compare. Not sure what you found confusing about that?


Starmina t1_j0notzz wrote

Fiber doesn’t enhance wifi troughput


big_punisher71 t1_j0of8w1 wrote

Sure not directly, but fibre does allow for higher theoretical speeds and more importantly greater simultaneous upload and download speeds. Higher maximum up/down speeds will translate to faster Wifi if your router and devices can support them.


Starmina t1_j0ofgzi wrote

Well, the LAN speed shouldn’t change at all, unless the previous router was garbage. And still, this has nothing to do with fiber.


forkinthemud t1_j0qcfn5 wrote

Bro, you were the one who pointed out the Fibre, which was a small detail in my suggestion. What's your problem?


Starmina t1_j0qcqt5 wrote

Because it’s the whole point of your comment and it’s completely wrong, it could be misguiding other people thinking fiber has anything to do with that.


forkinthemud t1_j0qfmtc wrote

My whole point is that the Steam Link app isn't terrible over wifi. Only mentioned I had Fibre because I thought it made a difference on wifi but you were right on that fact. The more you know!


forkinthemud t1_j0nrq74 wrote

Specifically when I got fiber internet installed, a new router came with that that improved the connection I had before.


[deleted] t1_j0mbipv wrote



Pajoncek t1_j0mjcgr wrote

In what world do they consider Geforce Now an alternative? I don't get this.


[deleted] t1_j0mlhhw wrote



PleasantAdvertising t1_j0nd6l0 wrote

Sometimes I joke about management wanting concrete numbers with them present and always wonder if they understand I'm mocking them. They seem so enthusiastic when I bring it up


thenotoriousberg t1_j0lnark wrote

So no more Moonlight?


wolfEXE57 t1_j0lpw75 wrote

Thats what i was wondering as well, i use moonlight to play games on my vita.


burnmp3s t1_j0lv2k5 wrote

Moonlight is an unofficial GameStream client so yes if Nvidia completely drops support for GameStream on existing GPUs then Moonlight will stop working.


ThirdEyeClarity t1_j0lx0j5 wrote

If that happens then Moonlight will still work with Sunshine


MyRealUser t1_j0mhd4l wrote

Sunshine + steam big picture cause my amd drivers to crash minutes into playing any game. I was thinking about switching to an nvidia card to have native moonlight support. This sucks.


Altanzik t1_j0lqymj wrote

No it’s fine, ZeroTier literally lets you remake everything on your own machine without their servers.


kzd19 t1_j0lx6jm wrote

Look up Sunshine. It's like moonlight for the server side of things. Also allows more settings and non nVidia cards


mofo222 t1_j0lngui wrote

it would be ok if their cloud streaming could sream any game which is not the case


lccreed t1_j0m1p9k wrote

This sounds like it is just on the shield, so I assume the functionality is still available on the card? I use the moonlight client. I guess I'll be setting up sunshine if game stream support stops for the cards.


FuneralBeef t1_j0lnqxf wrote

I have 3 shield pros and I have no idea what gamestream even was


Nuke_Dukem__________ t1_j0njwwg wrote

This is very disappointing. I'll probably be canceling my GFN subscription. Mainly because the nvidia controller drivers worked flawlessly with my PS3 controller compared to the third party apps I've been using. Also, using the shield app offers much better quality than the steam link app in my experience and it was the most seamless with my pc + controller setup. I hope the AI upscaling features work on the steam link app.


Rikudou_Sage t1_j0ot733 wrote

Try Moonlight instead! It's an open source client for GameStream.


brainbeatuk t1_j0p0j9s wrote

Yh but they'll start removing it from there pc gpu software I think


CAElite t1_j0pii8q wrote

That sucks, gamestream was my go too for putting racing games up on to my TV, it worked fantastically.

I’ve never used steam link but a big part of the appeal was low latency & native gpu encoding that gamestream touted.


nyjets10 t1_j0nvw2z wrote

Does moonlight still work?


sebadoom t1_j0ohh97 wrote

AFAIK, GameStream is the only tool that provides reasonably good HDR streaming. I’ve been using Moonlight anyway, but if they remove the GeForce Experience parts I’ll be pretty pissed.


djdestrado t1_j0o35c8 wrote

Steamlink has gotten much better and works great on Shield.


katovskiy t1_j0oc0gj wrote

been using steam link from day one


geo_gan t1_j0p12yh wrote

Gamestream was buggy as hell though. My PC uses a multi monitor setup and last times I tried using it, it insisted on streaming the contents of the wrong monitor every time. Couldn’t fix it. Was taking the low level Monitor 0 from the buggy bios/ windows instead of letting me choose somewhere.


Va1crist t1_j0mj45r wrote

this is why I don’t buy into this crap


UnicornChief t1_j0o2h53 wrote

I don’t know what gamestream or shield is


figmentPez t1_j0o537e wrote

Assuming you want to know, the Nvidia Shield is a set-top box that runs Android TV as it's operating system, and is fairly game focused in it's purpose (though it can also playback media and do a lot of other stuff).

Gamestream is software that allows users to stream games from a PC to an Nvidia Shield. It allows people to keep their powerful gaming PC set up at a desk, while also being able to play sitting on their couch in the living room. (And may also be able to stream across the internet, I'm not sure. I don't have a shield, but Steam's equivalent software can work remotely, though it takes mighty good internet to be able to get it to work smoothly.)


username0304 t1_j0ma0nq wrote

Use parsec people. It's the way


nachoz12341 t1_j0mc6bc wrote

Worse image quality and latency. It serves a different purpose


username0304 t1_j0mdesk wrote

I have 4ms of latency with parsec on my lan. Have you actually tried it? It's pretty incredible


nachoz12341 t1_j0mdwfl wrote

Yes I use it pretty often for multiplayer or remote desktop but moonlight is leagues ahead in my experience


username0304 t1_j0meh7l wrote

Interesting. Maybe it's because I'm on a wired lan. Haven't tried it remote yet